What I saw

If you haven't read the Whatchasee post from this morning, I suggest you go there first... otherwise this won't be any fun!

I actually saw 2 things this time.

While clicking the picture the first thing I saw was Dim, the rhino beetle from A Bug's Life. I wish I coulda found a better picture of just him with his wings down. A well.

And then, while I was looking through all the picutres and trying to decide which one I wanted to use this week, I thought I saw a Dutch shoe... but then realized the wooden Dutch shoe didn't have quite the loop near the toe. It then hit me that the clouds were getting ready for the holidays already!

I'll ask again... do we make this a weekly thing? If everyone is having fun releasing their inner child for a few brief moments, I'll be happy to keep this around....


Deanna said...

I think ya ought to make it a weekly thing - I'm really getting into it. Am amazed at what people see and then I see it!!!!!

That's my vote

Karla said...

Votes a "yes make it a weekly thing" with Deanna. It's fun trying to make out what different shapes it is..or just glancing and seeing something.

Intense Guy said...

Votes ya make it as the clouds cooperate thing (once a week is good too) :)

Those elven shoes really match closely. Nice pick!

Liz Mays said...

Your visions of what you see are so much more interesting than what I see! Maybe if I take the computer outside, lie down in the grass, and hold it over my head???

Anonymous said...


ChicagoLady said...

Very interesting. We were sorta on the same path with the beetle/elephant comparison.

I'd love to keep it going, but I don't want you to feel like you HAVE to keep doing it. I know what happens when something starts to feel like a chore.

And will you be able to keep this up as winter approaches and the sky becomes less friendly for cloud pictures?


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