Strange phone call

I had a bit of a fright yesterday when a freaky call showed up. This afternoon I got a call and so I checked the caller id as per usual. There was a name there that I didnt recognize hooked to a number that I was pretty sure not in our local calling area. I kind of ignored it until later. When I was starting the prior entry, I needed a picture of that one ring and thought I still had it handy in my doc file. While I was looking for it (and no I didnt have it anymore I had to find out what site was selling it and then grab it from there), I came across a couple letters I had written. One was in late 2004 (November) and the other was in early 2005 (January)........

Let me take a brief moment now to catch those not familiar with the Padded Room ramblings up at this point. It's common knowledge among my friends that this is my second marriage. What some may not know is the background on the first. The first time around I was married to the most obnoxious, verbally/mentally/emotionally abusive, manipulative sorry ass excuse of a piece of kahuna sized turd that one could ever imagine. Well...maybe some of you can imagine because you've seen someone as bad or worse. Anyhow, in 2003 I ran. I couldnt handle it one more minute and so I ran. I ran for my sanity and I ran for self-preservation. Up til that point, the only thing good about him was that he'd never raised a hand in anger but once to me. Like I said, up until then. Once I got away and settled, I had to wait 6 months before I could file for divorce. During that time I was convinced by one of my family members to open an email addy for communication with the kahuna turd, so that the divorce could be done amicably. Ok fine. For the first little bit, things were amicable. He told me that he'd moved in with his sister and their family which was a really good step for him. He needed the structure of a family. Later he told me he'd moved out on his own and gotten a new job at a school. This all I confirmed with a few keystrokes on my computer. I saw his bio on the school's website and found his addy in Then things got wonky. He told me that he'd "moved on and found a new love in his life" and to "go ahead and file for divorce and get it over with". I told him that it was going to take a bit to do that because I had a waiting period where I was at and it would be faster if he filed in Pennsylvania because he already had the residency requirements. You think he would? Nope. Said I wanted it so I had to file. During my waiting period, I got no fewer than 3-4 letters from him every damn day. I told him, I really didnt need to know everything that was going on in his life and that one email a day would really suffice. At one point, I gather he'd had a very bad day and decided to take it out on me via email. I wrote him back that the next time he did it I was going to 01) file a complaint with the FCC because what he was doing is highly illegal and is considered harrassment even though it wasnt face to face and 02) I'd close down the email and he'd have no way to talk to me ever again. For the first time ever, I got an apology that actually LOOKED like he meant it.

So when the 6 months passed, I filed....then I sent the paperwork to his job with a delivery confirmation attached to it and instructions on what needed to be done...I even sent a money order to pay for notarization. Several weeks went by and he'd gotten quieter on the emails which was fine by me. So I dropped an email and told him if the paperwork wasnt in my hands and signed I was going to send it by courier and have him served in his classroom. I didnt give a damn if he had to pay the extra to overnight it at this point because I was footing the cost on everything else anyhow. I got the waiver, signed, in a few days. I go to court with the signed waiver, thinking things will just keep rolling when the clerk tells me that they needed the final decree signed as well and not just the waiver....WHAT?? They couldnt at least be helpful and let me know this when I'd been to file paperwork before?? *sigh* So I sent the paperwork to the school again with a letter he needed to sign ALL the papers. The envelope came back....he no longer was working at the school. I decided to play it smart, if he wasnt there then he may have gone to one of three homes to live because things were tight. I packed up 3 envelopes and sent them to all of those places. I sent separate instructions a week prior regarding what I was sending, how it was coming and if he wasnt there if they'd kindly just refuse the package so it came back to me. I was due to make a trip to Pa for my PaSis's wedding September 2005. The day before we left, all 3 managed to show back up...all RTS (return to sender). Needless to say I was really upset. I called my mom and she suggested that I make copies of the paperwork and have it on me, just in case he showed up anywhere I was (which was entirely possible because I was going to be in the town that I had run from). He wasnt there, and I had a peaceful visit. When we got back to Texas, I went to the courts and had a posting put up that I was looking for this man to sign some paperwork (more money out of pocket...this was beginning to suck). A couple days after putting the listing up, I was online with a mutual friend and she let me know the reason why I couldnt find him is because he'd been sent to prison....she just had no clue why. A few keystrokes and having an idea of where to look proved that yes he'd been arrested. Another mutual friend was kind enough to buy the archived article and damned if the bugger had been in prison since July 2004 for 5 counts harrassment and 3 counts stalking with the intent to do harm (said he'd kill them with a knife or gun after raping them). With some help from a friend of mine, I was able to get an addy for him and a prisoner number. I was given the info on who to contact and how to go about things. I left him a letter telling him that he either signed or I went and got the divorce without him, there were other ways around his signature now that he was in prison. The same day I dropped a letter to the DA over his case and introduced myself. The letter was 15 pages long and detailed life with the jerk over the period of 1990-2003. I dropped a message to the lady over the office I was dealing with in the courthouse and let her know that I did indeed manage to find him and that I was sending the papers along to him to sign. I was in contact with that office DAILY for weeks afterwards. Again, on the last possible day...I got the envelope with the divorce decree in it and signed. Unfortunately, there was another envelope with it. I wont go into details with it because I'll eventually be typing the letter in it's entirety in the Padded Room later. Just let's say that the letter was definitely beyond creepy. The critter is definitely psychotic. That day I wrote the DA and sent him a letter expressing my concern and sent along a copy of the letter idiotboy sent me as well as a photocopy of the envelope it was sent in. The handwriting on the envelope...wasnt his. This told me that someone else there had my it had a drawing of a flower on it....he cant draw worth shit. I got an email from the DA's office a few days later. It basically said I had enough to press charges if I care to and what that would entail. It also basically told me that since he did this from behind bars that it would add on to his already existing sentence (his sentence at the time was 7 months to 7 yrs for a first offense). Im thinking that letter and the fact I contacted the DA added onto his sentence and he wont be out until at least 2011. I thought about it for a day or so and wrote the DA back that he should place the stuff in the prisoner's file for review during his future parole hearings....that I was going to court the next day and having things finalized. After then, I wouldnt be family and after what he'd pulled I definitely didnt consider him a friend any longer so it would be illegal according to the rules of the prison for him to contact me. Once the divorce was finalized I filled out envelopes to the DA, the dingbat, the Superintendant of the prison and the mail room clerks. I told them that under code number whatever in that prison that the prisoner should be having no more contact with me. I also sent along copies of the finalized decree and letters that I had sent to everyone else so all were on the same page. In dingbat's letter I told him I'd contacted all of the others and sent him a copy of the email correspondence between me and the DA. I got a letter a couple weeks later from the prison....he'd been brought to the Super's office and officially ordered to never contact me again while behind their walls.

....ok that said...back to the phone call. The caller id name MATCHED the name of the DA over kahuna turd's case. You can pretty much guess exactly how freaked I was. The first thing I did was pull up the prison's site to make absolutely certain they still had him listed there. He was and considering the time difference between when the site had last been updated and the time I was checking, I was fairly certain he wasnt calling from that location. I did, however, suspect it was the DA because it was a Pennsylvania number (thank goodness for and the addy hooked to it was a mere 90 minutes or so from the prison (thank goodness for Mapquest), so I called.....

are you ready for this?

It was someone who pays those that deliver our phone books wanting to be certain that it had indeed arrived on our doorstep a couple weeks back. I told them no and laughed (Ive since found out that it did arrive...hubby had brought it in and forgot to tell me... so I'll have to call later and let them know). The guy's wife (who'd picked up the phone) wanted to know what was funny so I told her why I hadnt picked up in the first place and the only reason why I even called back was because I'd been going through some old files and seen the name in my files. That yes, there was another man in Pennsylvania roughly in their area with the same doggone name that was a DA. She found it strangely funny too. It must have made an awesome share when the husband got home.


Intense Guy said...

Okay - I had to hit the reset button on my brain and let it reboot.

After doing so - I comprehended why my entry about a walk at Graterford near the prison struck a nerve. That was totally unintended and now I don't know if I want walk near there again - better knowing what is behind the concrete walls.

...and all that excitement yesterday over a couple phonebooks! Oh man... I hope the DA didn't have a name like David Johnson or Robert Smith - or you'd never get any peace of mind.

Karla said...

Wowsa! What an interesting coincidence! Just maybe you should call that DA and make sure idiotboys not going up for parole or something..*hugsssssssssssssssss*

LadyStyx said...

Yeah...was pretty odd, Karla. Dont matter if he's up for parole at this point or not. I've moved and he doesnt have this addy, he doesnt know any of my email accounts, doesnt know my phone number (not that he ever had THAT) and wouldnt be able to begin to find me online unless he remembered my LadyStyx nick (as it's pretty much the only way Im found on Google nowadays).

I answered iggy's in email earlier but I'll put what I said in here for the rest to see:
so long as I dont have to deal with another James Edwards in my life....I'll be happy. Strange living in Texas...our neighbor was a Jim...I absolutely refused to have anything to do with him. Hubby explained it to him and let him know that it was nothing personal...well against him at least.

Strange thing about Graterford....that's the one dingbat started at. If I recall it's a maximum security prison. He's since been sent to Coal Township...been there for a few years now. You didnt really know so no foul, no harm.

Deanna said...

Holy Toledo! I'm with Iggy - I had to reset and hit reboot on my brain several times. I cannot imagine living in fear of another person. That just ain't right! I hope they keep dingbat for as long as possible.

ChicagoLady said...

Some of what I read I knew, some I didn't. Again, I'm so proud of you for making the decision to get away from him when you did. Quite a strange coincidence with the names though.

Toriz said...

A very strange coincidence indeed!

I do read the padded room, I just don't tend to leave comments in there. I'm glad you were able to summon up the courage to get away from him.

AliceKay said...

I'm with Karla....wowsa!! You've been thru a lot, Styxie. *hugs*

(i finally took the time and had the peace of mind to catch up on your blogs...been trying since Saturday...sorry bout that)

bsitar said...

hey! omg, you probably dont even remmeber me! i came across your page here and started reading it and knew it had to be you.its beth.. beth sitar. im so happy to see your doing good, i havnt spooken to or seen you in years. please get back to me. i wanna talk, its been a while.

LadyStyx said...


*HUGZ* Bethy! I have to admit...I remembered the last name before I remembered the first name and it took me nearly an hour to figure it out (thank you Google and the fact you have a MySpace account).
Yes...I'd love to talk to you if you like. If you like, Im in Myspace as well under this same nick ( you can go ahead and add long as it's not going to cause any problems with the family. Im not entirely certain how they feel about me right about now. *HUGZ* so good to see you again.


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