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There are a few movies that make me a touch shiny-eyed. A few were even mentioned as answers that ya'll gave in the comments. Along with Pay it Forward (which managed to squeeze a tear out towards the end), the following that made it in your comments made it into my misty-eyed list as well:

Braveheart : at the end, when you know he's dying and his love's ghost shows up...waiting for him.

City of Angels: Just after the angel clips his wings, becomes mortal to be with this woman to just have her die the day after of a horrible accident.

I didnt count the number of times I've had tears because I was laughing too hard because they're too numerous to count. Liar Liar was one for sure.

The two I had alluded to in my entry were Save the Last Dance and Bruce Almighty. Oh sure, Bruce Almighty had plenty of tears similar to Liar Liar. That's to be expected with Jim Carrey, well....for those that enjoy Jim Carrey's type of comedy. However, Bruce Almighty also made me produce tears for another reason.

I'd just left Pennsylvania and had been on the run for about 5 weeks by the time Bruce Almighty was hitting the movie screens. My nerves were still raw from the abuse I'd gone through for more than a decade. Bruce Almighty was actually our second movie date (the first being the second XMen...which we ended up going to twice!) and we figured a nice comedy would be in order to keep things light. Although I didnt say anything to him, the arguing in the one scene really got to me and top things all off the tension of the frustration the characters were going through with their communication problems was a bit much for me to handle at that particular time. Needless to say, silent tears flowed for several minutes while watching. That specific scene is actually still a tad rough to watch.

Save the Last Dance is one I watched with my dad while I was out visiting during that same trip (my parents place was after my brother's house and before Dallas). I was fine for a good part of the movie, until the scene where the two leads kiss. You'd think I'd have tears of happiness because of all the difficulty the characters were facing and they worked beyond what others thought of their relationship (inter-racial relationships and how they affect the feelings of those around them), but no...not me. I ended up with tears of sorrow pouring down my face during that scene. The hurt I'd been carrying around for years, the desire to be wanted...needed...just like what I was seeing on the screen was enough to stir those tears up. The movie doesnt really produce that effect on me anymore because I have a man who loves/wants/needs me more than I ever had before.

While I was in reading the 12 or 13 blogs I check daily, I found a game in whimsical’s entry for the day. The object is to pick 6 unspectacular things about yourself, list them and then tag 6 others. I usually don't deal with this type of game to be honest, but I did promise I'd put an answer in here. Mostly because it was intriguing enough to warrant answering and partly because my answer would have been too long to stick in her comment section. So here it is, 6 unspectular things about me. If you wanna play along feel free. Im like whimsical and wont be tagging anyone.

01) I eat my pizza backwards....unless it's a stuffed crust, then I eat it the normal way. Top things all off, many times I'll remove the topping and eat it last. Why? Because the crust is dry and I dont like a dry crust.

02) I love puzzles. Im particularly fond of Logic puzzles and Sudukos right now. Of all the ones I enjoy, those two really give the ole grey matter a good stretch.

03) I always have to have something on here at home. Sometimes it's the tv and sometimes it's music, anything that makes noise. To have no background noise makes me feel extremely lonely. Even when Im curled up with a book....the tv's going or at least something instrumental like Chopin or Yanni playing in the background.

04) I still do many things the way I learned growing up right down to hanging the toilet paper so the loose end goes OVER the roll (ya aint the only one whimsical!) to folding clothes. This makes things difficult in retail situations when their way of folding items doesnt match up with mine. From what I hear, my brother's the same way....

05) I absolutely must sleep on the side of the bed closest to the bathroom. The only thing that trumps that is the location of the A.C. as I simply cannot sleep close to that at all. If the bathroom and the A.C. are on the same side of the room, I'll sleep on the opposite side of the bed.

06) I still keep up with my baby book. They dont make them like they used to so Im thinking of scanning the pages and removing my data so I can enter the child's info when and if it decides to come along.

Ok...anyone that wants to play along, put your answers below or feel free to start the game up in your own blogspot.


Intense Guy said...

The object is to pick 6 unspectacular things about yourself - Okay here goes... Although I probably could do at least 60 of 'em...

1) I'm not particularly tall, dark or handsome. I'm don't have 6-pack abs nor can I lift 500 pounds from the floor over my head.

2) I don't usually get poison ivy. I don't go and roll in the stuff - but when I've walked through it with someone - the other person breaks out in a gooey rash and I might just have reddened skin for a couple hours.

3) I can't do much of anything on a regular basis. I might have a schedule and really hate being late, but if its a regular thing, its not happening here - from tooth brushing to taking my pills at a specific time. Nope. Can't do it.

4) My love life. I'll say no more.

5) Squirrel picture taking - I can do trees, sunsets, ocean waves, light houses, deer, flowers, and a lot of other things. I can't take a good squirrel picture for anything.

6) My memory for certain types of things - like phone numbers and people's names is nearly non-existent. I can't remember a phone number long enough to read it from a phone book to dial it. I had a neighbor I said "Hi" to every day for 10 years and didn't know his name.

ChicagoLady said...

I had forgotten about Bruce Almighty. That actually does make me cry. When he realizes why he can't get force her to love him, and finally understands the powers and limitations of being God, his desperation in the street when he realizes he doesn't want to live without her...just brings me to tears every time.

Hmmmm, six unspectacular things about me:

1) My hair's a very ordinary shade of brown.

2) I'm slow in the shower. It's a very rare occasion when I can get in and out of the shower in under 10 minutes.

3) I hate doing housework. From vacuuming to dusting to mopping to dishes, I hate doing them all.

4) My sense of style. I know what colors go together, and generally wear clothes that fit me, but I've never been one to wear the latest styles of clothes.

5) My feet are very unspectacular. I don't paint my nails, I keep them neatly trimmed, but I would never call them "pretty."

6) When I'm reading a book, I can't have any noise in the background. No tv, no talking, no music, it's all too distracting and I can't focus on what I'm reading.

MARZ said...

dont feel bad - i cried during the simpsons movie!

i do the same thing with my pizza. i eat it backwards unless it's stuffed crust. I don't know why.

Liar Liar is awesome. All must bow to it.

Toriz said...

I wont post my answers for the game thing here since, as you already know, I've done it on my blog. Interesting answers though. :)

Karla said...

wow I think I missed one of your blogs! Sorry! Too many movies make me cry...Tears of the Sun, The Bucket List, too many! and as for unspectacular things about me...well me! lol my looks are plain jane, I'm meticulous to the point of bitching when someone does it wrong, and just my life in general!

LadyStyx said...

Iggy: Im the same way. Im sure I could come up with scads of really unspectacular and sometimes downright quirky things about me too. Especially when it comes to food items (Im really picky). As for #1, tall, dark, handsome with 6pack abs is the thing of dreams for normal gals....but most of us enjoy average, normal, tenderhearted guys even more.

Chicago: Amen on Bruce Almighty.
We're pretty much the same 1-5 which is why I thank God for Redkin and Clairol for number 1!

MARZ: Welcome to my blog. Please feel free to visit again and explore the other sections of my blogspot.

Tori: Yep, caught 'em last night. Kinda figured as I was writing mine that you more than likely had done the same over in your blog.

Karla: You may want to add a couple of the gadgets that some of us have added. Then you'd know when there is a new entry up on someone's blogspot ;)

Deanna said...

1. When I am reading a book, I notice nothing else. The house could fall down around me and I probably wouldn't notice.

2. I DESPISE shopping! Always have, always will.

3. My favorite thing to do is sit on the porch at night and pluck on my mandolin.

4. I have caller ID on my phone and use it regularly to screen calls because too many people want a piece of me.

5. I begin projects and don't finish them.

6. I don't like keeping to schedules of any kind.


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