Well I spent the day on Sunday just lazing about. I dont think either of us really wanted to do much of anything after getting that one call telling us we were denied. Worse yet was the call he made to the first complex and getting the *IF* we accept your application speech. *bah* We were told that they'd review the application again and we should call on Tuesday to see *IF* we were accepted. *sigh* Sunday evening we pulled up the website on this business card one of his new friends had given him and purused the rental units on the lady's site. We found several we wanted to look of which had no picture.

Monday...I cant remember much of what we did. These days just slide right by lately. I do know we took the addy of the rental with no picture and drove by the area to check it out. It seemed nice enough and was located right behind a strip mall. Awesome. Afterwards, I remember going to ACMoores craft store to pick up more supplies. I had decided that I am really enjoying the one pattern I've been working on that I want to do a second one and frame them both as gifts. We went to Barnes and Noble too to pick up a newspaper and both of us ended up picking up a couple magazines each. I chose a couple counted cross stitch magazines that had patterns in them and one came with a free kit. I cant wait to do one of these newer patterns. We went to lunch and then did the grocery shopping for the week. Im fairly sure there were a couple other errands we ran but I cant for the life of me remember what they were. Hubby called the realtor with rentals were listed with and arranged for a viewing of 7 of them.

Tuesday we got a call from the realtor and she said we could see 5 of them. Of the other 2, one was listed through another agent and she had to get ahold of them to see about showing it and he hadnt called back yet and the other needed at least 24 hours notice because there was a large dog on the property. Ok, so 5 out of 7...still a good day. The first place we looked at was a 2 bedroom condominium (or a glorified apartment as I'd call it). New carpeting, ground floor...more like a basement as there was a half flight of stairs down to get to it. It was a very nice unit. The closets needed some help though as the doors stuck on a couple of them but all in all not bad. The second place we went to was a nice 3 bedroom townhome. It was the one we drove by the day before. It was built in the 70's and needed a little help but not bad overall. It even had a full sized washer and drier that comes with it (and a dish washer too WOOOOT!!!). The next unit was nice. I wasnt fond of the carpeting... it was nice and dark BUT was this cheap stuff you find in schools and restaurants....something a stick vac could handle. This came with a washer/drier too but it was in the same closet with the water heater and turned in such a way that I'd need to wedge myself between the 2 units to do the laundry. Yeah, I see THAT happening. The next unit was bloody horrible and in an unsavory neighborhood. The last was in a slightly better area of the same neighborhood as the one before it. It was nicer but you could tell both had had bug problems like you wouldnt believe. Ew. The last one had a nice yard with no grass as it had been covered over with "astroturf". The fencing was in horrid shape on the one side of the yard though and the opposite neighbor had the meanest sounding dog in their yard. From what I could glimpse between the slats of the fence, it looked like it could be a pit. Ummm no. Not EVEN in a good neighborhood for $100 less on the monthly rent. We decided that we liked the first townhome the best out of all of them. Oh yeah, it needs a tiny bit of love but it looks good considering how old the building is (it was built in 1973). We let the realtor know of our decision and she said she'd talk to the company that's leasing the unit out.

Hubby and I went to lunch and made another stop then came back to the corp housing. When we got back I fired up the laptop and saw an email from the realtor. She said that the company had had another app come in for that unit but it "didnt look good" and advised that we fill out the attached pdf app and fax it to her right away. She also suggested that we write a note explaining any dings on our credit report that could possibly be found and detail out the problem we had with the A.R.M. It took us an hour or so to get the letter hashed out and then hubby took and loaded the app and the letter on a thumb drive and we went to the UPS Store to get them printed up. After we went to supper at a restaurant called Glory Days. Mmmmm yummy. Well worth the money and I cant wait to explore their whole menu. While at supper we took the time to fill out the application....may as well as the UPS Store was only a couple doors down and there was no sense taking the paperwork back to the place we're staying at to fill in and then have to make another run to the UPS Store to fax the information. We finished supper and then put the finishing touches on the app. The guy at the UPS Store had to laugh as this was our third trip in there over the course of the day. We faxed the realtor the 3 page app, the letter and a few other documents that would help our case.

We got back to the corp housing around 750pm or so. Just in time to get comfy and get ready for my show. Is it me or is everyone else completely underwhelmed with this season too? Im so underwhelmed that I completely forgot it was on Tuesday night until hubby mentioned it. In fact, I still have my notes for my MySpace entry (for both nights this week) that I havent even bothered to type up yet.

Yesterday, hubby was scheduled for work so we didnt plan on doing anything. We got a was the realtor. I braced myself for the "no, Im sorry...let's see what else we can do about this" that I was absolutely positive was going to come across the telephone lines. It was a good thing I was sitting because she said that we'd been accepted. WOOOOOOOOOOT!! It's going to cost us about $2500 up front, which isnt bad as it's first and last month's rent and the pet deposit and first month rent on them too. We'll be going to the bank later to the bank to get a certified money order and then heading to the landlord's office to sign the paperwork. Move in day will be either the 1st or 2nd of March depending on hubby's schedule (he's working every other Saturday so if he's off the we move on the 1st, if not then on Sunday the 2nd).

I guess Im gonna scoot. My knees are still hurting some and my feet feel a little bloated tonight. I really should have been in bed several hours ago but I kept dropping off while typing this. Shoulda hit the sheets when I left chat...that's for sure.

Ah well.


Deb said...

Congrats on finding a place. I have been keeping track of your journey. Life has been so crazy for me. I only have time to read a few blogs, but never seem to find time to update my blog. Hugs

AliceKay said...

Sounds great, Styxie. Hope everything works out with the new place. Will look for pics when you get a chance....after you've moved in. :)

Karla said...

I'm glad you finally found a place! Now for the hard part.....unpacking......Yukky...I hate moving

Toriz said...

That's great! I'm glad you found a place. Hope the move goes smoothly for you :)

ChicagoLady said...

OMG, I'm soooo happy you found a place!!! I know you were very concerned about not finding something before the corp housing ended. I know you and Ranger will enjoy fixing up the place and making it your home. Congrats!!!!

LadyStyx said...

Deb: Thanks. You'll find time eventually to do more than just pop in and visit. *HUGZ*

Alice: You betcha. Hubby and the landlords will be doing a walk through the Friday before we move in. I'll try to get him to take some pictures at that point.

Karla: I dont much mind the unpacking because I do another weeding as I go through the boxes. Finding places (and remembering WHERE those places are) for everything is another story. LOL Beings that we did without many of these items for a whole month, I wont be surprised if I donate alot once we start unpacking.

Tori: Thanks! Im hoping you get what you need soon too.

Chicago: Thanks. Yes I was...and the worry was getting worse by the day. I was approaching bad day status on an everyday frequency and quickly. As for the fixing up...I dont mind having the blank slate to start off with, but like I told's the finding places for things and remembering where they are that's the whole other story...LOL. At least I know I've got ~maybe~ 1-3 more moves in my lifetime (if you dont count the one to the grave...).


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