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I saw a few comments about the crafts in the last entry. I didn't bother answering any of them via email because I knew I was covering it in this next entry.

2 small plastic baskets filled with perfumes, lotions and powdersSo one day about a week ago or so, I got tired of seeing the over filled baskets in the hall closest. They were put in there to make life easier for us instead of having all this little stuff scattered in there. The system seems to work well, except when we get lazy and just toss stuff in...which is most of the time. *laffz* Anyhow, I got it cleaned up and had to re-adjust what got put with what other items. At one point, my items only took up one basket. Thanks to my mom (and a great sale at Bath and Body Works) my stuff now takes 2+ baskets. Oh my! You see, mom used to work for Gottchalk's and was forever getting samples from the girls at the perfume counters to send off to me. If that wasn't enough, she'd send perfume sets for Christmas. Some of you remember that I'd mentioned getting the same set two years in a row. You can see them in the above's still in its box. Anyhow, she's telling me that she's looking to get into a different industry and not stay in retail so I'm hoping this is the last of the perfume because as it stands, with as often as I wear it, I have YEARS worth of scents in those baskets! If she ends up in retail again, I may send her the picture and just write "Please, for the love of God, NO MORE!" *laffin* I may do it anyhow just to get a laugh out of her.

black ceramic catThis little beauty I found in the local Salvation Army store. If the matching piece had been in better condition, I would have bought it too. I figured it was a great deal at $4.99 as something like that runs nearly $10 or more brand new in the department stores. That piece next to it is a dolly my mom had sent me for Christmas. The kitty will look better with some of the other "girls" but I don't have them unpacked yet. I'm hoping to get a nice lighted case one of these days so I can get them displayed properly. As it stands right now, there isn't enough room for them to come out of their boxes yet. Besides, I don't want to unpack them to simply have to pack them back up in a few months. I reminded hubby about our choices again today regarding the living arrangement we're in but I don't think he was overly receptive to that kind of conversation yet. All I got was an "I know" but no details. Men!

A few weeks back, hubby called me from work and let me know that his friend had just come back from vacation and had very generously bought all his friends a bit of beach front property. Wow. Ok, maybe a time share? That would be cool. Get outta the house for a weekend and put the camera through its paces. Then I noticed a couple days later the item below sitting on the DVD case under the thermostat:
small bottle with sand and shells in it labelled Beach Front Property Virginia BeachOk, quit ya groaning. Don't you dare tell me you didn't see THAT one coming from a mile off!

The last picture is for punkn Deanna. These are the leopard "they're classy cuz I say they are" slippers I mentioned in an earlier entry. They're my favs to wear around the house. If I could wear them out to every place else, I would. Could ya see me popping into Olive Garden wearing these?
Had a follow-up appt with the allergy dr today to discuss how the treatment is going. She's said that it seems like those that have the roughest time with the build-up shots (like I've been having) tend to have better results in the long run and the serum helps. That's good to hear. We're hoping to get me off the expensive daily pill and have me down to just the OTC meds and possibly just the one spray during peak season. That would be awesome. Good news though...all this hard work for my weight is paying off. No, I didn't get weighed...but I did have my bp checked. I came in with a beautiful 115/60 (normally I'm a 120/80 or 118/78 or so). Yeah, I'm stoked.

After the appt, we went shopping a bit. Stopped in to Burlington Coat Factory because their window advertised a HUGE clearance sale. Gosh that store's gotten rough looking. I don't remember shopping in one of them before with it looking so rough. Ahh well. Found a nice pair of jeans that fit but would feel nicer with a couple more pounds gone. Definitely NOT "that time" jeans. They don't have the stretch that my usual pairs have but I was pleased to see the 22W fit anyhow (especially after the 24W I tried on before it wouldn't even snap!). God bless the Gloria Vanderbilt lines! Best bet? The original tag price was $21.98 (which makes me suspect it was a first mark down price and they'd been much higher at one point) and the mark down price on the tag now? $9.99. Yep. A bit over $10 and I have a nice pair of jeans. Women's sizes NEVER come that cheap. I may have to pop in again another day and give a proper look around.

Went to AC Moore because I needed to replace some of my brushes. I walked out with only 3 new spotters (brushes are expensive...*sigh*) but that's ok. It'll do. I have a few more items I want to pick up but since they didn't have the canvas sizes I wanted, I didn't bother getting the rest of the supplies for the projects in mind. JoAnn's is less than a half mile from the townhouse and in easy walking distance so I'll just wait until a coupon shows up in the paper and get the stuff later. I'm in no hurry to do those projects yet anyhow. I still have plasters to paint. I have about 10 pieces that I just finished the other day. All that they need is the felt glued to the bottom so I think I'll do that tomorrow. Or maybe Monday.... I really need to consider an internet free day during the week so I can concentrate on my crafting. It might be a Sunday or Monday. I haven't decided yet which day. I do know it needs to be a day when the hubby isn't around to pester me.

Afterwards we went to Best Buy and I drooled over the toy I've been wanting. Some of you might remember that I'd mentioned it sometime before this past Christmas but never got it (if I had you KNOW I would have blogged about it). I just didn't see spending nearly $200 on an item I can get via Amazon for $150 (and if I get it during one of those no shipping costs if you spend x amount...that'd be great!). If I get the smaller one, I can get it for around $85 on Amazon. Not a bad deal, but not something I can justify after spending over $30 on Amazon already this last week.

I met a couple neat bloggers the last couple days or so and would like to welcome them to my corner of the web. Feel free to wander around all the blogs that seldom get maintained. There's plenty for everyone here. While I was checking out their sites, I found a couple that I really like and have added them to my blog roll. There's another game I may just end up playing one of these days ...actually 2 new games. With one of them I'm thinking of adding a twist to it. Maybe adding these games will inspire me to at least post a bit more often.

I think I close this for now. I have one more entry that's in draft form right now (read: the pictures are loaded, I just gotta write about 'em) that I expect to drop either tomorrow or the next day. There's yet another sitting in my email inbox and there are a few more pix in the camera to upload...I got some new nail polishes. You should SEE the shade I'm sporting today (and no it's not Adam Lambert blue!).


Grand Pooba said...

I was just looking at my nails thinking I they need a good polishing! So what color are you sporting?

My closet baskets keep growing as well. My problem is that I start a new lotion bottle before I finish the old one so then they just accumulate and take over the closet!

Those slippers look so comfy! I would totally go to Olive Garden wearing them!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I read this a bit earlier from my phone but didn't get around to commenting...guess the kids I nanny for thought I should be working or something. ;)

Love the slippers. Yes, we have many baskets that go overboard that they have now become a pile of bins in our basement.

Intense Guy said...

Do they carry those slippers in a squirrel pattern?

Hmm... can you get your toes into the sand in that bit of beach front property?



The kitty statue is just gorgeous...and your slippers ROCK!!! :)

Martha said...

Love the slippers - I think you should wear them everywhere, start a new fashion statement - ok , it's not really new since the high school kids come to school in their jammies and slippers complete with blankets and sometimes stuffed animals too all the time these days ::rolling eyes::

Glad you had a good report at the doc! I've been really bad, have skipped out on anything medically related for the last 2 years - just seems I'm never sick until I go to the doctor!

Wendyburd1 said...

I LOVE perfume, I collect it!LOL! And those slippers, I don't own them in animal prints but I love those! I have like 10 pairs with butterflies or monkeys on the toe part, they are so comfy and warming in the frigid CT winter!!

Liz Mays said...

You're not even going to say what shade it is that you're wearing???

You have been BUSY! That's a lot of shopping lately. The Burlington Coat Factory near me closed down last year or so. I wasn't even sure they were in existence at all anymore.

Why don't your slippers even look worn?

I throw my bath stuff in a basket too but then I forget to clean the basket and a layer of dusty dirt gets on the bottom. Ooops.

Karla said...

Well I think you can wear those slippers to Olive Garden..I figure if they don't like it they can kiss it!! LOL specially since I have no choice but to wear house slippers everywhere I go :-(
No dark blue? so..what color is it?
I use to keep all my stuff in baskets..but that stuff all got stolen from us ..well you remember when and what happened I think..5 years ago...*sigh*

Hope you have a good day

Toriz said...

Why is it people insist on buying perfume or other bath stuff all the time? At one point I had so much of it there was no room in the to move in the bathroom. I ended up giving most of it away.

That's a lot of shopping!

Hope you can get some of your projects finished up soon.

ChicagoLady said...

I have baskets in my closet too, but mine are so messed up. One's over full, another has empty spots. But who wants to sort through the linen closet, when there are mafias to kill? LMAO

That kitty statue sort of reminds me of a toilet brush holder I got for someone years ago. Then she broke it. Amazingly enough I was able to find another for her. She still has it.

Don't complain, that beach-front property is more than most of us have! LOL

Those slippers look really comfy. Do they keep your feet warm? Cause I need WARM!

Congrats on the low BP!

I buy my jeans from Fashion Bug now, they have "Right Size" jeans and the ones I have now fit me beautifully! They do cost more than $10 though.



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