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I am so proud of myself. Last night around 6pm or so I turned OFF my computer and left the office area for the entire night. After doing dishes and eating supper, I got a shower and folded all the laundry I'd washed then I spent the rest of the evening in the bedroom. By 1030pm or so I was sleepy and instead of fighting it as per my usual I crawled right under the covers and damn if I wasnt asleep before midnight. Yes...you saw it right...BEFORE MIDNIGHT and I wasnt even sick...imagine that. UNfortunately it also meant I was awake by 1am and not wanting to go to sleep again....I ended up fighting with getting back to sleep until nearly 3am. *sigh* Well so goes getting to bed early... at least I made a good attempt at it! I didnt sleep so well after that though. I kept tossing and turning and my mind just did NOT want to shut off at all. I guess it figured I'd gotten a few hours and I needed to be up and going. I was awake by 630am and since there was only 30 minutes until the alarm I figured I may as well just get up.

My cab showed up around 810am or so. Thankfully the ride isnt going to cost me much when I have to take one. Less than an hour's wages one way. With the hours that I'll be pulling I wont have to cab it too often and when I do have to it'll be after my shift. Not that I honestly want to be riding a cab at that hour of night. They have me mostly on the 5-11pm shift with Mondays and Thursdays off the next two weeks. My Saturday shift is my longest at 2-11pm. Basically, if I was still streaming, I would have to drop my spot completely or stream the midnight to 3 am shift. With the hours Im pulling I may be online even less than I am now and Im not sure how often I'll actually be blogging but keep checking back just on the off chance I have an interesting night. Today was mostly alot of talk and the next two days are going to be alot of computer based learning (you watch a video on the computer and then answer a series of questions based on the video....simple stuff just time consuming). By Sunday evening I should be hitting the sales floor. I went shopping after work and got myself 2 pairs of khakis, a pair of jeans and 2 shirts. I think I'll be hitting Kohls on Monday or maybe tomorrow afternoon to see what they have in the line of navy shirts because I forsee not being too comfy in those 2 I bought at WallyWorld today. I find them a bit on the warm side. The jeans are for Fridays....we're allowed to wear jeans on Fridays only for a donation of $1 which goes to CMN (Children's Miracle Network). A good cause in my opinion.

The first thing we did today during orientation was a game. They had this board game of a "shopping" experience in "another store". The object was to get around the board and make it out of the store with your piece still registering in a "satisfied" or higher position. If your piece hit zero, it meant you were completely dissatisfied and your shopping trip ended. My team made it 3/4 the way before crashing and burning and our "customer" left in a huff dropping everything they were going to buy on the floor on their way out the door. I deeply suspect that that game is geared so it cannot be won period. It was a good way to loosen the group up some and prime them for the lectures though.

By the time I got out of training, hubby had gotten back to Dallas and was on his way home. He hadnt heard anything from the company last night nor this morning before he left. They ended up calling here around 940am and leaving a message for him to call back on Monday. *bah* I wanted an answer TODAY!! *snorts* Im guessing that if it was a "no thanks" they would have left that information on the answering machine so maybe it's a "yes, lets discuss money". In any case I wont know for a couple more days now. *insert huge eyeroll*

I think that's about it for now. Time to shut off the puter and spend some time with hubby...


AliceKay said...

I hope everything goes the way you want them to. Sounds like you had an interesting first day at work. Good luck!

Toriz said...

What AK said... Good luck! :)

ChicagoLady said...

Now that I'm all caught up on the goings on in your life, lol.

I'm glad the interviews seemed to go well, and hope they make a nice offer to offset the additional cost of living in that area of VA.

Sounds like things are starting well at Wally World. Can't wait to start hearing more about your adventures there.

Karla said...

The one Bill worked at paid pretty good but the work environment was ugly...Of course he worked midnight shift as an overnight stocker. Good luck with everything.

~*~Steph~*~ said...

Good Luck with the job.MIL works for WalMart and she loves it.

Sounds like Rangers trip and interview went well.

the whole sleeping thing,I get to that point sometimes,specially when my mind is running endlessly,so I know just how annoyed you were with all of that lol.


Toriz said...

You've been tagged... Details are on my blog.


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