Wednesday, not feeling well, new meds

So Wednesday I got up around 930am. A trifle early for me and to be honest I was still second guessing as to whether I really wanted to go to the meeting I had scheduled. I knew I wasnt feeling 100%, and really wasnt sure I really wanted that job in the first place, but I figured I'd better keep the appointment anyhow...even if I end up turning it down in the long run. The Payless that I was headed to isnt an overly small store and doesnt seem to be too crowded at any given time anyhow. The store I interviewed at on Monday was crowded behind the counter where I'd be located and I just know it wont be a good fit. It's just too damn claustrophobic in there. When I had gone for that interview, there had been 8 people behind the counter processing books. No way I could handle that. Im really kind of thankful they havent called me back yet. Anyhow, I digress....

Wednesday I got up and got going. I was out the door about 10:05am or so. I got to the store and met up with the manager there. She got me set up on the computer to fill out this survey of some of those personality assessments that all jobs give you now adays (something to make sure ya aint gonna go all postal on them right away I suppose..). The backroom was a smidge draftier than I care for and of course my allergy meds all kicked in while I was back there so I wasnt the least bit comfortable. I finished up the computer work in about 45 minutes. I talked with the manager and she'd said something about the home office having to review it. I had seen on the computer that if it had been 7 days and I heard nothing, it simply meant they were considering other people. So no, I didnt have an answer by the time I left. While I was out, I decided to take another step and not return home right away. I decided to see if I could make it easily to the next strip mall so I headed off down the road some. I have decided that I can, indeed, make it that distance but it'll mean at least a 20 minutes walk to get there AND I'm liable to be a little sore afterwards so I'll give myself an hour so I can rest a bit when I get to that mall. There's only one store over there that I'd be willing to work for though and as they were one of the first I applied to (before McKays and the mall right behind me) I figure it's not likely they need someone right now. Any other mall may require a cab ride simply because I am completely out of shape for a walk of the required distance. Im going to try again in a couple day's time though, when I feel better, just to see if I cant push through to the next strip mall.

When I got home, I wasnt feeling so hot. I figured it was just because of the extra exertion so I sat down at my computer to play my Plant Tycoon game (man I love that game, I can have it running anytime and still get stuff done so I really dont feel guilty getting some play time in while I work). Next thing I know, I fell asleep...not once, not twice but 3 times (each time my snoring woke me up). I ended up going back in to bed around 1pm or so. The body must have been tired because I crashed and dont remember anything until well after 3pm. Damn. I spent most of the evening running a fever...I know because everytime I have one it feels like it's radiating right out of my bones and my face was hot to the touch. The thermometer told me I had a fever for me...just not one anyone ELSE would consider a fever. *sigh* Looks like the amoxil wasnt working. I sat filling out more applications in an effort to keep my mind off it.

Thursday, both hubby and I woke up and neither of us was feeling good at all. I'd rate me about a 75% and falling while I think he was closer to a 60% and dropping. He went to work and I finished filling out the apps from the night before. No, I didnt get alot done...just 3 total...but they were print copies and not the online I had to take my time and make sure the writing was neat enough (my hands get tired fast and the more tired they are, the sloppier my writing gets). So far all in all I've sent out (online was well as hard copies) 15 applications at this this (as of Thursday evening). My left ear had been hurting the last couple days but by Thursday it started itching. It felt like if I took a knitting needle and shoved in the ear, I just *might* be able to reach the itch. Hubby came home early Thursday...around 11pm or so. Yeah, he really wasnt feeling well. I think he made it to bed shortly after midnight or so. As for me, even though I wasnt 100% (shit I wasnt even 70% at this point) I still wasnt tired so I stayed up for a bit. I remembered that the doctor's office has everything online, so I signed into my medical file and dropped the doctor a note. I let him know that I'd been on my meds for 7 days now and there was no improvement. If anything, I felt worse. I found a few more apps online so I got 3 more filled out (total of 18 or so now) and then I got to bed around 430 or 5am.

Friday morning I was woken up roughly 1130....the doctor's office. The nurse wanted to get some more details from me about how I was feeling. Of course, I sounded a whole lot worse because I needed my morning By the time I was done with the doctor's office, I was just awake enough to make it impossible to go back to sleep. *sigh*. By 130 pm or so the dr called and we had a discussion on how I was feeling. He said the Amoxil should have worked but since it didnt he was calling me in some Augmentin (the generic for both medicines is Amoxicilian...just different strengths...gee learn something new every day). He said that 2 weeks was the limit for being on an antibiotic though so Im hoping this knocks the crap outta the infection as this is really bugging me. Hubby's been emailing home all night checking how Im doing. He says he's feeling better tonight...still not 100% but with his allergies he rarely IS 100% anyhow.

Well I think Im going to pop into bed. His last email said "my baby should be in bed if she's not there already" and that was sent nearly an hour ago. I have 3 more applications sitting in my email box that I'll be filling out sometime after my sleep cycle. I simply did not feel like even considering them tonight. I still have some laundry to fold and a spoiled chihuahua to let out for her last potty trip...Man I just wanna say :P~~~ and crawl into bed.

Oh before I go...I'm going to be putting up another memory type blog entry in the next few days (I gotta find the list of names to go with the pictures daddy gave me) and Im needing some help from ya'll. I've got another page all set up through this account (Im gonna slide the existing entry over to it when it's decor's complete) *BUT* I cant seem to find a nice background for it. I saw a couple really nice blank Victorian family trees but the page wasnt big enough to make a nice background with. When I blew them up, they didnt look pretty at all. So here's the challenge...Im looking for a nice background for a family memories type page. I really liked the Victorian family tree but also saw some that were labelled heritage and another labelled Old World. Im wanting something like those ideas with an old feel to it. It can be a scan of empty scrapbook pages or a link you found that would make an awesome background. The catch is that the total size of the picture itself has to be larger than 800 by 600 pixels....preferably 1024 by at least 650 pixels in size. Nicest one becomes the background to the new page. My daddy's family is mostly mutts (alot of different nationalities) but my mom's dad's side...hails from England. Hmmm how about some really travelling trunks in sepia ? Anyhow, I'll be grateful for some ideas.


Intense Guy said...

Hope you are feeling a lot better by the time you read this - sounds like its been a rough week for both you and the ranger.

I don't know about backgrounds for blogspot. You always seem to have nice ones. Perhaps a Statue of Liberty picture or something from Ellis Island would work.

Feel better soon.

ChicagoLady said...

Hope the Augmentin is starting to work, and you're feeling better. I'll ponder the background issue and see if any ideas pop up (but I doubt it, lol).

Intense Guy said...

Or maybe some of the more breath-taking cemetary statues - I though this one in Laurel Hill, Philadelphia was inspired.

Cemetary Angel

LadyStyx said...

Now nice. I'll take and think about it. I'd still like other ideas to consider. I've been sitting here a week trying to figure how I want it to look. It's going to be similar to the padded room as the decor wont be changing (or at least not much and not often like my main entries and home page) once it gets set.

Toriz said...

Hope you're feeling better now *hugs*

Well done on making it that extra bit of distance. Shame you ended up feeling so bad afterwards.

AliceKay said...

I hope you're feeling better now. Lots of things have changed in your living environment and your body is feeling those changes.

I can't help you out with the background. I'm not up for change, and I'm just an ole' stick in the mud anyway. LOL

('s taken me two days to get thru this blog without interruptions so I could post a comment)


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