Day 22

Day 22: A song that you listen to when you're sad

I generally don't listen to music when I get to the point where I need a good cry.  In the spirit of the game, however, I shall post a couple songs that at least reflect the theme.

Mark Willis' Don't Laugh at Me
(this one really touches me every time I hear it...)

and R.E.M's Everybody Hurts
(although I like the R.E.M version, I'm going to post the Coors version because I kinda think I like it as much)


Intense Guy said...

Well, I can certainly enjoy watching the Coor's version, the lead singer, the violinist and bongo drummer especially.

Hmmm.. I used to only listen to music when I was sad, almost all of it instrumental.

Zero To Sixty In Five - Pablo Cruise

ChicagoLady said...

I knew this would be one of the days, sad songs. Usually it's hearing specific songs that make me sad, because if I'm already sad, I don't want to listen to music that will make me even more sad. With that said, a song that makes me sad is Sarah McLachlan's "Angel".

Texas Gal said...

Reflections of My Life..Marmalade

Toriz said...

John Denver - Annie's Song

I don't know why.


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