Many apologies for those that came in looking for the usual Wednesday post. Ya see, things are a bit off schedule around here this week and it wasn't until 3pm before I realized that it was Wednesday and that I hadn't posted the clouds. Why are they off scedule? Because hubby's home, sick, this week. How sick, you ask? Well, Sunday he had the technicolor-yawns at work so I told him he'd better go to the dr on Monday. With the aches and pains and the other symptoms, I suspected the flu. He went to the dr on Monday, told them he had the flu, and they diagnosed bronchitis and bronchialspasms. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? 'Scuse me? With the yucky spewage and aching and no diagnose of the flu? Well he rested and took his meds and was scheduled to go back to work today. By 5pm yesterday, it was obvious that he wouldn't be making it in today because he wasn't holding too much down. Back to the dr today where they diagnosed him with bronchitis and

wait for it

you see it coming right???

THE #()&^! FLU

No shit sherlock. We've had it often enough to know when a certain type of flu comes along and knocks us on our collective asses thankyouverymuch (yet another non-existant word just to throw Pooba for a loop).

Mind you, I haven't been 100% since they gave me that flu shot a couple weeks ago, but it was manageable. Last week, they gave him his while he wasn't feeling 100% and now he's got it. Which means this headache and feverish feeling in my face is prolly just what I think it is. If I still feel this bad tomorrow. I may just change my shot appointment into a dr appointment instead.

So anyway, my mind's been in a few different places this week and as a result...I plumb forgot.


Karla said...

Starts over..LOL

I don't blame you for forgetting with Ranger being sick..most men are babies when they get sick!! And you try to stay well :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh yuck.

I got my flu shot this week. It wasn't nearly as bad of a reaction as I've had in past years.

Jan n Jer said...

I have been getting flu shots for years and I swear by them. Sorry to hear your Hubs and now you are not feeling well. Hope you will be on the mend real soon.

Liz Mays said...

First things first. You take care of you and yours. Clouds can wait!

Feel better!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I hope you BOTH feel better really soon!!!

Intense Guy said...

I see a lobster.

I hope you and Ranger get well ASAP!

Deanna said...

Here's some chicken noodle soup, tea and a very safe, I won't get sick from it, virtual hug.

Hope you'ns get feeling better VERY soon!

Pop and Ice said...

I decided to not see the doctor, but I suffered for a week with either the flu or a nasty cold virus. And I hurt all over. I just huddled in bed, had juice and tea brought to me, and somehow managed not to transmit to the rest of the family.

I hope you and hubby feel better real soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ladystyx, I hope you and hubby get well really soon, I know its bad enough when just one person in the house is sick...HUGS you with my face mask thingy on me face.

Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh that sucks! A couple of us in the office are coming down with something too. Doesn't help that the new place is hella tiny, hot and a big dusty mess so we're all bound to keep sneezing and reinfecting each other. I just want my throat to stop hurting and my head to lighten up.

I'm all lost and out of the loop thanks to playing catch up and being unable to check the blog from work (did I mention the place is suuuuper small?)

Hope things get better on your end soon!

Pamela said...

I got a flu shot last thursday and was sick with aches pains and myalgia for three days.

Husband got the flu shot and felt yucky two days.

I think it has to go through the motions with your immune system.

Hey.. hope your husband gets well soon

MarmiteToasty said...

what? you mean, he is right proper poorly and not just 'man flu'....and is Ranger really his name? if so.... how cooooooool is that lol

much love and well wishes to you both.....



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