they've corrupted even the little ones

Rose is Rose comic strip for Sunday September 14th:
A squirrel is looking in as Pasquale and his neighbor's baby Mimi are playing with orange and blue Play-Doh

Pasquale: Which Play-Doh color would you like to start with, Mimi?
Mimi: Dat wun! (points to one of the cans)
Pasquale: Shall we make the same thing as last time?
Mimi nods

Squirrel 1 (thinking): Just as I suspected! I've got to warn the others! (jumps down off the window sill)
Squirrel 1 (to Squirrels 2 & 3 who are seated on the ground): Up there! (points up to the window) You won't believe your eyes!

In the last frame you see Pasquale sitting on the floor with 5 orange squirrels with blue noses and several empty Play-Doh cans scattered around). Mimi is standing nearby with a huge grin on her face looking extremely happy (rainbow, hearts, candycane, beach ball and a music note around her head indicating how happy she is). Three squirrels are on the window sill, peeking in from outside.

Pasquale: We could try making something else.
Mimi: Morr Skwurls!

Squirrel 1: It finally happened!
Squirrel 2: They've outsourced squirrel production!
Squirrel 3: The blue noses are kind of cute!


Intense Guy said...

LOL - If I could only get a picture of one of those out-sourced squirrels - I'd be on the cover of Life magazine and maybe win me a Pulitzer Prize!

ChicagoLady said...

LMAO @ outsourced squirrel production! I wonder what Charlie would think if I put out a couple of those play doh squirrels for him?

Karla said...

LOL! Funny I didn't get to read the comics yesterday :-(

Deanna said...

*Lafz* Gotta luv all thingss squirrel - even outsourcing

Toriz said...



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