Finally a decent picture

While were were out to supper Tuesday afternoon, I was able to get close enough to one of the trees that have the white flowers to get a decent picture. By decent picture, I mean one that isnt overly blurry and isnt tinted by the back window of our truck (see the background for this page). I dont believe it to be a dogwood as these blooms have 5 petals and not 4 which seem to be in every picture I see of a dogwood. It also doesnt seem to be a Bradford pear because every picture I see of it's blooms, they never have the pink in it....although the bloom seems to be shaped right. It does look alot like this one:
This picture wasnt taken by me, nor is it sitting on one of my photo sites. It's located at

Tuesday we had a nice day and I actually got the nerve to leave the house for a little bit all by myself (as you can see from iggy's blog). Almost made it to the parking lot before hubby got home. LOL. Well maybe I will make it out this weekend. Not even going to attempt it tomorrow because they're calling for storms tomorrow.

I know this is short but I've got some applications to fill out, a bus schedule to look at and I've been dawdling long enough. Besides, I think it's well past suppertime and I hear some french toast calling to me.


AliceKay said...

Yep, the trees you see there where you're living sure looks like that double flowering cherry tree pic in the link. Pretty blossoms, too.

Intense Guy said...

The trees are really flowering this year. Its a good spring for folks that enjoy flowers - and a bad one for thouse with allergies.

I enjoyed the pictures. Thanks Styxie.

Mmm... I wish I could find some French Toast that would call to me!

ChicagoLady said...

I got nothing blooming by me yet, so it's nice to see someone has something Spring-like to look at. And I agree, the two pictures do look like the same blooms.


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