urology, PT, upset with my computer, big thanks, and a special day

Hubby had his urology appointment last Thurday. He's doing fine right now but unfortunately hasnt passed a stone large enough for the dr to analize. This could be good as it's entirely possible that they pulverized it so well that he wont pass much more than bitty fragments. On the other hand, it's also possible that the procedure didnt do as it should have and break it down completely. As he seems to have the stones that wont show on an x-ray and only on CT scans, we wont know until next month when he goes in for his next appointment if anything's left. In other words, they've adopted a "he's not in pain let's wait and see" posture again. *sigh* He hasnt screamed in pain while home, so I know for sure if anything is passing he's not doing it here.

Friday was my last PT session. Looks like there isnt much more they can do for me that Im not already doing for myself. Joey did send me off with another exercise to add to my regiment. I still say my problem stems from that one incident and the fact that Im over weight. Sleeping on my stomach probably doesnt help matters either and Lord knows we could use a new mattress. Any one or all of those could be the problem. I find once I've been up for awhile it doesnt hurt quite so bad but yes there is distinctly still discomfort there. I think Im going to have hubby work some Flexall in daily and see if that helps. The PCP may just need to start sending me to a chiropractor for adjustments regularly. Who knows. At this point I'd say that Im just plumb getting older...but I know for a fact at least ONE of my devoted readers is older than I am and I just know she'd tell me Im still a kid yet. :P~

Im so upset with my computer. Something happened while I was working with my music files and making room because the one harddrive was nearly full. I've been going through and deleting duplicates and making lists of the specific folders so I cleared up nearly 8 GB of space. Well Friday I went looking for a particular song that I KNOW for a fact I had....surprise surpise it wasnt in my WinAmp...so I looked in the E: and damned if it wasnt in there either. Infact alot of my tunes were *poof*...all my Christina Aguilera was gone. I can tell ya I noticed THAT one for sure...and the Christopher Maloney and the one Bangle song and today I found a *GASP* Styx song missing!!!!!!!!! Now I know I had that one because it's one of my favorites (no I still had all 3 versions of Lady *whew*). Thankfully I havent lost it all but it's going to be slow going getting things back from disc into the music files.

Big thanks to those who were in on the home page yesterday and today. Your comments mean alot. The fact that so many like the new look just tells me Im on the right track with my pages. I may retweak this page as well to make it easier on those who have trouble reading the pale font on the jean backing. Im going to see if I can add a transparent navy to where the text is (like the green on the front page). It should make it easier to read.

I was going to write more in my pages today but I seem to have run out of time. I spent a good part of the day fixing my playlists on Project Music and writing a nice long novel to a friend (who probably was surprised that it was in her inbox when she got home from work). Plus with all my usual reading and leaving my fingerprints on everyone else's blogs...I seem to have run out of time. I gotta get myself going and dressed because hubby will be home in a bit. You see, today's a very special day. ChicagoLady, Alice and possibly even Tori will know what Im talking about. All they have to do is think back one year ago. For the rest of you newer readers, today is one year since I said "I Do" to the greatest love of my life. As such, he's taking me out to supper and maybe we can grab a movie afterwards. Well the first part is a sure thing, the movie not so much as he has to work tomorrow.


ChicagoLady said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year already! Time flies when you're in love, lol.

I thought Chiropractors only worked on bones, not muscle? I also know, a doctor told me, that women should not sleep on their stomachs because of how different our bodies are made. I used to sleep on my stomach all the time as a kid, but about 6th grade it started bothering me, but didn't realize it until 8th.

I also had some upper back pain due to sleeping on a pillow that didn't give me enough support. I'm a side and back sleeper, and sleeping with a feather pillow that flattens out was bothering me. I now have a firm pillow, and I have no pain in the morning when I get up.

You must have gotten the music goblin that goes around stealing music from people's computers, lol. Hope he didn't come this direction after visiting you.

I too find that keeping up with the various blogs takes a lot of time, and hence I usually go to bed later than I should each evening, lol.

AliceKay said...

Happy Anniversary, Styxie and Ranger. I hope you two have many happy (and fruitful) years ahead. Time flies when you're having fun too. :)

I'm a side sleeper (only way I can fall to sleep) and because of my scoliosis (i now realize why this is) I can't sleep on my right side anymore. It's because my spine is curved in the wrong direction to lay comfortably that way. :(

Something stole all of my George Jones songs a few months back...went for a gospel tune one Sunday morning and they were all gone. :\

Hey...I think I'm supposed to be to bed. (why am i reading and commenting on blogs?) LOL Night all.

AliceKay said...

By the way...hope you "kids" had a nice time tonight. :)

Toriz said...

Belated happy anniversary!

I find checking all the blogs takes up a lot of time too. Still, you read some interesting things on most of the blogs, so it's worth the time. :)

LadyStyx said...

Thanks everyone.

Yep Chicago....it's been a year. Hard to believe it. Seems like just yesterday I was fighting to get that dress done and making decorations n such. So damn much has happened in the time since then too.

Considering what Im thinking the problem is, it's possible that I do indeed need a chiropractor. Remember the blog I did on that one incident from a decade ago? It's highly possible that it is a joint or bone issue. Although the PT exercises were helping to an extent, Im still in some discomfort. I find it's really bad in the morning...after Ive been sleeping on my belly most the night (and it's the only way I can sleep really well). Yes (looking down) I realize we're built different and I definitely have some extra padding there, but it's the only position I can get some decent sleep in. Im not saying I cant get to and actually sleep in other positions. Ive seen pictures (no I dont have them, dont ask , not that I'd post pix like that anyhow...) that suggest otherwise. It's just that it's the most optimal position for me to get any decent sleep in (except that one week a month...then I just dont sleep well period). I'll have to look into the pillow situation. We may just need a new mattress too. Like I said, it could be alot of little things bothering it. My luck I just need to go in for the occasional adjustment (ouch) and a back rub.

*shoots the music goblin*

I usually have a pattern after I get up and very rarely vary my routine. Meds, breakfast, email, MySpace, blogs. I read and comment on all ...then I read any comments on mine and respond... then I write if I feel like it (or work on the layout). Next thing I know it's 4-5 pm and I havent done a bloody thing around the place.

LOL@ Alice...somehow I KNEW that second comment was gonna show up. Yes supper was great but we were both pretty beat when we got home and crawled right into bed. My peepers didnt even see 10 pm last night. In fact, judging by the time stamp...I was asleep by the time you commented in here!

Yes Tori....it's very well worth the time. :D I get to read such interesting things and see pictures of places Ive never been. Gotta love that.

Lainie said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Ranger!

Deb said...

Well um I think I have known you longer, unless I'm kosing my mind which is possible. I just ddin't know you were getting married. I lost touch with everyone after I got married. So, didn't you know me as PassionatKisses? There was an imposter PK, Im the real one...

Deb said...

koshing my mind? now that is a new debby word..I meant losing mymind...hugs and I hope you get some relief from your back pain.

LadyStyx said...

I think I knew a PK... but 01) I never knew the realname was Debby and 02) I cant remember which site the nick PK was from. So maybe you can help me remember?

Got married last August to a chatter by the nick of TheLoneRanger. The time I knew a PK I was either running from an abusive husband OR going through a divorce and goings nuts trying to find the a$$hole. Take your pick.

Deb said...

I slightly remember you were in a bad relationship. I think we chatted at the Castle, A site owned by Tia, I forget the name...and a few others. Maybe you can jog my memory of sites opened around the escape running time. I raemember the loneranger name...jus tdon't know what site. At theat time I was teaching, going to college full time, and traveling to MI on a regular basis. So I'm feeling a bit vague.

LadyStyx said...

Nope, not the Castle. I never chatted there. During the time of my escape I was chatting at Wildangel's Loft. From there I went to Rube's C2C...then from there to Nitro's The Wolven. Im presently streaming for AckcessDenied. Ranger is from the Loft (he used to stream there but hadnt streamed in a long time when I met him) and was at C2C for a while but hasnt chatted much since I got under his roof.

Deb said...

I chatted at the loft for a long time. Rubes site as well.

LadyStyx said...

Prolly one of those places then.


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