Ask and ye shall receive

Updates updates updates!! Yesterday hubby left for his interview and I crawled my happy ass right back into bed. My TxSis called around 11am or so to let me know it was cold and snowing in Virginia. Ummm yes I know, not much I can do about it since he left the house at 8am and was probably in Atlanta by the time she called. I told her he brought a jacket with him and some gloves. I dont remember much more of the convo because I was only 1/3 awake but I do remember her saying that I sounded like I was on drugs at which I pointed out that I had just got to bed around 5am or so and was up to see him off then back to bed and she'd woke me up. Im sure I came across snippy and all but unfortunately Im still on a night schedule sleepwise and it WAS before 3pm...

Yesterday afternoon I got a call while I was out getting the mail. For some reason I didnt check the phone when I came in because I had only been outside for less than a minute. Imagine my surprise this morning when I realized the messages indicator was blinking. It was WalMart and they said if I was still interested to please give them a call. There is an orientation tomorrow morning at 9am. Nuts...this means I really DO have to be to bed early tonight. I think I'll crawl in around 10pm or so...that's when I got really tired last night anyhow (then by 11pm I caught a second wind and was up until 5am or so). I called them around 3pm to confirm I'd be there.

Hubby called around 1130am-12pm today and let me know he had a total of 5 interviews today. Actually he said 4 but one lady met with him twice so Im counting it as a separate meeting. He says that a majority of the meetings went well....except for the next to last one. I think he referred to it as the "psych" part of the interviews. I am thinking he's meaning like those long questionnaires at the end of job applications.....those ones that let the prespective employer see where your head's at. He's since called back @ 3:50pm to talk about it more. He has mixed emotions at this point. He says that he feels good about the interviews and feels that there may definitely be a job offer as they said they'd call one way or another either tonight at the hotel or leave a message here at the house by tomorrow (which means look for another blog entry tomorrow night or Saturday morning depending on the schedule I get). Although hubby's feeling good about the company itself, he's not so fond of the area. It's much too crowded for his liking and the prices are horrendous. It looks like he's going to have to bite the bullet and plan on a 45min- 1 hr drive one way each day to get to work so we can live in a reasonably priced apartment (ugh...back to an apartment again...*sigh*). I wont even repeat what he said about the traffic in the area (thank goodness he'd had fair enough warning from TxSis regarding that). So now Im not so certain where we are. I think we've decided that we'll need to just go with the flow and take the job if offered. We also discussed the possibility of him contacting the 2 in NC and or calling the one here in Texas to see how good the chances are of employment with them. In anycase I reminded him that even if he did contact the others and they said chances were good but not til the top of the still didnt guarantee employment whereas a firm job offer from a company in an area we weren't too happy with is better than waiting on the others just to find out that they had nothing for him. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll call him after the offer was made with this group...who knows.

Well I'd better get's time for supper and I wanna get a shower in tonight before bed. Before I do that, I have to drop emails to those that dont read this blog and get them caught up. Definitely need to get to bed early tonight so if I nod off (like I did last night while watching tv and reading) I can just sleep through until tomorrow. No sense encouraging that second wind to show up ya know.


AliceKay said...

Sounds like so many things are up in the air right now. I hope things settle down for you both soon. It's gotta be hard waiting and not knowing what your next step will be. I hope things go the way you really would like them to, tho. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Hope things settle down for you soon. Must be frustrating just waiting on people like this.

LadyStyx said... many things up in the air...and definitely unnerving for a person as high-strung as myself.


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