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I was going to post yesterday but we had some technical difficulties. I had just managed to get my "edjumacational" fix, read my emails, and started to read all the blogs that I normally visit when I had to step away from the laptop for a minute. When I got back, I noticed the tv was off...hmmm I dont remember turning it off. *click* Then the tv actually DID turn off. Hmmm. Ah well I got my puter right? Nope. Although it was saying it was connected I was being told that the page couldnt be displayed....not a one. Well damn. Ok this happened a couple days ago, I'll just turn it off for a bit and go back later. I really dont need to be living at the keyboard anyhow right? Then my cell phone rings. *raises an eyebrow* It's my darling hubby...did the apartment phone ring by chance? No why? Because it went straight to voice mail. Hmmm. I pick up the dial tone, just dead air. Well I let hubby know this happened at least one other time this week that I was aware of and it was off for about 20 minutes, no longer. I get the ok but if it's not back on by one pm call least I can watch some dvds if I get bored. A little after 1pm I called Comcast and found out that it was a problem that everyone in my area was having. I let the gal know that that wasnt good and if it wasnt for my cellphone..if I had an accident I'd have no way of getting help. I also asked if this was something I had to look forward to up this way and she laughed at me and said no. Funny though, the cable on the tv kept cutting out today much like a stream buffering. Im guessing it was well after 3pm when it was fixed because that was about when I took Katy out for a walk and the phone wasnt working then.

Got my final check from Wally World the other day. It's not a bad amount. I think Im going to take it over to the bank in the WalMart and start an account in my name there. Maybe I'll do it like my first ever account and just make it a savings account so it's making money while being in there. It's not as though I really need access to the money regularly anyhow. Plus with this bank being in most of the WalMarts, it'll be really convienient for me to get to especially if I choose to work for WalMart again.

We'll be going out tomorrow to check out a couple apartment complexes. Both seem to be fairly reasonably priced and are located near many retail businesses, many within an easy walk to get to...even in the chilly weather...unless my knees and hips act up that is. It looks like they are really close to an actual form of public transport (as opposed to where I was where public transport in the area was limited to cabs). I think Im going to shoot for part-time with the possibility of going full-time later if it turns out to be a good fit. Maybe I'll get lucky and one of the stores will need someone on the overnight shift? I know Kohl's is looking for overnight ad setters but Im not sure of how close it is to these new apartments to be honest. That would be customers, nothing but work to do.
Hubby's schedule starting next month is an overnight shift. It's 1 month nights, 2 months days. He was telling me how they deal with their shift differentials...I guess the amount depends on the day of the week and not a flat rate. To me it sounds more like by the time things are said and done there is no damn difference but maybe I just didnt understand it. I did understand the holiday pay though...or at least somewhat. From what I understand, he can either take it as holiday pay OR as X amount of vacation hours so basically if we have a trip coming up and need the hours more than the pay now thenhe can opt for the vacation hours. It's just a matter of getting the money now on this check OR later. He is back to working the back end of the week though. Weds-Fri and every other Sat I think. Ah well.

I worked on my needlework a bit yesterday and got quite a bit done while watching movies (Finding Nemo and Brother Bear...both for the second time this week). The piece is nearly 25% done. I know it's only that far along as I havent had to turn the pattern yet or fold it in the other direction. With any luck I'll have what I need done completed by the time hubby comes home. He's always kidding me that it takes me forever to get a piece done. Why? Because the first piece he saw me work was during my first year with him. I'd bought it while we were at his folks' house that first Christmas and by the time we got home, I set it down and didnt pick it up until we went out to visit again. That piece had quite a bit of picture to it and very little lettering with no borders whatsoever. It's not my fault though as this craft only holds my attention for so long as the pictures I like are rather detailed. I like to see alot getting done and tend to get discouraged in the early stages. This piece is more like a sampler...a nice saying with mostly borders as details. I like the bordering because once you get a pattern started you dont have to keep your eye on the pattern nearly as closely as with pieces that are mostly picture. I think I'll work on it some today. Im on a piece of border where I really dont need the pattern at all because what's on the cloth already makes it clear where the next stitches go. The hard part will be to remember to make sure the thread doesnt twist or knot up on me.

I think I also want to go christen the bathtub with an actual bath instead of the usual shower. Today would be a good day for a nice warm soak. Maybe it'll loosen my hips and knees up some. The last several years I've stuck to mostly showers because with the way Im built there arent too many tubs that are deep enough nor wide enough for me to soak in properly. Although I stand 5'4.5", from the hips down I have the legs of someone 5'1"-5'2" (petites are a touch too short and averages are a touch too long) and from the hips up I have the length of an average to tall person (it's funny seeing hubby and I sit side by side as I sit taller....his 5'11" is nearly all legs!)...which means many tubs arent deep enough for my liking. Top things all off Im heavy which means it's hard to find a place with a tub wide enough to sit comfortably. The night after honeymoon night we stayed in a Holiday Inn that was supposed to have a jacuzzi type tub in the bathroom. Well I go to our room fully intending on a nice soak for my knees and damned if it wasnt wide enough (anyone got Crisco and a crowbar so I can get in?) nor deep enough (the back of my thighs got a good massage with the way I was wedged in) for me to enjoy my soak. *sigh* Anyhow, I digress...this tub looks to have all the qualifications for a good soaking tub (and here I am without bath salts and my rubber ducky!! Ok, skip the damn ducky and give me some scented candles...) so I think Im going to try it out. Im almost afraid to get in it though because I'll be really ticked if we cant find a place with another like it...


Intense Guy said...

I like seeing the Mutts cartoon at the top of your blog!

Comcast has a so-so reputation in my area. I finally ditched them after about what seemed to be 10 consecutive months of rate increases.

LadyStyx said...

Thanks. I saw it and as my friend Michael Buckley would say "I had to have it". The look on Earl's face is just priceless and fits how I feel when I see that all my friends have been by here to visit me. :D

*makes note Comcast sucks on the eastcoast* But then again it pretty much sucked when we had it in Texas too and things only cleared up when Time Warner took over...

Karla said...

Soaking in a tub! Ahhhhh how I miss that...My problem is I can't get out with my back like it is :-( Hope you enjoy

AliceKay said...

I hope you enjoyed your soak, Styxie.

Marty had Comcast in Pittsburgh and said it was really good. We don't have a choice here...only one cable system services this area...and it's sucks. I called again Tuesday afternoon. Haven't seen anyone here yet. :\

LadyStyx said...

The soak was ok. Tub's wide enough but definitely not deep enough for my liking. It needs to be a good 3-4" deeper. Made my knees feel a bit better though.

That sux Alice. Time to learn how to play hardball. Find out if they have a way to contact them via the web and register a complaint about the service...while you're at it cc the message to the BBB as well.

ChicagoLady said...

LMAO, LOVE the Earl and Mooch cartoon for your banner!

ChicagoLady said...

I have Comcast for tv, internet and phone. My cable company was bought by Comcast, and they are the only ones offering service to my complex. When I was having the cable switched over, they were having their $99 triple play special, so figured I'd go ahead and do that. My bill is now up to about $140 for all three.

The service is pretty decent, most the time. One thing I remember them telling me, is with the phone service, the cable/internet can be out, but the phone will still work. I'm not sure exactly how that works, but when I have had problems, it's affected all three. Like you, I'm glad I have my cell phone. I'm debating now whether I want to increase my plan with my cell phone company and ditch the VOIP phone, or keep everything as is.

I think I'm built similarly to you: shorter legs that aren't quite petite, but not regular either. I have a very hard time buying pants outfits.

I love taking baths, but they are too short, so I only soak my legs up to my waist. If I scoot down, my knees and feet are out of the water, but my shoulders are covered. It's a no win situation, so I don't take baths anymore.

LadyStyx said...

Thanks! Like I said...I had to have it!! :D

Yep...sounds like my baths. I'd like to have a tub that is deep enough to flood my bellybutton good and proper if I was sitting up and enough to cover other parts if I was lying down a bit. Alas, it's not to be though. It was just a reminder why I stopped taking them. I know for sure I wont be taking them in the next place if we end up in the apartment we looked at today...damn I'll be lucky to wedge one leg in there the tub's so tiny......I was positively claustrophobic just looking in the shower area...I can just imagine what it's gonna be like getting IN to it.

AliceKay said...

I emailed my cable company sometime last summer when I was having so much trouble...never got a reply from them. I sent it to their headquarters, too, not just the office that services our area. :\

Karen always wanted a claw foot tub but they opted for a regular one when they remodeled their bathroom. Terri promised to get me a hot tub...some day...when we're rich. LOL (yeah, right)

Toriz said...

*Daydreams about soaking in a tub with scented candles scattered around the bathroom*

I'm small enough to fit in most tubs comfortably, but over here most places have either a bath or a shower. And, guess which one this place has? Yes, a damn shower! I hope the place we move to (when we finally do move) has a bath. I haven't had a bath since we visited my brother in October (and then I didn't get to soak, because they're place has no heating, and Mam kept worrying I was cold... which I wasn't)

Finding Nemo and Brother Bear... Good choices! :)

Hope you don't keep having all these problems with comcast. Cell phone or not you could do with being able to use your main phone. Not to mention the fact it's annoying when you're watching TV or surfing the net one minute and can't the next.

LadyStyx said...

Alice: That's why I suggested sending to the BBB as well. A formal complaint will make the business move a bit faster and give you the service you deserve. Hot tub....sounds nice...I understand, we need to wait til we're right too.

Tori: The tub was wide enough but definitely not deep enough. I, too, like to have a good soak with candles around and soft music playing. It's just so relaxing. As for Comcast, I wont worry til we're having to pay for it. Until then, the company paying for it will know each and everytime I have to call Comcast.

Toriz said...

Fair enough :)


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