I am so happy

The day my first banner went up in a chatsite, I was proud.
The day my first banner for another streamer went up in the same chat site, I was proud.
The day several of my banners for several others went up in a chatsite (much to the chagrin of the site owner), I was prouder still.
The day the site owner got pissed because my banners were "everywhere" on that site, I was proud.
The day my banners went up in 2 OTHER chatsites thereby proving that one manager right, I didnt think I could get prouder.
The day my first decor went up in my own Blogger and MySpace accounts, I was very proud.
The day my decor went up in other people's Bloggers and MySpaces, I was extremely proud.
Up until then, I didnt think I could get much prouder...honestly.
Then today came.
It started as a joke, honestly. Then my friend said he'd printed up the little banner I made for him and I was glad that I made him happy.
I thought he was joking when he said he was going to print a bunch up in color.
Then I checked his blog just a few moments ago and ya know, this has got to be my proudest moment yet (click the link and scroll to the second picture). Thanks iggy. http://intenseguy.blogspot.com/2008/02/bottles-in-tree.html


Intense Guy said...


I had a good laugh putting the sticker on my car, so its me thanking you!

And you know, there are only a few people that make chat room banners and even fewer are talented. You are one of the select few.

AliceKay said...


LadyStyx said...

Awwww thanks you two!!!


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