Day 10

Day 10: A song that makes you fall asleep

When I'm trying to relax enough to get to sleep, I can't listen to anything with lyrics in it because I sit there and try to sing along. All I can listen to is an instrumental number. The softer the better. Usually I opt for acoustic guitar or piano music. The first one that comes to mind is this next selection because when we were living in Texas and shortly after we'd moved into the house, hubby started working nights. I was fine staying in the house by myself.... until it was time to crawl into bed. At the time I had a hard time getting to sleep when I was alone in the house, mostly because I wasn't used to sleeping by myself (although I do sleep better, I just can't get TO sleep alone) and my ears ring (worse now then they did then) so I need something making noise as I'm trying to drift off otherwise I end up with a vicious headache.  Solution? Grab my cd player and put in some Yanni. I'd crawl into bed, put the earbuds into my ears and turn the music on really softly, enough where I could just hear it, and let the cd run. By the time hubby got home, the cd finished and shut off. The trick at that point was getting the earbuds out and the cd player moved without disturbing me.


Intense Guy said...

That's a pretty piece.

Just between you and me, my niece was playing some arcane classical piece no one has ever heard of during her last Orchestra concert and her Uncle (me) fell asleep within a couple bars of the beginning.

To be honest - I can't remember the name of it nor its faceless composer.

Tough being a "loving uncle" sometimes. :)

Toriz said...

That's a beautiful piece!

There's no guarantee that any kind of music will send me to sleep, but things like that are most likely to work. Also, nature sounds (like dolphins, whales, and that kind of thing).

I did fall asleep listening to "Jim Brickman - Little Stars" a few times lately though, so I guess I'll go with that one.

(And, should probably thank AliceKay for the sleep it gave me, since I got it from her).

Deanna said...

Yanni is great. George Winston relaxes me, so I'd say any of his music. We saw him in concert once and he always comes out onto the stage barefoot.

ChicagoLady said...

Typically most any classical music will put me to sleep, whether I want to or not. I have on occasion used instrumental music to help me fall asleep when I need it to relax me and drown out neighbors at the same time. I listen to guitar, piano, sax, and even a cd of native american music for those purposes.

The Yanni piece you picked is very pretty and pleasantly relaxing.


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