Day 8

Day 8: A song that you know all the words to.

During my school years, I was in the choir. Like I've said before, I love to sing (albeit not very well). Most songs that catch my attention, I'll look up the lyrics to, so there are a great number of them I know all the words to.  However, there is one that I've known the words to for a very long time and in a pinch in highschool (I forgot to do the lesson), I was able to write it from memory in the 5 minutes we had for homeroom.


Toriz said...

There are quite a few I know all the words to, but the one I'm going to pick is one I'm told I sing quite well too. Now, I'm not sure if that's true, since I'm not really all that sure how good my singing is, but anyway... I'm going with...

Aselin Debison - Sweet Is The Melody

I could have gone with several others, but since I've been told I sing that one well, I figured it was a good one to go with.

Intense Guy said...

I want to say the Star Spangled Banner - but I wouldn't want to be tested - especially in front of say, 30,000 or more people!!

My memory is like a leaky sieve - if I don't "refresh" it, I don't 'member nothin'.

I can say I know the words to the Happy Birthday song... although I might not (and usually don't) remember the person's name.

Deanna said...

I remember many of the "old" folk tunes because I sang with a minstral type group back in the late 60's and early 70's. Other than that, let's go with Margaritaville. Hey! I likes my drinkin' songs!

ChicagoLady said...

Wow, another song I'm not familiar with!

When you say "know all the words" does this mean I would need to be able to repeat all the lyrics on demand without the song playing?

ChicagoLady said...

After discussing with you in an alternate location, if being able to sing along and know all the words counts, then my song would be:

"What Might Have Been" by Little Texas


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