Catchin Up part2: Smiles via snailmail

So on the 10th of April, some smiles showed up on my doorstep. I was expecting them, but the timing was just wonderful because I really needed something to smile about. I can't believe how much came with this one.

The box showed up at my doorstep wrapped in a white paper that was lovingly hand decorated in green polka-dots. That big white section in the middle is where my addy had been printed in the same color as the dots. My husband just looked at me when he noticed the package had come from England and wasn't addressed with Tori's address nor was it addressed with another friend's addy. It was from someone I talk to regularly he doesn't know yet, my good friend Marmie. ~smiles~

So, like a kid at Christmas, I rip into the wrapping. I had to laugh because my behavior was well justified with Marmie's creative use of Christmas wrap. Oh and look how she went green and recycled an icecream shipping box! Two thumbs up for that.

When I got the box open, I saw that it was absolutely LOADED with goodies. As I didn't recognize many of the brands that were facing up, I knew I was going to be in for a treat.

Can you believe all the stuff she packed in there? Once I got the box unloaded, I just KNEW my eating modification was going to be in severe jeopardy (seriously, it went to hell)... especially with all the chocolate goods (and me, with no friggin self-control!). She even tossed in a couple of small samples of marmite items. It wouldnt be a care package from her without them ya know! Sadly, the chocolates lasted less than a week. I decided I liked the Cadbury items the best. Even the ones with the fruit flavors to them, which is rather odd because the only fruit I even tolerate with chocolate is raisins. I've put the hot cocoa mix to the side for when the weather gets cold again. The crisps, umm I don't have the guts to try to be honest, especially with some of the names on them (see picture below). I also am way too spineless to try the marmite. Sorry , darling. However, all is not lost. Hubby has agreed to be the guinea pig for those items. It'll just be a matter of time before he gets around them. The Turkish Delight was definitely a unique experience. The jelly within was pink and smelled much like flowers. I think that'll definitely be a once in a lifetime thing (now unless I can find it with a lemony center, then I may just give it another try). Now that one with the hazelnut creme filling (the one labeled Bueno)....ohhh now THAT'S another story. Yummy.

Walkers Cajun Squirrel flavored crisps When I saw this bag of crisps, I thought of Chicagolady, iggy and punkn immediately. I dont have the heart to open them.
Thank you so very much for the scrummies, the sweet note and the lucky English penny, Marmie...and yes, I ended up stuffing myself daft with the chocolates. My poor figure and complexion! It was well worth it though!!


AliceKay said...

Awesome gift. :)

Intense Guy said...

Cajun Squirrel Crisps huh? I can't even begin to image what those taste like - except peppery.

:) Thats a magnificant prize you won - Marmite Toasty has great taste when it comes to "scrummies" and decorating her packages!

I'm really glad that they puts some smiles on some faces!

Deanna said...

LOL Cajun Squirrel. It all looks scrumpdililicious1 You are so lucky to have won that giveaway.

I can't wait to hear the report on the things you didn't eat.

Keep smiling!!!!!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh you've GOT to try the cajun squirrel crisps! I hear they are divine!

Ok, so not really, but look at all that stuff! I love getting good mail like that!

Kati said...

*ROFL* those are great!!! I don't know that I'd have the heart to try the chips (well, maybe the Onion Bhaji). Marmite..... I don't even know that I know what Marmite is. *chuckle* Let us know what your hubby says about the flavors!!!! *grin*

Hope you had a GREAT weekend, LadyS, and I hope the coming week is FANTASTIC!

ChicagoLady said...

I would think the Cajun Squirrel Chips would be sort of nutty flavored, it will be interesting to hear once you or hubby are brave enough to try them.

What a nice care package from Marmie!

Toriz said...

I don't like turkish delight either. If anyone gives me any I give it to my Mam. It smells pretty, but... *Pulls a face*

Squirrel crisps? Hmm... I've not seen those. Not sure if I'd be eager to try those until someone else has. Although, I would be interested to know what they taste like.

Glad you had fun with Toasty's package, and that it arrived just right to put a smile on your face. :)

Anonymous said...

WHOA! Lucky!!!

Wendyburd1 said...

You are so lucky!!

MarmiteToasty said...

You my dear friend are most welcome.......

the marmite should be spread thinly (for a doodle) on soldiers and dunked in a runny boiled egg LMFAO....

Glad you enjoyed the little parcel..... not the inside out crimbo wrapping paper cos I ran out of brown wrap lol.... and I ALWAYS recycle boxes for parcels.... :)



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