Day 2

Day 2: Your least favorite song

This one's a hard pick as there are at least 4 that I can name that I really hate. They are (in no particular order because I hate them all pretty much equally):

01 & 02) Hey Jude and The Long and Winding Road by the Beatles. Not only do these dongs seem to take FOR-FRIGGIN-EVER to play, but that dingbat I was married to LOVED the Beatles and that's pretty much all he'd play. Not only did we hear them ad nauseum via cassettes, but he also insisted on playing them on his guitars (acoustic mostly but later he got himself a second hand electric) AND sing along. Dude was tone deaf. These two got played quite often.

03) Unchained Melody. This one actually fits elsewhere in the list so we won't bother putting the video up quite yet for it.

and the last one (but certainly NOT the least on the list is):

Drum roll please

Yeah go figure that the group that gave us my favorite song also created one of my most hated songs. Why? Because everytime I go into a chat room or music sharing place, people take a glance at my name and figuring out that I do love me some Styx, they play this one. *barf* Puh-LEEZ! This one actually fits in in a way in a few days so expect a revisit to it.


Intense Guy said...

Well - any song would be destroyed if what happened to songs #1 and #2 were to happen to them!!

I've always enjoyed Styx ever since I heard "A.D. 1928 / Rockin' the Paradise" - such exuberant really got my feet shufflin' (way past toe tappin'!)

My least favorite? Wow.. now that's a hard one.

Kanye West, "Gettin' It In"? or Jay-Z, "It's Hot"... but there are lots of runners up!

Deanna said...

Kid Rock and Allison Moorer (I think that's her name) "Picture" is one of my least favorite of all time. Chat stream wore that song to a frazzle when I didn't like it to begin with. The first time I heard it I thought it was a joke because they sound off key.

Another song that makes me barf is a country song recorded by the Pirates of the Mississippi called "Feed Jake". Stoopid! You have to understand that song came out when my kids were in their growing up years and hubby was listening to only country music. They heard me scream a time or two when that song came on the radio.

Oh and I have to add Debbie Boone's "You Light up My Life" because it is so sappy.

Geeze, I could go on and on and on.....

ChicagoLady said...

Sorry, Punkn, but I love "Feed Jake" LOL.

Songs I really don't like? (Hate is such a strong word):

"Ticks" by Brad Paisley

Everything by Rush with the exception of "Overture" and "Temples of Syrinx" from 2112.

LadyStyx said...

Punkn: The Kid Rock song was with Sheryl Crow and I so feel you on that one. That and the Gretchen Wilson When I Feel Like Cheating song. I went on strike and basically refused to play either one.

Chicago: *chuckles* I like ~some~ Rush, not all and I adore the Ticks song.

Iggy: If you get a chance, check out the Cyclorama cd... a few decent ones on that one too.

Toriz said...

Least favourite... Can't just name a song... Anything that falls in to the rap catagory, anything where there are a lot of swear words, and... Well, basically all the stuff my brother listens to and claims is music, but sounds like just noise meant to induce headaches!


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