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*WHEW* Was that ever a busy 10 days with company! Don't get me wrong, I totally enjoyed it. I've remembered what I've been missing this whole time. Something I've been desparately needing for a good while now and more than likely the reason WHY I'm so damned cranky all the time. I need face time with family. Not just any family, MY family, blood or otherwise. Over the course of the last 2 decades, I havent been getting that and dammit, I MISS it. Oh sure, we have a friend or two that occasionally visit, but it's always trips out to shop or grab a bite to eat... not anything like I had growing up. Chill, eat supper and whip out the board games until the late hours of the night. *sigh* NYBro? You're welcome for the hospitality... but I really need to be thanking YOU. So thank you for being my friend and spending time at our humble abode (and the lovely RAK pressy!!). Can't wait for your next trip out.

Now comes the hard work... clean-up and organization (as well as attempting to get my life back to some form of normalcy). On my to do list:

01) tweak & upload to the Flickr account the scads and scads of photos I clicked (got a few up this morning so the early risers have something to glance at) as we went and did ALOT of touristy things.

02) upload the videos of the same various places

2.5) panic because Im missing a half day's worth of pix & vids thanks to the laptop dying on us in midtrip (we went to Baltimore for a couple days)... I so hope the last half of the B&O Museum is still in there somewhere!

2.75) pray as I attempt to revive the laptop long enough to retrieve said pix & vids (make sure to open a bottle of Riesling and have copious amounts of chocolate on hand....)... also pray as I search the harddrive because if they aint there, I'm gonna cry.......

03) switch out the cold weather clothes with the warm weather ones (hence the title of the blog) because the temps changed early this week

04) catch up on my reading in the blogs (I popped in a few last night but I haven't made it to everyone's yet, gonna be a while)

05) put panties away because this season of Idol ~SO~ does NOT deserve a panty-throwing session or even thoughts there of

06) spring clean (yeah right)

07) catch up in my Facebook emails and consider dropping out of a few groups... to be honest, I made it in there twice during the whole time NYBro was over and ya know.... I barely missed it at all (apologies to any of the FBers reading this)... maybe it's time to consider moving on in that area of my life (it'd certainly make the friends list a bit more manageable...)

08) Get pictures of the new additions to the dolly family, stuffed animal club and the beautiful RAK that NYBro brought me.

I think that's it for now. There will be other entries to come... I mean... I HAVE been missing for what, 3 months now? Until then, feel free to explore the Flickr account on the left there to peruse the pictures that I'm loading.


Queenie Jeannie said...

Soooo happy you had a lovely visit!! We have very little family outside of our own immediate family, so we miss out on these kinds of things. Can't wait to see all your pictures and I have my fingers and toes crossed that you can retrieve everything on that laptop!!!!

Toriz said...

Glad you had such a great time with your visitors. :)

I love getting to play games and do stuff with the family until who knows what time too. I often get to do similar things with Dad, but it's rare that enough of the family joins in to call it a "family" thing.

LadyStyx said...

Not sure that's gonna be possible, Jeannie. I fired it up and managed to grab a few folders off there but it shut back down in less than 2 minutes. The pix weren't in the file where they belong which leads me to believe that when we noticed the problem and started pulling the stuff off, they got lost. Ya see, I have this nasty habit of cutting in pasting when I should copy and paste first (then go back and delete the duplicates)and if it's in mid-move when the destination drive gets full AND the computer decides to be a prick and shut down (because it's sick and tired and just doesn't feel like doing anymore AND I've stepped away for a half second while the files are being moved so I don't catch that the destination is full before it shuts down), well the files that had been clipped get dropped to God Knows Where. I have no idea what to do at this point. Can't take it for a repair yet as the truck needs to go in for some work otherwise it won't pass inspection (priority). We may just opt to head to Baltimore again sometime to get the shots again. A shame as I had some really awesome shots of a big model there with the train moving and all the little people and cars... they even had a restaurant at the top of one of the model buildings that spun...

NYBro, I know you're reading this... EVERYTHING from just before we left the main building on for the rest of the day from my camera (the models, the army train, et al) is GONE. So if it's not on your discs that we burned (and I bet it's not), there's no way I can send them along unless hubby finds a way to recover them....nothing can be done about it at this time. Maybe an early morning trip to Baltimore and then back to D.C on the next trip? I know it was kinda boring but that model (as well as the one outside) were actually well worth the trip...

With us, it was games all the time... well at least with mom. When daddy joined it was a real treat. Growing up, there were alotta kids in the neighborhood. Most were aged somewhere between me and my mom (closer to my mom's age), so she was like a big sister in a way. Our house ended up being that one on the block where everyone wanted to hang out so oftentimes there were 2-3 board games going all at once. As they grew up and started going to college it was still games all the time with mom, at least until my bro and I got older (me working a great deal of the time and being unavailable). Now we're scattered and don't get to. Bro's gotten so he doesn't enjoy the board games as much (because they're "boring" , yet he'll play a computer game for hours....) but mom still loves to play as do I. It's the face to face time and interaction I crave. The first marriage, the only games he was into were the war simulations and such *ugh*. Never anything else. He made the mistake of telling me he was going to play a certain game historically and knowing I wasn't up on history.... told me how it went. *smirks* So I played it my way, and whomped the shit outta him. Needless to say, America never made it to the beaches at Normandy and the Germans won (that's what ya get for makin me the bad guy!). I think he forgot that my family always plays to win. We never throw a game on purpose unless we're tired and just want it over already. *laffs* After that, he refused to play anymore. Bad because I wasn't getting face time but good because I wasnt being inflicted with those types of games anymore. This hubby will play the occasional game but there aren't many that can be done with just 2 players and I get bored with card games all the time (or Yahtzee or back gammon ad nauseum).

Grand Pooba said...

When the family get's together, it's always entertaining!

AliceKay said...

I'm glad you had a nice time with your family. I can tell how much that means to you. I hope you'll be able to retrieve those pics from your computer. It's hard to lose pics of things that can never be duplicated no matter what you do. I backed up a lot of my picture folders one day a couple of weeks ago (along with all of my music files) just in case. While I was reading another blog a little earlier, I had the blue screen of death pop up and stare me in the face. Not sure why that happened, but it worries me. :(

That sure is a mighty long list of things to do on that to-do list of yours.

Intense Guy said...

I've been trying to get through all the pictures and videos you DID upload - holy mackerels!! You were really out and about a bunch!

The aquarium videos were spectatular!! I loved the jelly fish and dolphins!!

And you know me! I always love an airplane picture or two (hundred!)


I hope you are feeling like the Styxy of young now!


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