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I figured I'd better put these in here as Im not sure how many actually go back to see if I've commented back or not. Besides my response is pretty much long enough to warrant its own entry at this point...

Thanks Chicago, Iggy, Punkn, Karla and Alice. I knew of all of my readers, you 5 would understand the most. Simply because you've seen me go through this before and know how long I've been trying (and not just with this husband...).
Tori: Me too. If I could only get him to go get his first. I don't think he's done much more than pick up the supplies needed (paperwork and specimen containers). Now I think of it, I dont see those anywhere and he aint mentioned going and doing the test. *sigh* I'd better out and out ask him.

Melissa: Thanks! Glad they're making someone happy. They make me miserable to the most part because they're EVERYWHERE around here and they aggravate my existing allergies. Snapped that shot myself a few weeks back.

Marmie: You'd think that but the chocolates (thank you again!) came after the unofficial weigh in and Im terrified of getting on the scales now because I did as you suggested (naughty naughty) and stuffed myself daft with most of the contents of the box. I dont dare try to pull those trousers on at this point, although I sure hope they still fit.
Wendy: The longer I follow your blog, the more I realize that. I don't know how you manage it with the ocd (or is it CDO? ~smilez~), I know I wouldn't be able to.

Thanks Bee and Rose & Janis. I've got a wonderful support system here. There are people I've known for several years and some not so long...others that are prayer warriors and some that just light candles and send good thoughts. I know Im loved here.

babyrocasmama: The only thing they've tried so far is Glucophage to attempt to get the body to regulate. Im not sure when you joined here so if I repeat myself forgive me. Between the dr and myself (mostly me bitching about how the drug made me feel) we decided to pull me off the medicine because my body didnt handle it well. Both ob/gyns I've been to (the one in Texas before we moved and this one here) have pretty much agreed that all testing must be done first, then the meds because there's no sense in putting me on a drug if my body isnt going to cooperate, ya know. Worse yet, no sense putting me on a drug if the husband's body wont cooperate. If his swimmers are fine AND the nasty painful test they want to do on me come back fine, then I'll be put on drugs to facilitate matters.


Toriz said...

When it was us going through all the tests I ended up getting what he needed and pretty much had to make him do the tests. He wanted to do them because he wants a baby too. But he was still reluctant to actually go through it. I can kinda understand. But - as I pointed out - it's worse for the woman. The man gets to do his in privacy, and they should consider themselves lucky.

Anonymous said...

Oh hon, I'm sorry you are going through this process. It just sucks.

Melissa B. said...

Yeah, I was sneezing up a storm yesterday, and the blossoms are just about off the trees by now. Why is it that such beautiful creations can cause such irritating reactions? PS: Please make sure to come over & Share the Caption Love for Sx3 today!

Deanna said...

Just hugsssss. I have known ya a long time, haven't I?..... *grinz*

More hugz

ChicagoLady said...



Intense Guy said...

Some of a guy's inner pillars are based on having swimmers that swim good... so I guess having them checked out could open a window into undermining far more than you might expect (not that its "sensible" but we animals don't always "think" before we "feel") and that might be why ... the delay / inaction on the "guy" side.

Durn, I'm out of pennies again. Start up a new tab?

LadyStyx said...

Understood there iggy. However, being in a committed pairing, wouldnt you rather find these things out? Or would you rather have a mate that's miserable and stressed because she thinks it's entirely her fault? I'd think you'd want to know there's a reason why there hasnt been any kids. I think finding that there's a reason for it should trump going around not being able to and wondering why.


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