Pity party and next to last section of joke

I was so sore last night before the end of my shift that I was actually nauseous. It took a bit longer to climb into the truck but thankfully gravity helped me back out. I never made it to my computer to check for messages and hubby ended up bringing me a plate of food to bed which I didnt finish. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to eat and if Im off my feed...well it aint a good thing. I managed to get my uniform shirts and pants into the laundry but hubby had to hang them to dry. I was in so much pain I grabbed a couple painkillers that I had leftover and kept my happy ass in bed. They didnt do much, just took the edge off a bit and put me to sleep. I was asleep before 730pm. Yeah my friends know what that means as Im a night owl. I woke several times in the night to switch positions and once for a nighttime journey to the bathroom. I was up again around 7am , took my morning meds and 2 more painkillers and back to bed. I have a 2-11pm today and an 11-8pm tomorrow. God help me get through these two days. My feet simply cant handle these cement floors anymore so Im guessing the next job down the line is going to need to be a cashing job with a fatigue mat at the register....better yet someplace where I can sit to do my job. Gotta go and get a good meal in me, then wrap my ankles (Im beginning to wish I'd told them last week was my last week I swear), and hydrate my skin with 15 layers of lotion as it's very warm and arid (actually both definitions of this adjectives work...) back in toys. I'll probably drop a proper blog entry on Christmas day...assuming I can even move that day...more likely the day after.

Next to last section of joke

Dec. 23rd

Listen, Fuckhead,
What's with the eleven (11) lords a-leaping on those maids and ladies? Some of those broads will never walk again! Those pipers ran through the maids and have been committing sodomy with the cows. All 23 of the birds are dead! They've been trampled to death in the orgy. I hope you're satisfied, you rotton, vicious swine.

Your sworn enemy,


AliceKay said...

Wow, Styxie. Sounds like you're in a lot of pain. Sure do hope things go okay for you at work today. I'll keep you in my thoughts the next two days, too. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Hope you can make it through these next couple of days without too much pain... *hugs*

ChicagoLady said...

I hope you survived those last couple of days before the holidays. Are you done now, or are you supposed to still work a bit longer? Hugs!

LadyStyx said...

Alice: Yes alot more than I'd care to have. I'll need to discuss it with the next dr I get and see what can be done about it.

Tori & Chicago: Yeah I made it, barely. My feet and ankles still hurt today. Outta pain meds now so Im going to have to just keep off my feet as much as I can the next couple days. Got one more day of work to get through....a 5-11pm shift on Friday.


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