Day 26

Day 26: A song you can play on an instrument

I haven't played an instrument in forever, not that I was any good at it anyhow. However, when I was younger we had a Casio at home and one of my favorites to play (and I could almost play it by memory) was Sentimental Journey.

When I was in 6th grade, my mom actually sent me in for lessons. Never could pick it up. Then again the organ they taught us on was a Hammond. I'm not exactly the most coordinated,and getting the chord, melody and foot pedals put together correctly was next to impossible for me. So, needless to say, I flunked out pretty quick. It took me weeks to be able to play the following song even 1/3 the way through. To this day... the first 7 notes make me sing... 3-1-2-1-5-2-5


Texas Gal said...

I can play a piano and organ. But I don't like to I don't have a song I like to play. Always wanted to learn how to play classical but mother took us out of piano lessons after the basics :(

Toriz said...

I wanted to learn to play piano, but teachers wouldn't accept a visually impaired student everywhere my mam tried, and then we gave up. I managed to find someone to teach me to play the recorder and the cornet, but I never got far with either. I could play "London's burning" and "Three Blind Mice" on the recorder, but that's about it. Asthma and wind instruments don't mix that well, so I was only playing them because I wanted to play something and it was all anyone would try and teach me. Like I said hough, I never got far... Never even mastered a song on the cornet before deciding I'd had enough (didn't help that my brothers would tease me so much when I tried to practice that I never got my practice sessions in each day, because I wanted to avoid the teasing from them).

Deanna said...

I can play the guitar and mandolin as long as the chords don't go far past the basics. Most of the songs I play are church songs, although I do play some folk type songs. One of my favorites is House of the Rising Sun

LadyStyx said...

My biggest problem was (and still is) the fact my fingers are just ever so slightly too short for a regular sized keyboard, but much to big for anything smaller. They're built for work like painting or moving boxes. I always was jealous of my friend's long, skinny piano fingers. Lucky bugger. Top things all off, I am part of the rhythmless nation. The only part of my body that got graced with any sense of tempo are my vocal chords (unfortunately, they can't stay in tune to save anyone's life... nevermind my own). ^_~

ChicagoLady said...

I took piano lessons for a few years on grade school. I can probably still play chopsticks if required. Beyond that, I've forgotten all the Christmas songs, Bach & Beethoven that I worked somewhat to learn back then.

Enjoying the Doris Day song. I LOVE her voice!

Intense Guy said...

I took years of piano lessons and at best played badly (and usually wouldn't consider it "playing").

I could badly play the battle hymn of the republic, nearer my god to thee, and joy to the world from memory.


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