medical update

So Monday I went in for blood work up at the dr's office. Boy, I need to remember never to go in on a Monday again because it's hella busy. I stopped over at the pharmacy counter and put in a request for a refill on one of my medicines. It could have been done online but their way of doing refills is different. With Cigna, I could get my meds at WalMart and WalMart's way of doing refills is sooooo much easier. On their site, it gives the listing of all your meds, their 'script number and how many refills each has left. All I have to do is click the one I need refilled and tell it ok. You can even go to another section on the site and get a listing of which scripts you got for a given time and how much you spent. With KP (Kaiser Permenante), you need to have the 'script number at hand to order online. If I had known this the last time I got refills, I would have made sure to write down all the numbers and put them with my file number. Now the meds that come in the transparent orangish bottles, this isnt a problem with as the number is on the label. However, my nasal sprays dont have this because the label's placed on their cardboard outer cartons. Since I dont travel on a regular basis and usually keep them in a drawer at my bedside, I tend to throw the boxes away....along with the labels ON the boxes. So anyhow, I put in a refill and went to sign in at the lab. Man was the waiting area PACKED! While we were waiting, hubby decided to go over to the counter for the dr's office and see if they could squeeze him in because he hadnt been feeling well for weeks now. They got him right in, which was wonderful. About 20 minutes later, I got called to the lab counter and surprised when the clerk asked me if I was giving blood for a certain test (cant remember the name of it) and I said no...that I was there to have my blood drawn for allergy testing. I was given my number (remember certain things are done DMV style) and several pieces of paper to bring in when my number got called. Within a few minutes I was called in. I let the tech know right up front Im not fond of needles so they need to be as quick but painless as possible and that my skin is sensitive so the band will be leaving a bit more than the usual marks so not to worry and because of my sensitive skin not to use tape on me...pressure would be more than plenty. He warned me there would be a slight pinch but I never really felt it and that it would take a tad longer than usual because the needle he was using was the smallest possible. I said.. "oh, you're using the butterfly...that's why I've hardly felt it" at which point he confirmed that yes he was indeed using that needle. I'll have to remember to be asking for that one because it left hardly a mark on me....and this time they drew 3 vials. If it wasnt for the little bit of blood (which was clotted by the time I got to the door), you wouldnt know that I had bloodwork done. They'll be doing a detailled analysis for the following allergins:

grass, weeds,trees, mold,cockroaches, dust mites (2 different kinds!), cat and dog danders

I went to the pharmacy counter after and got my meds. The tech there looked shocked at the price of the medicine I was picking up ($70). I told her I went in for bloodwork for my allergies so maybe I wont need to fill it again but that it was a good med and well worth the extra dollars to be able to breathe now and again. All this happening and ya know, I was finished before hubby was done with his appointment. When he got out, he had a 'script to fill and bloodwork to do also. Since this was his first appointment with this place, I steered him to the pharmacy counter first...reminding him it'll take time to fill anyhow and that he could be getting his blood done while he waited on the meds. Two months and Im already getting to be a pro here..LOL. I've had 3 blood work ups, 2 appointments and 2 medicine orders in this building so far. I had to remind him to keep his id and card out because that's the first thing they ask for at every counter. He got his bloodwork done and we only had a minimal wait for his meds after that which was good. Now for the good news...the dr is wanting him to quit smoking. It's the first and foremost thing on his paperwork. ~grinz~ The dr also wants us to get rid of the cat. From what hubby told me, he told the dr no way, it wasnt an option. Awww. I had told him after we'd had her for two weeks that if we had to get rid of her it would be fine. Now, 4 yrs later, you're damn right it's not an option. It's not fair to him, me or the cat....not to mention I think Katy would miss her too. He may end up in the same boat as me....may need to get tested for allergy shots. I told him it may end up being the best thing for him.

Monday night I got an email from KP saying my test results were in and that I had a note from Dr N. Dr N??? I know I'd changed that dr a couple weeks back....hmm. Well surprise there were tests results for a CBC in my online file and a note from Dr N that the blood came back good this time. huh? I went in for an allergy workup?? Well the results were good...even my white cells were down where they should be. Well the high side of where they should be but enough in the normal range to count as good. I dropped a note to Dr N asking about the test and how I'd just gone in for my allergies...was this a standing order he had now or what? I got a call on my cell on Tuesday (I didnt get the message until Wednesday because I'd had the phone off) saying that the dr had just issued the tests that morning (Monday) as a follow up for when I saw the next dr. I suspect he'd seen me in the waiting area as he was passing through and decided that it might be prudent to do another check just to be sure. Now mind you, I'd only seen him twice but Im pretty sure that even with all the patients he sees that Im more than likely one of the unforgettable ones. I mean come on, first appointment with him I have a 2 page listing of stuff to look at and the second appointment I can tell him exactly all that's in my medical file and then some....then I proceed to tell him that although Im sure he's good I'd rather have a female dr....kinda hard to forget that. So anyhow, he'd issued the extra test to be certain. Well that explains why I was confused at the lab check in counter.


Toriz said...

Well, I'm glad the blood work was fine.

Hopefully the blood tests for the allergies will give you some answers at last.

LadyStyx said...

Will be nice to get off some of these know what I mean ;)

Toriz said...


Oh, yeah, I know what you mean! That's one of the things I'm looking forward to after my op... No more drops! That removes about 5 items from my prescription each month. I can't wait!

So, I completely understand, and hope they're able to take you off at least most of the meds you're on for allergies. *Hugs*

Intense Guy said...

This doctor doesn't seem to have any personality - or maybe its people skills - but they do seem to care enough to keep tabs on you.

Poor Dharma - she's family now!

Karla said...

All doctors want patients to quit smoking even the ones that smoke themselves tell the patients to quit smoking!!!
Glad they finally found out all your probs...and no doctor in the world could make us give up our "babies"......stupid doctor to even suggest that


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