a new game !

As I was reading in the blogs the other day, I came across one in babyrocasmama's site. According to her entry, A New Feature Here At The Asylum , she is going to be hosting a Wordle Wednesday. In her post she suggested using another program to save the Wordle once you've created it, but I found that my screen cap and paint programs did just fine with it. Anyhow this is what ya do:

01) Go to Wordle.net to create your Wordle. It's lots of fun. You can tweak the colors, fonts and such. If you really want to customize your Wordle for your site you can use this color code chart .

02) Post it on your blog with a link to Shan's Wordle Wednesdays or Last Shreds Of Sanity.

03) Once that's done, go back to Last Shreds Of Sanity and sign the Mr Linky that she'll have up (this will help direct those who play along to your blog...we're talking new peeps reading and maybe new followers for everyone....).

Dont forget to leave a comment on the sites you visit!!

Ok, that said I have 10 blogs on this account....no I dont plan on doing a Wordle for each one every single week, but I do plan on rotating through the 3 main ones that I write on just to keep things interesting. This week's Wordle comes from Like the Phoenix, I have arisen from the ashes , or what you've probably seen me refer to as "The Padded Room". The Wordle was created using the last entry that's posted.

Oh...and the little WW graphic was made using the Wordle site. I figured it was appropriate.


Jan n Jer said...

interesting graphic, everytime you look at it you see something different. I will have to check this out.

Deanna said...

That's pretty cool. I think I'm going to pass on this one, though. I'm doing good to just leave comments ;)

Karla said...

I'm with Punk'n about passing on this one. I myself am not computer smart enough to do that!!! I can't even figure out how to do graphics on blogger LOL

Shan G said...

Thank you, Ladystyx! =) I was getting worried that no one was participating after all the work I had done! And Mr. Linky was getting lonely with only ONE link-up!

Anonymous said...

Wordles are fun!

Queenie Jeannie said...

This is so cool!!! I can't get mine to work except for really really small.

Today's contest will go till tomorrow morning so you can still play!

Grand Pooba said...

I've heard of wordle but I've never tried it out! Very cool.

Anonymous said...

I've never made one but they look so cool!


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