Day 6

Day 6: A Song that reminds you of somewhere.

This one reminds me of home. Some of you may remember me saying how much I missed home, particularly around Christmas time because the family would turn on the music and decorate or make goodies (fudge and cookies) while singing. Ok, so it was mostly my mom and I because the guys were pretty much tone deaf. From 3rd grade all the way to my senior year of high school, with the exception of one year, I was in the choir. I wasn't (and still am not) particularly good, but I love to sing. Hey, the saying is "Make a joyful noise". It never said anything about it being pleasant sounding! While I was younger, mom and I would just sing the same part. As I got older and was learning to sing harmony to other voices, we started taking different parts. She usually took lead while I took the harmony. The only exception is this song, because my register is lower and I have an easier time hitting all the notes. Actually, I still have this song memorized. Then again, any song I liked enough to learn I more than likely still know the words to. This is going to make one of the upcoming days a pain trying to decide which song to share!

How about you? What song reminds you of a certain place?


Intense Guy said...

I'm going to with Allentown by Billy Joel (who also wrote New York State of Mind).

"Well we're living here in Allentown
And they're closing all the factories down
Out in Bethlehem they're killing time
Filling out forms
Standing in line
Well our fathers fought the Second World War
Spent their weekends on the Jersey Shore..."

Allentown is just up the road from me, and I've spent many weekend down the (New) Jersey shore.

Intense Guy said...

P.s., I once had a crush on Michelle Phillips and enjoyed watching her sing in "California Dreamin'". I wasn't the only one, I guess... she has been married something like five times.

Lots of show biz talent in that hugely dysfunctional family... Mackenzie Phillips (One Day at a Time TV show), Chynna Phillips and Bijou Phillips...

Toriz said...

I absolutely love that song! I'd never heard it before, but I now love it! Gotta get me an mp3 of that one!

Anyway, I'm going with...

Paul Child - Made in Wales

It's meant to make you think of wWales, really, and it does. Where ever I am when I hear this one I can immediately picture the mountains I've lived in the shadow of on and off my whole life... The Black Mountains of South Wales.

Deanna said...

I'll have to go with "Light My Fire" by The Doors because it reminds me of the dances after we would have after every home football game. The band would launch into that song and the strobe lights would flash as we danced. It is a very fond memory.

ChicagoLady said...

I'm not familiar with that song by TM&TP.

I would have to say one song that reminds me of a place:

"Iowa Stubborn" from The Music Man. I've sung so many songs from that musical over the years, but that one in particular calls me home every time.


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