Just a Cliff Notes version

EDIT:01/13/08 @12:35am: Got the attachment and got the pix off the camera but Im so far behind I may just wait until Monday to start the entries. Been a slow couple days. Scroll to bottom as per usual.

EDIT: 01/11/08 @ 12:31am: Scroll to bottom for the "Cliff Note" updates on the trip. I'll go into details when I can find the attachments to remove the pix off my camera. Until then, I'll keep adding notes here so you at least get the highlights.


Im really not up for writing out a huge blog at this point as it's 116am on Tuesday and the alarm will be going off at 730am....making for yet another long day. I am going to just drop a Cliff Notes version in here for now with the promise of doing a proper blog (kinda like the wedding blog) in a few days. It all depends on if we end up in hotels with 'net service or not.

01) Sunday we had some 4 legged company by the name of Pepper. Im believing someone above was watching out for this lil guy and testing us at the same time. (entry Mon 14th)

02) The packers were in on Monday. Arrived at 9am and were gone by 1230pm. House looks like the inside of a storage unit...Alice would hate it. Shit, I hate it. LOL (entry Mon 14th)

03) Monday evening spent time with my TxSis for a bit and then we all went out to dinner. At supper was TxSis and another couple of friends (friends hubby had made thru his old job).(entry Mon 14th)

04) Today (Tuesday) the loaders are due to be in around 8am-12pm. My luck they'll show up just as early as the packers. Wait, that wont be bad because we have stuff to do yet....worse luck will be to wake up at 730am and be vertical and waiting and have them not show up until noon...Will be loading our truck with the stuff we're taking while this is going on. (entry Thurs 17th)

05) After the movers, spending time at another couple's (again friends via hubby's old job) home for a bit. Afterwards, we're meeting yet another friend for lunch. Man, we're gonna be exhausted. Im so glad a maid service is coming in to clean up.(entry Thurs 17th)

06) Possible we have a couple different sets of people interested in the house...and it aint even listed! One is a set of friends and the other came about from 01). Will go into more detail on that later when I write the proper blog entry.(entry Thurs 17th)

07) Leave here Wednesday but we need to drop off the modem to Time Warner later today so I definitely wont be on at all later. Will drop in as 'net service in hotels permits.

08) *^)^&%(& company aint called with an addy yet. I suspect they're gonna cram us in a hotel for 30-60 days. Hell no way will I tolerate that. Guarantee if they do that I'll be pressing to get into an apartment sooner (not that I even wanna be back in one of THEM to begin with). Betting this is what they're wanting in the first place as it'll be cheaper on them.

I think that's about it. I always re-read the previous post before I type the new one so this will serve as my reminder as to what I wanted to discuss.

*HUGZ* ttyl

EDIT 118am.....damn....even my Cliff notes version turned out to be a mile long. *shakes head*

New additions:

09) Loaders showed up Tuesday...a man short (only 2 showed instead of 3). Needless to say loading took a few hours longer than it should have and threw the rest of the day off. Took so long that I sent hubby to run a few errands (return cable equipment and visit a friend) and while he was out the "code compliance" officer showed up and hassled the loaders because some a$$hole called to complain.(entry Thurs 17th)

10) When loaders left hubby and I waited around for another friend who was going to take the wood hubby had piled up in the garage. While he was there we pawned off a bunch of other supplies.(entry Thurs 17th)

11) Went to dinner at Texas Land and Cattle. Then visited one other friend around 9pm, didnt leave her place til after 11pm.(entry Thurs 17th)

12) Slept in on Wednesday (until 9am). He went and got breakfast and we finished getting things loaded and sorted, notes left for the people coming in to clean and one for the neighbor with contact info. Didnt leave til almost 1pm....a bit later than expected. Said gooodbye to the house before we pulled off. Part of me feels like grieving for the loss but have yet to cry over it. I prolly will when I write the detailed entries later.(entry Thurs 17th)

13) Dharma fussed the first several hours but settled down some. Really freaked when we didnt return home and managed to hide herself in the hotel while we were out to supper. A 20 minute panic ensued as we played "Find the Kitty". Kitty found herself on a leash for several hours as a reminder who boss is. We've taken to "Kitty Proofing" a room before she's allowed out of the carrier now. She travelled well today...hardly a peep out of her. Only hiding she's doing is under the covers which will change shortly when I crawl into bed.(entry Thurs 17th)

14) The weather from hell. You should have SEEN the rain we went through. It started before we woke and lasted all damn day. Waterfalls everywhere in Nashville. I dont think it stopped yet. Some patched so damn heavy that visibility was *maybe* 5 foot infront of the windshield (which meant we could barely see the nose of the truck and were LUCKY to see the lights 10 foot ahead of us). Hail. Traffic in 70 mph zones slowed to 50 mph and slower. Some cases crawling along at a blistering 35 mph..... (yeah, sarcasm there...dripping really bad too) (entry on Thurs 17th)

15) Arrived Tazewell, got food and headed to his folks for a 45 minute visit. Couldnt stay longer as the cat had been in her carrier for nearly 11 hours. Nice room. Better than last night's hotel for sure. Sometimes off name places can be so much nicer than the "Big Name" hotels. (entry on Thurs 17th)

Gotta scoot now....12:53am. Will post more updates tomorrow....might actually get started on the actual entries if we get our butts to WalMart for the cord I need. Gotta visit his gramma and make a stop the to nursing home to see that one family friend too. Oh and a trip to the library as the company *FINALLY* sent us our new addy for the corporate housing. Thankfully it aint a hotel room and is an actual one bedroom apartment. Cool beans.

16) Friday spent with family. Took a trip to Gramma's. Will have pix of the area she's in plus pix of some of the family. (entry on Thurs 17th)

17) Saturday spent the morning and evening with family. Ran some errands... Nursing Home to visit a neighbor who has bad alzheimers and a cousin, then to Flea Market, the mall in Middlesboro (got some pix of the scenery going to it) and then another trip out to see Gramma (hubby likes to spend at least 2-3 days visiting as she's quite frail).(entry on Jan 21st)

18) Trip to Nursing Home eventful as we got stuck in the elevator for 20 minutes.(entry on Jan 21st)

19) Oreo milkshakes!!! Yummy!!!(entry on Jan 21st)

20) Cat finally relaxed. I almost hate to have to put her in her carrier later today as it's another 8+ hr ride. Cant check in to the corporate housing until 4pm so she'll be in it most of the day Monday as well....poor kitty.(entry on Jan 21st)



~*~Steph~*~ said...


Good Luck with the move and the living arrangements.

I'm hoping the places have net service so that you can keep us updated,but hey there's always the local library!!! lol

Take Care Babe!

Toriz said...


Good luck with the move and living arrangements.

AliceKay said...

Good luck from Terri and me, too. Have a safe journey and will talk to you soon. *hugs*

ChicagoLady said...

I hope the travel is going smoothly! Hugs

LadyStyx said...

Steph: Good God no way. With all that has gone on this week I'd be at the library both straight days and I'd much rather do it on my own puter. Besides I have pictures on my camera to add and I cant do that at the library.

All: thanks for the good wishes. Am going to update this entry to reflect Cliff Notes of the trip to date so I have notes to remind me of all I wanted to talk about. Trip going ok so far....the one "child" we thought would give us the most trouble travelled really well today. I am so glad of that. I was afraid she was gonna miau the entire way.

AliceKay said...

Sorry to hear about the bad weather you had to drive thru but good to hear you arrived at your first destination safely. Will look for more updates. Stay safe! *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

A "code compliance" officer huh? It will probably never cease to amaze me how some folks just simply can NOT mind their own business.

I guess Eddie Money's "I love a Rainy Night" just didn't cut it for you huh?

...and its raining here now, very likely the stuff you drove through.

ChicagoLady said...

I think I experienced some of that rain you had in Nashville. I think I experienced it not only in California, but then again in Illinois. Once was enough, thank you very much.

Glad you made it to your destination ok. I know you'll be a little cramped in a one bedroom, but it's better than a hotel room, right? LOL

LadyStyx said...

Better than a hotel room and not as cramped as you'd think as since it's corporate housing not much of our own possesions will be there, just what is absolutely needed. The place is already furnished and has the linens and kitchen supplies. All our furniture, pictures and such will be in storage until we get a permanent place. We're looking for a 2 bedroom. It'll be slightly smaller than the 1200+ sq ft home we had, but hopefully not by much. Worse case we'll do some more weeding and selling.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear abot that weather but at least you are safe :P

Toriz said...

Sounds like you're having an eventful week.

Oreo milkshakes? They sound interesting.

ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad the cat finally settled down. The milkshake sounds YUMMY!!!

LadyStyx said...

Yep...Hardees has them right now. They are hand-dipped shakes which are much thicker than the ones you get at McDonalds or Burger King (Hardees doesnt use the soft serve icecream in their milk shakes like most fast food places do)and have Oreo cookies crumbled and mixed in them. Yummy. It's pictured on their ads with vanilla icecream but I had it made with chocolate instead. Once made they top it off with whipped cream *dah-rooolz*

Toriz said...

Mmm! Sounds really good!


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