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It's been so damn cold here this last week!! Just to show you how cold it's been (in my opinion at least) I have resorted to the following:
01) Wearing long sleeved shirts daily. Inside as well as out and about (as opposed to the normal tee and muscle shirts I normally like to wear).
02) Socks and/or slippers are a must in the house (man I miss being barefoot already)
03) Wearing pajama bottoms (lounger pants) indoors underneath my night gowns

In essence, one could "pop over" at any time of the day and I'd be reasonably dressed. Yeah...you saw that right. The heavy woman that is a closet streaker has gotten so damn cold that she doesnt fuss about making sure she's clothed. I'll pause a moment while Karla and the rest of my close friends pick their jaws up off the floor, wipe their monitors clean of whatever fluid they were drinking/ spewing, and in general pick themselves up off of the floor.


Ok. All set? Good.

Monday was hubby's first day at work and he seems to like it so far. He actually will come home and talk about his day and let me know what went on as opposed to just clamming up and crawling into one of his online games. It kinda helps that we're just on the laptop right now and it wont play some of those types of games. Tuesday was a little rougher as he really didnt wanna get out of bed (he didnt want to this morning either) but I dont think it was because he didnt like the job, just the fact he was "so comfy next to his baby". Ok, so...Im huggably soft. Big deal.

I was awake early on Monday...around 7-730am or so. Not because I really wanted to be but because we'd gotten an email a few days prior saying that the maid service would be in bi-weekly and we should expect them on Monday the 21st. Hmm. It's not as though we really need a maid service to be honest. It's just the two of us and we dont make much of a mess with the exception of the kitchen. *shrugs* Oh well it's hubby's company paying for it. Of course they never said when to expect them in, just that it started on the 21st and would be bi-weekly. Ok...so I got up and, leaning on what my TxSis said about her experience with a maid service, I cleared most of the surfaces off so they could be wiped and stripped the bed so the sheets could be washed and things would be made up fresh. I got 4 loads of laundry done (I usually have only 3 including the sheets but with us each wearing more clothes to stay warm...), a load of dishes and everything semi-neatened. Then I got online for my usual writing and reading spree (I wrote 2 entries that day....did you read them both?). The day wore on and no one showed up. By the time hubby came home I was getting a little pissy about the situation. Hubby dropped a note to the people dealing with the corporate housing account to let them know.

Tuesday I was awake by 530am when the alarm went off and out of bed by the time hubby was out the door. Again I waited all day for these people. By noon hubby called to ask if they'd shown and I told him no. I was given permission to get into his email account to see if they wrote back regarding the issue. Yes they had and they'd said the maids would be put on the schedule that day (email was received 1123am). I took it to mean they'd be there later in the afternoon. I spent the afternoon on the computer but I wasnt doing the usual stuff. I'd had some bad news (as detailed in the previous entry) and was trying to get more info on it. While I was waiting on that info I was checking some other sites out and researching a couple of the apartment complexes in the area. There's a couple I think we'll be going to see once hubby can get a day off. The good thing is one of them has Sunday hours. Gotta love that. Both complexes are in the same area and nearby to plenty of retail businesses (a strip mall AND a larger mall down the road) so job hunting shouldnt be so bad. The one complex is known to take people that dont have really good credit too which is beneficial for us. I looked up their rating on the site I mentioned in that one entry and they rate ok (55% as opposed to the 30% and less we've seen in other places). I think it may be do-able so Im crossing my fingers.

I ended up having a ragin headache by the late afternoon. It felt like a familiar one but I simply couldnt put my finger on the cause of it. It wasnt located in my neck and shoulders so it wasnt stress and it didnt feel like my sinuses. It got so bad I ended up pulling out a spare blanket and curling up on the sofa for a while. When hubby called, I got up and tossed the meatloaf we were having for dinner in the oven then toddled into the shower. While in there I figured it out. As the warm water was pouring over my head I remembered the first winter in the trailor in Kirkville while married to the first guy....or bedroom was so small that there was bearly enough room for the double bed in the room. Top things all off it would only fit in the one way...with the head or the foot right under the window. The trailor had piss poor (if any) insulation and the storm windows didnt do much to seal off the drafts. We ended up with a cold draft on our heads as we slept at night. I remember having bad headaches the first week of cold weather...which didnt stop happening until I took to wearing a toboggan hat to bed. Once I got my head warmed up and a bellyful of food...the headache pretty much left. The balance of it disappeared with a good night's sleep.

Yesterday was the San Diego auditions for American Idol. Two nights in a row (Dallas was the last one) I have felt...well underwhelmed. Im not going to go into it here. Those of you that follow my rants on that topic know to travel into my MySpace page to view those. Yes, Im writing on them again this year...assuming I end up with a job that'll give me Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights off ;). Worse case I'll have hubby tape it and I'll need to watch later. Better yet maybe I'll play hookie for the next 5 months....LOL. I need to figure out a better way to write those up as they took for-friggin-ever to write last year and Im not so sure Im up for all that work this year. While I was watching my addiction, hubby dropped another note to the people in charge of the corporate housing and let them know the maids were a no show AGAIN and that the wife was getting pissed.

Today I got up with the alarm again and had to practically shove hubby outta bed. I love the fact he loves me but dammit dont be late the first week at this job!!! I got him shoved out the door and crawled back into bed. Dammit I ended up wide awake shortly before 9am. I dont do well in the am and here I havent been able to sleep to my normal hours. It might be because I crawled into bed before 11pm and was well asleep before midnight that's doing it. I've spent most of the day at the computer yet again. Maybe I need to find a job where Im typing all day or doing computer work (at home would be nicer still). Evidentally it's what makes me happy. I had basically resigned that the maids wouldnt be coming in this week (especially since we'd told the corporate to send them next Monday instead)and hadnt done much to pick up or clear things off when lo and behold a minivan pulls in and the maid service showed up. *shakes head* Good thing I've taken to wearing those lounger pants eh? I think iggy would like the ones I have on today.


Intense Guy said...

Thatzssssss Earl an' Moochie!

Being cold isn't any fun. Just got to cover bare skin since the heat is going to jump from it right to the cold walls and windows.

LadyStyx said...

So I take it you like em then? I love the text on it. It simply says "Believe".

ChicagoLady said...

Yesh, that is Earl and Moochie.

And better late than never for the maid service, right?

You never mentioned if you talked to them while they were there or what happened...

Toriz said...

Yeah, being cold sucks. I bet you'll get used to it after a few months though. :)

Well, at least the maid service FINALLY showed up. Hope they were nice and not the kind of people who make you feel like you're in the way in your own home.

AliceKay said...

How are you liking the cold now, Styxie? Do you still have snow?

Btw, I didn't know who Earl and Moochie was. I guess I don't visit the link in Iggy's blog much, do I? (ooops)

LadyStyx said...

Chicago: Yes better late than never. We got along just fine. They mentioned that the order was for bi-weekly and I simply asked them what day I should expect them. I told them I had been told Monday and had been up early waitin all day and then promised Tues (again up all day waiting). They've said they'll see about getting it done on Mondays. I was also told that they dont generally start work before 9-930am and getting up early wasnt necessary.

Tori: With all this additional insulation on my body I shouldnt be cold period. Ah well. Yes the maids were nice and I didnt feel like I was underfoot. Then again I simply sat my ass down on the sofa and stayed out of the way anyhow.

Alice:We still have a little bit of snow on the ground and it's not as cold as it was a couple days ago. Yesterday was nicer than today though. Earl and Moochie are out of the Mutts comic. It's one of about 100 comics I read daily..oO(no wonder it takes me hours to get thru my emails, blogs, comics n schtuff)http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/fun/mutts.asp

Toriz said...

True, but if you're not used to the cold you're gonna feel it even through loads of layers. Plus - as Kelly says when I laugh at him for moaning about the cold when he comes from Canada - it's a different kind of cold. Different places have different climates and there are different kinds of "cold". The kind that you don't notice as long as you have long sleeves and have something on your legs, and the kind that penetrates you even through loads of layers of clothing. And some in between. So, just because you're wearing lots of clothes doesn't mean you wont feel the cold.

Intense Guy said...

Thanks for the link to the funny pages Styxie. I go to http://muttscomics.com/art/dailyarchive.asp and Yahoo to get my comics but your link has a couple more that I enjoy!

I only ever got a paper newspaper for the comics and now that I get them on-line, I am saving the trees by not buying newspapers anymore.

LadyStyx said...

YEW!! Same here iggy. Now I read all that I want daily on my computer. The ones that are just Mon-Fri or Sat get marked (wkly) and the ones that are Sunday only are marked (Sun). That way I know which ones to skip on certain days. There are several comic sites out there if you'd like the links.

Tori: You're right, different colds feel differently. Humdity has alot to do with it as well. I hear you on the clothes issue. In Texas, one could get away with long sleeves n such to keep the cold away. Not so much the case here in Virginia because their humidity is different (closer to the mountians here as opposed to Dallas where we were closer to the desert climate).

Karla said...

You are COLD? Dayummmmmmmm!!!!!!! *faints*....You are the one that wanted snow girlfriend LOL...You'll get use to it again. Being in Texas for so many years spoiled you to warmth (even though the winters get cold!!..not as cold as up there though) Hope you are doing okay...

LadyStyx said...

As I commented in another entry...I asked for snow...not necessarily the cold. I love watching it come down and blanket the ground with it's soft fluffiness. However, that's where the love ends. I like cool, not cold and definitely dont enjoy being out in it (walking the dog, shovelling whatever, etc) especially in a car with the other maniacs out there that cant drive in it. As Tori pointed, this is a different cold than I've been used to. 6 yrs in Louisiana and 4 yrs in Texas ...yeah I'd say I've had it easy lately. Just means I gotta wear more clothes...or look like a 300 pound smurf...


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