Interview and not too much else

Im so proud of myself. I actually got into bed by3-330am and was asleep by 4am for a change. If I can bump that back every other night by an hour, maybe I can get myself back on days. It'd be funny if I got myself back onto days and the job I end up with is overnight. LOL ! I woke up around 730-8am and took my medicine. It still doesnt seem to be doing much as my ear hurts bad today. I crawled back into bed and was woken up at 1145am..*sigh*. It was the allergist's office calling to schedule an appointment. I have an appointment with my dr on the 12th of May and the allergist on the 19th. *bleah* I'm gonna feel like a big fat pincushion, I just know it.

I went in for my interview today. It seemed to go well but Im thinking it's not going to be a good fit to be honest. Im more suited for a "big box" type of environment instead of someplace small. Im thinking I may just have to go a bit farther down the road and see about a job in one of those stores. I remember going from the big feel of Toys R Us, being downsized and then ending up in a small mall store. I always felt claustrophobic and any chance there was to run an errand I was all over it. I digress though. The interview went ok. The position would mean me working Saturday nights for the most part, which is ok (but Id miss the streams dammit!!!) and some days. It looks like they'd happily work around my condition of days only on Tuesday and Wednesday. The pay would be 20 cents less than what I was making at WalMart in Texas. Money's not a factor though as it's just a supplimental income and not our main source of money. He told me that he had someone else to interview yet so he was basically non-committal but did say he'd call back.

I left, feeling *eh* about the interview and since I still had the apps for Payless and Marshalls to turn in (something said to hold off), I did just that. I talked with the store clerk and she said to go ahead and talk to the manager and let me know what aisle she was working in. I went to talk to the manager and said "I heard you're not hiring for this store but that was last week..." and was told that yes, they were hiring for that store now. ~grinz~ She asked if I could come in on Wednesday to fill out some computer testing thingy. If it wasnt for the fact tomorrow is freight day and there'd be boxes everywhere, she'd rather that I'd be in tomorrow. Ah well. Still not my idea of the ideal store Im sure...but we'll see how I feel when I go in on Wednesday.

Not much else going on. We had more rain today. I'd like to complain of the damp conditions but with getting so little in Texas's really kinda nice for a change.

Iggy...have you checked your file lately?


AliceKay said...

I hope you find what you're looking for. I wouldn't want to have to go looking for a new job these days. Working for family has it's advantages as well as disadvantages, and even though I complain about the job and the work I do, I really wouldn't want to be anyplace else. (who else would tolerate me?) LOL

Intense Guy said...

Sounds like things are reaching a point were "the job" will soon pop out at you Styxie!

I've worked for family (my own) for a lot of years. I came back to it after working as a big corporation drone (GlaxoSmithKline and J&J). I was never good at fighting the bureaucracy and making sense of the petty rules. And besides who else would tolerate me?

Oooh, I better go an check the file!!! :)

Toriz said...

I hope you find the job you're looking for soon.

LadyStyx said...

ty ty and ty. I've worked in a family type atmosphere before (the school) and yes it has benefits and disadvantages. That doesnt seem to be my world. Felt like I was the fifth wheel or at least the black sheep most times and that wasnt fun.

ChicagoLady said...

I'm sure something will come along soon, with all those apps and resumes you're sending out!

Deanna said...

It's been raining some here, too. But that is ok. It was getting too hot too fast. I hope you find the right job for you. After working for state bureaucracy for over 30 years, I have discovered money isn't everything. I now do jobs I love. Of course that wouldn't be possible if I didn't have my retirement income LOL. Take care.


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