Where'd the day go?

Wow. Where'd the day go? I know I have a freaky sleep schedule, but damn! I was up by 4pm. Yeah I know that sounds late, but when you dont get to bed until 6am most nights (no matter how hard you try to get there early) 4pm rising time isnt really unreasonable (especially when your sleep is coming in 3-4 hr naps all night and not a solid through sleep). It just makes for a day that feels mighty short. Ive only been up 9 hours and it feels like Ive been awake forever. Then again, I've been pretty much on the go since my feet hit the rug too. I've found my vanity in the bathroom and got everything in there reorganized. Hubby's got the new towel bar up and is in the process of getting my handheld massaging shower head installed. He's taking the time to do some caulking too so it may be another day or two before it's actually up and I can use it. Man, I cant wait.

I went downstairs and got all the dishes put away. Not sure what it is with the husband of mine. I think maybe he got used to us having to do the dishes by hand because I swear he doesnt know how to check the dishwasher any longer. How hard is it to pop the door open and check to see if the dishes are clean or dirty? If the dishes are dirty within the dishwasher, then place the ones you just mussed up and put them in there...not the sink. We've got a bit of an existing bug problem as it is (we still need to call an exterminator), no need to leave the dirty dishes out to attract more ya know. Oh...and while you're at it...if they're clean in there, how hard is it to unload the washer? If the dishes are still a little damp, put them in the dish rack on the counter to finish drying....*sheesh*.

After I got the dishes done, I popped a couple Freshetta (sp?) pizzas in the oven for us. While they were cooking I started the laundry (got 3 loads done...just have to fold one of them before bed) and shampooed the last section of the downstairs rug. Thank goodness that's done. Now all I have to do is put that part of the living/diningroom back together, hook up the guests' computer and bail my table off....then it'll be liveable downstairs. WHOOT! I cant wait. When the carpet was done and one load of the laundry made it to the dryer and next into the washer, our pizzas were done. They were ok for frozen pizza. Personally, if Im going to eat frozen pizza, I'd rather have DiGiornno's but neither of us likes the same kind of pizza so we dont bother with the bigger pies (he loves the thin crust all meat pizzas while I like something with a bit more to it...a deep dish is good....meat, double cheese, peppers and mushrooms...yummy).

We got about half of the spare/storage/catchall room taken care of. There really isnt much I can do in there because alot of it's his junque (as opposed to junk which just gets thrown out) and all I'll end up doing is asking "where do you want this?" so I pretty much gave up on that fast. We have a trip to make to the dump again...or the storage rental we have to get rid of these extra boxes. He also told me he wanted to get some more Rubbermaid storage totes for some of that in there. Basically, he gave up on the room already. Although he could very easily take some of it out to the truck NOW and get it loaded up. *peeks behind me* Judging from where he's at (on his puter) I guess he's down for the night. I did manage to get a section of the carpet shampooed in there though and Im just waiting on it to dry so I can put kitty's new potty in there (now that her box is on the second floor, I've changed to those disposable ones as it's easier...wont need to take it down to clean and back up the stairs again). I've also taken the time to get most of the upstairs hallway steam cleaned. I cant do the whole landing because Dharma's potty is out there and a few other items that I have no place for right now. Ah well. Little at a time things are getting done.

I've got my resume all fixed up purdy and I have 20 copies printed up as well as my cover letter. This week I dropped an email via the Payless Shoe Store's website and it's supposedly going to the district manager's email for review. I've also done an online application for JoAnn's Fabric and Crafts. Neither have gotten back to me yet. While we're out later I think I'll have hubby swing by Catherine's so I can drop off this one that I have filled out and ready to go. I've been meaning to walk over this week and do it myself but I never seem to get up in enough time to deal with it. I guess I'd better start setting the alarm and forcing me to get my lazy ass out of bed at a "real" hour (as opposed to the "weird" schedule I normally have...now who was it that called my schedule that again??).

Goodness, Im telling you some people!! Everyone knows not to call me on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (and Thursday this week) because Im not likely to be the most pleasant person to talk to. Why? Because Im busy watching my program and taking notes for my MySpace blog(s) of course. So I get a call an hour to an hour and a half before my show on Wednesday. Ok, I got plenty of time right? It gets to be close to show time and I get quieter and quieter on the phone...a real good hint that I've got my mind elsewhere right now and it's probably a good idea to wrap up what you're saying. Ohhhh no. The caller keeps talking and Talking and TALKING.....(hence the comic sitting on my home page). I finally had to shush them and say..."wait a sec...Bo's talking". That'd be a good hint that maybe you've overstayed your call right? Nope. She didnt stop until after the program was over....a good 2 and a half hours PAST when she called in the first place. *shakes head* If we hadnt been friends for over 30 years I woulda hung up on her. If that wasnt bad enough...she called again not a half hour later to talk more. I'm pretty much talked out at this point. Worse yet...she called again around 11pm. It was a total of 4 and a half hours.....I dont even talk to my mommy that long. I told her if she really wanted to keep up with me she needs to go to my blog and read like almost everyone else does...LOL. Now granted, a good part of the conversation was asking me to come help her out in a few months but that can be summed up in 20 minutes or less. Once I say let me think about it...that's pretty much the end of the conversation. If Im sitting there trying to come up with ideas that are better....well that tells you that I dont think it's possible for me to go. If this had come up a year or so ago, I wouldnt have a problem...I would have just packed to go. But right now, I need to get a job and I cant be having something like that hanging over my head right now. Does that sound cold? I hope not because it's certainly not meant to be that way. The second call was basically to follow up on the first and the third...well it was to let me off the hook because her husband doesnt think it's feasible to do what she wants anyhow (something I'd suggested in the second call...). Man, she's lucky I love her to death!!

Thursday she called again....at least 4 times. I know she called once while I was on the stairs and couldnt get to the phone fast enough. Of course, a message wasnt left. Then she called twice more while I was on the phone with my NYBro (his conversation took only an hour) and I wasnt about to interrupt that call. He only calls once a month and like I'd told her the night before (when someone else was calling in while she had me on the phone...) I dont interrupt my calls. If Im on the phone with you and someone else calls in, I ignore the second call unless it's someone Im expecting (plumber, landlord, parents...whatev). I did call he back after and left her a message "Tag you're it". She called back a few minutes later and the phone hung up after one ring. *Shakes head*. She called again Friday (*sigh*) and we talked another 22 minutes. World record. Mostly it was an apology for being a "nuisance" and to brag about her job. That's fine....let her brag because she deserves it in this case because it was really good news. Then she bragged about her sister (blood) and how well she was doing (thank goodness it's about time). Someone called Saturday night while I was busy *scrolls the caller id* yep...was her again. She only called once and didnt leave a message. I guess it wasnt overly important. *shrugz*

Ohhh sorry about that long whine session. *takes this off that topic*

Later today when I get up from my sleep session, we'll be taking a load of stuff to the storage area. Hubby said if Im not awake yet that he'll go by himself and get me up when he comes home. I'll probably just get up and get ready even if it means only a 5 hour nap for me. Maybe I can get him to take me to IHOPs ( or Denny's for breakfast...that'd be nice). I know he's planning a trip to Walmart too so maybe I better plan on getting up anyhow because I have a couple things I need to pick up.

Monday we've got to get the yard done. The backyard definitely needs a mowing. I think while he's working on that I'll shampoo what I can of the office. It's definitely smelling alot less like pets up here now which is good especially since we havent been here long enough for our own "furbabies" to have left this odor. We also have to get our taxes done on Monday. I told hubby that they need to be done before I find a job because you know they're going to need both of us there for me to sign the paperwork. Tuesday he has a class of some sort to attend but said something about being able to reschedule if need be. Ohh and good news. Hubby's back on days starting in May. Hot dayum.


Toriz said...

I think a lot of people have "weird" sleep schedules lately.

I've got a friend like that, except I'm not as nice and if I want to get off the phone and she's not taking the hint I'll just say, "bye" and hang up. But then, unless you're on a spacific call plan over here calls cost from the start of the call even if they're local. The plan I'm on allows up to an hour of free talk time per call (if you want to talk more, you have to hang up and redial). But, I think I'd probably just hang up when I'd had enough even if that wasn't an issue. LOL! Only person I've never gotten bored of talking to and hung up on is my hubby, actually... Even my Mam has been hung up on if she's keeping on about something and I've had enough of listening. LOL!

Toriz said...

Btw, to avoid confusion... You can talk past the hour without hanging up, it just starts costing after that point. And it's only free for local and national rate calls. International calls aren't counted in the free calls on the plan I'm on.

LadyStyx said...

Gotcha. Basically if ya wanna talk and keep it free you need to hang up and call them back. What a pain in the tush that must be.

Intense Guy said...

I've often wondered what people who are on the phone for hours on end go on and on about... I've walked on the path in Fairmont Park behind someone who was talking when they they went by me at the start and were still talking 2 and 1/2 hours later when I've collapsed. Thats a lot of walking and talking at the same time! :)

You must have ear calluses that match the ones on my feet! [laffing to myself here]

LadyStyx said...

Yep. It's why I stopped wearing earrings!

ChicagoLady said...

Sounds like you're really starting to make some good progress on the rest of the house. I was at WalMart today too! But it wasn't for me, it was for my aunt, she needed a few things.

Want to come and shampoo my carpets when you're all done with yours? LMAO J/K

AliceKay said...

I'm tired just reading your blog. LOL

(i take out my one earring from time to time when a certain person calls....like right now...LMAO)


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