My job, his job and my opinion on tags, memes or whateverthehellyouwannacallem....

Saturday was my first full day at work. I spent a good 5 hours or so on my computer based learning training. I got all of my necessary training plus most of the others done that day. After my lunch I got with one of the managers and told him I got my trainign nearly complete and pointed out that I may actually be of better use out on the floor if he'd just get me a place to lock up my purse (Ive since stopped carrying it so I dont have to bother having a locker assigned....I'd have to share with someone because there's 550+ associates in the store and not enough lockers). I went out to the floor and got my first taste of retail at Christmastime again. *ugh* I felt like I was crammed in a tin of sardines and the department looked like a hurricane had whipped through. When I got home I felt like I had worked longer than merely 3 hours on the floor. My body was feeling like it had been run over by a FLEET of fully loaded 18 wheelers. I ended up taking a couple of ibuprophens before going to bed I was so damn sore.

Sunday was my shorter day. I was only scheduled for 6 hours. First thing I did was finish up my computer based training (only took 30 minutes or less) and then I spent the rest of the day on the salesfloor. This day was rougher because I was sent into the Barbie/ Bratz aisle. Good Lord Almighty was it a blessed mess. Only about half of the merchandise was properly shelf edged labelled and I must have had at LEAST 15 price checks out of that aisle alone. It took me a good 3-4 hours of my day to get that aisle cleaned up and looking repsectable. By now Im thinking that Im definitely getting too old for this shit. I seemed to have made a good impression on one of the managers on this day as there were several comments on how good that area looked. Again, when I got home I was sore as can be. I was going to grab a couple ibuprophens again but opted for some Legatrin instead as my legs felt like they wanted to cramp up on me (Im prone to leg cramps) that medicine has a bit of a sleep aid to it as well.

As several of you already know, Monday morning we got the call we were waiting for. Hubby got offered that job in Virginia. This was no surprise to be honest....not even slightly. They will be sending the letter of acceptance and a few other things next week. Next step is for hubby to have a drug test done and then the next step is for flights to be booked for us to take a 4 day home hunt in Virginia. He is scheduled to start work for them the 21st of January which means alot of work and very quickly on this end of things. I've already got my schedule up until the 27th of this month so Im going to need to get with human resources in the next day or so and give them a heads up so Im not being placed on a schedule after that least for the week afterwards as we're not sure when the other company is going to schedule us for the trip. I may have to just have to have them lay me off early. I was hoping to get another week or so of work and go right into a transfer but it doesnt look like it's going to work out that way. OH and I found out today that hubby's company may run out of work for them a good week early so he may not need to go to work at all next week. He will have to go in next Tuesday long enough to do an exit interview.

Today was another 6 hour day for me. The department manager decided since there was 3 of us working in the department that it would be a good idea to divide up the area amongst us. He ended up with 4 aisles while the other gal and myself each had 2 aisles, splitting the girls half of the area between us. I ended up in the Barbie area again and had the aisle next to electronic. *bleah* I would have rathered the pre-school and Leapfrog/ VTech area for sure. Maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow. I spent a good part of the evening labelling the one aisle as I cleaned it up. Although management was appreciative that I took initiative to do this, they stated pretty clearly that they'd much rather we just cleaned and did the reshops. Something about not wanting the modular layouts messed up. *bah* I pointed out that most of their layouts were already a mess (I indicated a HUGE glaring error that was made by the night stocking crew..I mean Fur Reals cats in the middle of a My Little Pony display....puh-leeeze) and that it was completely time consuming (read a real waste of time in travel) having to run back and forth to the nearest price checker (7 aisles over). In the time it took me to do a price check (and I had a MINIMUM of 15 just out of the Barbie aisle alone on Saturday) I could handle 3 other customers. Well they saw my point but still wanted it done their way *shakes head and rolls eyes*. At least they figured out real quick I knew what I was talking about and had experience in salefloor work....I am definitely NOT a rookie. The upswing on these 3 days is the gal I was working with swore I was only 25...LOL.

Now...for that last part of my title. I may come across as an ole stick in the mud but I do not play those tag/meme games anymore...period. I get more than enough of those things in my email and between those other accounts I get at least 2-3 a week and oftentimes the same one several times over. Im really sick to death of getting them and if I was to never see another again I'd be quite happy about it. No offense to anyone but please dont bother tagging me again. Yeah, I realize I probably have upset a few of you or at least disappointed someone...oh well. It wont be the first time and certainly more than likely wont be the last either.

Well I guess it's time for me to go to's been a long day.


Toriz said...

I'm glad hubby got that job.

Sounds like your first few days were quite exhausting. Maybe after a couple of days you'll get used to working again and it wont take so much out of you?

No worries about the tag thing. You don't want to do it, don't do it. I'm not bothered. I don't really expect any of the people I tagged will carry it on, just had to pick seven names so I could play and listed the first seven that popped in to my head that I know have blogs so could play if they wanted to.

AliceKay said...

I hope the days get a little easier on you once you get acclimated to being in the workforce again. Great news for you and Ranger. *hugs*

My kids used to ask me if I worked for Kmart (or Walmart or wherever we were shopping) because I sometimes straightened up things I saw out of place. I can't help it...I like things in "their place". :)

Deb said...

I don't like to be tagged either. Thanks for signing my book. Your pic is soooooooooooo cute. You are a cutie patoie. Pardon the spelling cause I have had a glass of wine. My hubby went through his hip replacement just fine. The doctor told me he has the body of a 29 yr old. He has always exercised and runs in races. It was very stressful sitting in the surgical lobby waiting for loverboy.HIs surgery took over 2 hours. Next 2 months he has his knee replaced and he will be a bionic man!!! I'm so happy your hubby found a job. Rick's sister lives somewhere in Virginia. Will have to look in in his Franklin Covey to see where. OUt of here getting a bit light-headed and need sleep. Again hugs and congrats

LadyStyx said...

Tori: thanks. Im getting more used to being at work but my biggest problem right now is my weight. Im several pounds too heavy for my feet (not to mention my hips, klnees and ankles) as it is so it's rough going. Im fine for a couple hours or so but once I hit hour 4...*ugh*. However, the good thing is that Im getting out and getting some exercise so some of this extra weight may start dropping eventually. I can only hope.

Alice: Im the same way. Half the time I dont realize Im doing it. I remember shopping with my dad and as I was picking out the Weight Watchers tv dinners I was straightening the freezer case up. Didnt realize I was doing it until my dad pointed it out to me. He had to remind me that they paid others to do that. Waiters and waitresses love me too because I all but bus my own table.

Deb: You're welcome. Thanks on the pic comment. It's not my favorite by far but it's nicer than many I have. It's the most recent I have since I had my hair cut. Glad that things are looking up for hubby. Im just waiting on when the dr wants to do all that work on me too.

ChicagoLady said...

Sounds like you've been pretty busy at work. Too bad they don't have a few more people like you helping out.

LadyStyx said...

That would be nice Chicago. Can you imagine a whole store (and this particular store has 550+ employees) of high strung perfectionist workers? *Ugh* Talk about stress city.

ChicagoLady said...

It would be the cleanest store I've ever been in, which would be a nice change from some of the sloppy stores I've seen this year.

~*~Steph~*~ said...

Retail is no fun at all!! I did my share when in school of that.Hopefully they continue to see all the hard work it sounds like you are doing.Hopefully your body will adjust to it all.

Congrats on Ranger and his Job!!

I'm with you on the Tag and all that other crap.Basically it's gotten so all I read now are personal emails.Fwds I sometimes tend to just delete.I have one person who does nothing but send me forwards and it irks me,so it's not just you!! lol

If I am unable to post before the holidays,have a very merry christmas and an even better new year!! hugssssssssss


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