Monday, Tuesday and a smidge of Wednesday

I've had one of those weeks this week. As much as I can truly say that not much went on, I just know the minute I get to typing this, it's going to end up being one of those marathon entries that Im really known for writing. So grab a drink and get comfortable because I have no clue how long this bugger's gonna be. *previews it....hmmm may wanna go to the loo too while ya at it*

Monday hubby had a class to go to so he was up and out the door by noon or so. Shortly after he left, I got myself ready and took myself an actual walk. That's right. I physically left the property and got myself a good 100 yards or so away from it. Im really proud of myself to be honest. Especially on that day in particular (Tori, if you havent read the entry posted before this , please stop and head over there first). I broke a chain and plan on breaking a few more in the days to come. I turned in 3 applications and then went to get my hair cut. It's nice and short and comfy. In a few months, when I'm finally employed and have my own money I think I'll go and get my hair professionally colored for a change. It's gonna cost me a pretty penny but I'd like to see what happens when someone who knows what they're doing gets ahold of it. The stylist already said I'd look great as a redhead. LOL It's what I've been saying all my life. All I know is Im damn well not ready to let the metallic highlights take over. I kinda like looking a good decade younger than I really am. After my haircut...ohh I should get hubby to take a pic this week of it....I went to Tuesday Mornings and filled out an application on their kiosk. Im being picky about the hours Im wanting but not overly picky. I tell them that I can open to close any day of the week except Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Heh heh heh...gotta keep the schedule cleared up for American Idol ya know ;). It really isnt their business why anyhow. I really would rather have the days off because no matter what schedule hubby has he'll be off one of the two days and I really like having my hubbytime. I got home that day and speak of the devil...he was home early. Surprise! I wasnt home. LOL. He doesnt much like coming home to the empty house but whatcha gonna do? That doesnt exactly help me either because I'd rather be here for him too but then, I really DO need to get out of here on my own before I become too afraid to do for myself again. I cant have that happen....too many years of it already and a third of my life's been wasted.

This week was one of America's favorite weeks. It was a week of many tears and gnashing of teeth as well as amusement. The tears and gnashing coming from the procrastinators who waited until the last possible minute to file their taxes and then couldnt find all the stuff they needed to get them done. The amusement stemming from those who'd already filed...watching those that hadnt scramble around like chickens with their heads cut off. Usually we file ours in February and have the refund (we've always gotten a refund to date because we have an extra $20 or so taken out of our checks every week...if it aint seen, it aint spent) in hand and spent by March. This year was different because of our move. We had to wait for our mail to bounce around and catch up to us before we could do anything about it. When my W2 hadnt shown up by the end of January, I called WalMart straight away to ask about it and they'd kept it there so I could give them an updated address. Oh thank goodness no one assumed and just mailed it! When we finally filed we didnt have to pay the VA state taxes because we didnt move here until January so we wont owe on that until next year...Amen there. This year we will be getting back a little less than last year but it's understandable and Im fine by that. Next year we may get a whole lot less. Unfortunately, a good piece of the refund is already spent thanks to the truck.

Last week, hubby took the truck in for its inspection. It passed the emissions test just fine but failed safety wise so instead of the pretty VA sticker on the truck (which they plaster in the center bottom of the windshield and not to the lower left like most normal states do), we got a pink sticker with a failed marking. Seems the exhaust manifold (?) was cracked and the rear brakes were no good. Sheesh. Last thing we need is that kind of expenditure. The repair shop quoted us nearly $800 for the work but they'd have to see it to get a more accurate estimate. This price would include parts, labor and taxes which sounds good right? Well let me remind you this truck is 19 years old...

We got up a tad early on Tuesday. The alarm was set for 10ish or so. I had my clothes all laid out because I wanted to be dressed and out the door fast. Why? Because some company was coming by to flush out the water lines or something. It was the same company from that last batch of pictures I took for iggy. Anyhow, they got started right outside our townhouse around 9am. I fought to stay in bed until the alarm, however as I lay there the noise simply reminded me that I wasnt going to have any water when I eventually got up and I KNEW I was gonna need to make that morning trip. *sigh* The longer I lay there, the more the fact there wouldnt be any water to flush bounced around in my mind. You know how that is, the more you cant do something the more you actually need to...or at least that's what the brain thinks and when the brain thinks it...the body gets tricked into believing things are much more urgent than they really are. So I got up and got dressed. We were out of the house in 30 minutes time. I didnt have time to grab but one photo. It's in the camera, downstairs and Im much too tired and lazy right now to get it. Maybe in a day or so. There are a few other pictures I wanna grab while Im about tomorrow (or is it today already...*checks calendar*...Thursday...) better make that after my next sleep cycle (stop laughing Chicago...LOL).

First stop was to Denny's for breakfast and the use of the bathroom. The restaurant was crowded for a Tuesday morning. I suspect many of those people in there were neighbors of mine. It wouldnt surprise me. Breakfast was only ok. We had to send back hubby's grits because someone had *ewww* shed in it. It's either that or they mixed in Rogain and the grits was growing it all on it's own. I always thought it was "putting hair on your chest" NOT "putting hair on your grits". We made them just take the item off the tab as we didnt want to chance another bowl of it. It's not usual for that to happen in that restaurant though.

We went to Enterprise to rent a vehicle to get around in until the truck was fixed (the car's in rough shape too so we're just leaving her where she's at). The repair shop said it would only be a day or two at most depending on how easily things went together. The only vehicles that Enterprise had left were pick ups and SUVS. *shakes head* We ended up in a much newer model of the same damn truck...go figure. She was a beaut though and ran smoothly. I wasnt too fond of the seating though because it wasnt comfortable. It felt like I was sitting on a hard kitchen chair instead of a sofa. Plus it rode a little higher so getting in became problematic a little sooner than it should have. My poor knee and hip popped everytime I had to climb in. We went to WalMart and that's when I realized we were gonna have a small problem with this vehicle. There was no cover on the back like our truck whick meant limiting what we picked up at WalMart to what would fit behind the seats in the cab. *grumblez*

After our trip to WalMart, we went to the UPS Store and checked our mailbox. We'd kept the account after moving so we had a safe place for packages and my magazines to be delivered to. *bounces happily* I'd gone shopping a week ago on Amazon because I found the gift certificate that I'd misplaced while in the corporate housing. Instead of music this time (there were too damn many cds I wanted and many of them I bet I'll be able to get in WalMart for cheaper when they're released), I bought myself a PC game. I've been hanging in lately playing the Plant Tycoon game ALOT. I like it because I can play a game and multitask...ya know, write in my blog, play with my MySpace page, talk to people in MSN and ICQ....LOL. I figured if I was enjoying it so damn much I may as well just buy the game outright. After checking several of the stores in the area to no avail I figured those would be a good way to spend my $20 gift certificate. All said and done it ended up costing me less than $5 out of my own money. Gotta love that. Anyhow, my game had shown up....making me a very happy camper.

The next to last stop for the day was to the grocery store for the food for the week. Damn, you'd think we hadnt eaten all damn day with the way we shopped (and yes, we had a list). *shakes head* We loaded up the truckbed and went home. They were still working in the area when we arrived so I told hubby we were staying long enough to put away the food then we were headed back out. There wasnt any sense in sticking around if there wasnt any water. As I was putting away the last few bags, he went out to the mailbox and noticed them picking up and turning the water on. YAY!! We ended up going back out anyhow. LOL. I like to get out for the most part of the day because there arent many places I really can get myself to yet and to be honest, there are days I get pretty stir crazy. We headed back out and went to the Hollywood Video store. They had this awesome sale going on...alotta 2fer movies to reduce their backstock. Let's just say we spent entirely too much and move on. The last stop of the day was a trip to KFC to pick up an early supper to eat at home. Got home in time to see the spoilers for the week and check to see how the original would sound. While I was eating I wrote up a quick blog in MySpace on how I tought the show would go. I was really surprised the guys outshone the gals this week. I should have expected that it would happen because it's easier to directly compare the gals to Mariah than it is the guys.

I had a dr appointment on Wednesday but I think Im going to hold it off for the next entry because this one is plenty long enough as it is without getting into my details about the new dr, the office and the differences between this insurance and the last one we had. Wednesday also got us several calls from the repair shop. Seems more like more work was necessary because the bolts had all pretty much rusted and had to be drill out and something else was wrong too. The $800 quote? Ballooned up to a final cost of nearly $1300. *SIGH* Well the truck's just managed to get a good chunk of the refund we're expecting back already spent.

I did manage to pick up another application while out on Monday and then found another that I could printout from online so I've got two more apps to take over to that strip mall in the next day or so. Depends on how Im feeling when I get up. The one is for Payless (the district manager never got back to me from my email so I picked up a hard copy), the clerk was happy to give me one but told me they werent hiring for the store at this time but they'd be glad to put one on file for me. How nice of her. Much nicer than that one Dollar Store. The other that I printed from online is for Marshalls. Of all the stores in the strip mall, that one and the grocery store (the one I hate shopping at so why would I wanna work there) are the only ones that it's even possible to get an overnight job with.

I think that's about it...except the dr appointment which I'll do in it's own entry.


Intense Guy said...

:) I appreciated the warning as to the length of the blog. I had a cup of coffee and taken care of the business beforehand.

It's interesting how women have "metallic highlights" they try really hard to cover up while some of us lucky guys get "distinguished gray". I say some lucky one, on account I just shiny and baby bottom pink up there.

The price of car repairs is obscene. Its hard to know when to let one go and just get a new(er) one. Its also telling that no one is willingly renting SUVs and pickups. I guess car renters on the whole aren't "dumber than a fifth grader."

Enjoyed your post. It went well with the decafe.

Karla said...

I like my metallic highlights..but then I'm a lot older than you LOL Sounds like you had a heck of a day...but I always like those kinda days where you can just "goof off" kinda...and still get some things accomplished

LadyStyx said...

LOL iggy! In a couple more years I may be ready to face it, but right now...nadda chance. Bad enough Im trying to compete with the twenty somethings on paper (and that resume hints as to how old I am), no sense physically looking it too. I get in for an interview and discuss how far back the jobs go...that's when they figure out how old I really am.

Oh and iggy...some guys look fab with the baby bottom pink up there ;)

Karla...yep...was a tad longer than what I put in there because of the dr appointment. Didnt get to bed til 6am this morning. Got up around 2pm. Im tired enough to crawl into bed right now and sleep through the night.

Toriz said...

Way to go on getting out on your own. I'm sure that must have been difficult for you, especially on that particular day (yes, I went and read the other post like you told me to, lol!)

LadyStyx said...

Kinda figured it would be best that you do so because you'd have no clue as to why I said some of what I did.

And thank you :)

AliceKay said...

I'm sorry, Styxie...I'm way behind in your blog. :( Been way too busy most of the time to sit here and read it. (only gonna read this one tonight...others will have to wait til tomorrow)

Terri's truck is a '93 Ford F150, and he's had parts to fix the exhaust manifold for the past two years. (i removed them from behind the love seat a few weeks ago and took them down to the shop. aint that right, Karla?) He's put a lot of money into it the past couple of weeks, too. And that '93 Chevy Blazer out there? Well, he just sank $600 into it. I almost died when I had to write out the check for it. :( No one is gonna pay us much for it because it still needs work. And then there's that '93 Ford Taurus sitting out there... *sighs* We just never learn. :(

Love the new background, and both Terri and I love the pic at the top.

Time for me to hit the sheets. Been sitting here in silence trying to relax a eyes are tired but my brain is working in overtime. Good night and hugs.

LadyStyx said...

Ya missed the other banner I had up there then, it was a stone bridge that I mentioned in one of these entries. It was giving me a headache though so I put the clouded leopard up there. Hey it matched the waterfall in the back (which comes out of the same park as the bridge so Im not certain how long that will stay up).

I understand the lack of time. And it doesnt help when I leave marathon blogs. I dropped 2 today so I guess you'll be caught up sometime next week?

AliceKay said...

Yep, I saw the bridge banner. I commented with a link to that Natural Bridge in Virgina on the one post. :)

LadyStyx said...

That's right you did. Boy my brain just aint what it used to these days...


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