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Got this one off from Jeannie's blog a few weeks back. I'd really meant to post it within a day or two of doing the quiz....

You Are Soft Serve

You are laid back, peaceful, and accepting.

You are easy to please, and you enjoy letting others do things their way.

People might be surprised to know that you're experimental and funky - at least in your own mind.

You are open to wherever life takes you, even if it's very unconventional.

I wanna thank those that came in to wish me a Happy Birthday (I see a couple new names..YAY! Feel free to visit again.), but someone announced it a wee bit early. I'm not a July baby. Actually, I should have been... however, even from birth the female gene for "fashionable late" was kicked into high gear. Yeah, that's right...I'm going into this particular birthday kicking and screamin and certainly don't wanna be 40 until I damned well HAVE to be.

I see a few of you picked up on the cops comment. Well a few nights ago, I popped into bed early and did a bit of reading. I went to a lights out about 30 minutes after midnight (1230am) and actually fell right to sleep. Very unusual for me but I've been attempting a decent lights out so I'm not sleeping until 11am-noon daily. Anyhow, I fell right to sleep. I was only asleep an hour when the doorbell rang. Yeah, at what many would deem an UnGodly hour. Certainly one does NOT go ringing people's doorbells at 130am unless there's an emergency. As I roused from sleep, I realized I was seeing lights being flashed into my windows! So I very carefully peeked out my blinds and I saw cops in the neighborhood and one standing at my door, looking up and aiming his flashlight at our bedroom windows. I told hubby that we had a cop at our door, so he went down with his wallet to see what was up. I can see the question marks now....why bring the wallet? Well a month or two ago, we had another cop show up at our door , looking for someone and had wanted proof that hubby was who he said he was. I guess the neighborhood must be filled with liars. So anyway, hubby was prepared this time. When he answered the door, the cop asked if everyone inside was ok. Ummm yeah, why? Well, there'd been a shooting in the area so they were checking on all the residents to make sure everyone was ok. They'd said "in the area" but I don't recall hubby ever saying that the cop specified where. I figure if it wasn't our cul du sac, it might have been the one across the street or the one across that empty lot the kids play in (the one where I get some of the "Old Timer" cone shots). It's also possible that it might have been in the strip mall behind us. All three areas are within seconds of our place if the person(s) in question are at a dead run. I actually suspect they hadn't caught the person and that's why they were REALLY looking. Couldn't have been too major, it never made the news here.

A couple days after that one, we had another cop (?) show up at our door while hubby was at work. I hadn't called them and hadn't been making any noise myself (now why can't they show up when I'm teaching the neighbor a lesson? Did ya know heavy metal music pumping at level25 aimed straight at the adjoining wall works wonders?) so I know he wasn't there for me. I question whether he was a cop or not because he wasn't in any uniform that I could tell, just plain street clothes... a polo shirt and dockers. However, he had his id and badge handy for when I opened the door. He asked me if a certain person was here, to which I told him that no...I didn't even know the person... this was the ____ residence and we'd been here nearly 2 years now. I also told him that we're constantly getting calls from the cops regarding that particular person and 3-4 others and each time we've told them that those people haven't lived here for X amount of time. The dude apologized for the inconvenience and as he walked away, said "I guess he gave me the wrong address".... which tells me that maybe he wasn't a cop, but a parole officer. Great.

Hey! Some of you may have noticed that I've taken to answering comments via email. I'm going to try and keep that a habit because I know not everyone has time to come back to previous entries and see if I said anything in response. If I haven't commented back or I've left the response in your blog, it's because I don't have an email addy for you. Please remember I am only leaving the email link up in my profile for another few days. This Sunday it comes right back down. If you're wanting to keep in touch, I'm encouraging you to use that link by Saturday. Oh....and those that HAVE been using the link, you'll notice that I've bounced your answers to my comments on your blogs over to another account before answering. That one's my main addy that I check religiously during the day. The ladystyx1969, well it's checked once a day...if even that.

I'm also on strike with a few of the blogs. If you haven't been visiting and leaving love here, ya aint been a very good bloggy buddy. No one likes one sided bloggy friendships ya know. I know, alot of you follow ALOT of blogs (or work or both) and may not have time, but I don't exactly update this as often as some of those out there. You know the ones I'm talking about, the multiple entries a day posters. I do, however, wanna say thank you to the few of you who do have massive amounts of blogs to follow and STILL manage to leave at least a lol or a one word comment. I won't embarrass anyone by pointing them out, but you know who y'all are. So...if you look around your blog and see I haven't visited in a good long time, yet I seem to be commenting on everyone else's blogs, that could be why. Please remember to leave some comment love where ever you visit. If you got nothing to say, just leave a hug...they're always appreciated! I don't mean on every post, but at least often enough so the author knows you're still there.

Oh! And thanks to those that commented on the new decor around here. I thought that banner in the header was appropriate. My desk, my 2 pennies...but the carpeting is from the dr's office. I thought it'd look cool as a backdrop because of that pattern.... well cooler than the nasty, boring beige we have in the townhouse.

I was reading over at Red Pen's today that the IE error that some of us have been suffering on certain blogs might just have a simple fix. It means dumping the Follower widget off the sidebar. Now all we need to do is decide how important that little bit of code really is. If it's really important for you to have that little widget up so your readers can see who all has been sucked into your blog, then I suggest making friends with FireFox as I haven't had a single problem with that widget it FF. However, if it's really not all that important and you don't like the fact you have to change browsers just to read a few entries... then dump the widget.

I'm going to copy and paste the comments so far from her site here (which amounts to just my comment and hers at this point):

LadyStyx said...
Dang, is that all it takes? Sheesh. You'd think they'd get it fixed.
July 29, 2009 9:52 AM

You'd think that Blogger would have found a workaround for all blogs, but they didn't. Unfortunately, this is the best--and ONLY--workaround I know of. IE8 is really buggy, and I'm actually really curious as to how and why the folks at Microsoft have not yet fixed IE 8, since that seems to be the source of the problem.
July 29, 2009 11:22 AM

Here's to hoping that Windows does a better release the next time around. If not, I may just have to talk to my brother about Linux and Red Hat.


Pamela said...

well -- at least you know if you call the cops they won't need directions to your house. ha ha.

I'm not posting much or reading much this summer. It's been one of those busy (but fulfilling) times.

Intense Guy said...

Mumbles something about only announcing the birthday *party* had started...


Hmmm.. I better get the card into the mail...


AliceKay said...

Cute pic for the start of the celebration, Iggy. :)

I'm glad the cops weren't there because of problems at your place, Styxie.

*hugs* Just cuz...

betty said...

hi; just popped in to check out your blog because I saw Intense Guy's early tribute to your birthday and then I saw a comment you left on Martha's (Menagerie) blog, thanking her for visiting, and thinking her idea of the virtual vacation with Koda (my dog) was a cute idea, so I thought I'd take a peek at your blog. I was amazed at how many blogs you maintain! I have trouble with 4 and am thinking of consolidating some how, just not sure how yet.

interesting about the police visiting; that would scare me for sure, perhaps because I'd be concerned they were there because of my 20 y/o son (he's had a bit of a wild past at times; he and his friends). good to know though, that you live in an area where they are checking out things and keeping an eye on the surroundings

I like your being on strike about commenting on people's blogs too; I can totally relate. I occasionally go through my blogs I follow and blog manage to keep the amounts of blogs I follow down and usually the ones that aren't really good about commenting (like never) as opposed to me commenting on every single of their entries, go fist. Surprisingly, its amazing how many times I'll stop following and stop leaving comments and I never hear from them again. I'd be curious why someone stopped leaving comments, know what I mean (and I think you do)

enjoy the day :)


Liz Mays said...

I don't like the idea of a criminal lurking around your neighborhood, most especially when you're home alone. You'd better keep that deadbolt on and BE CAREFUL!

Thank you for finally getting rid of all of the insects on your header. I like this one just fine! :)

And...I'm an ice cream sandwich.

You are well grounded, reliable, and very balanced.
You love to work hard, but you also know how to take it easy.

People might be surprised to know you have a very goofy side to you.
You like to let loose and have fun. You just don't let yourself go too crazy!

How does that match up with me? LOL

Anonymous said...


Just kidding...I'm writing more than that...but I liked that tidbit you put in there! I agree. I get a lot of 'well I never know what to say', oooookkkkkkaaaaaaayyyyyyyy

So anyways, cop situation is bizarre. Seriously, they woke everyone up in the middle of the night to make sure everyone is ok? I would be livid. Once I get to sleep I sleep hard, if something wakes me up I'm up for good. I would post something on your door that says 'no we are not the perpetrator, they moved, leave us alone'.

Deanna said...

So was the cop cute?

I've been doing a little catching up - that scar on your leg in the previous post is one serious looking scar. Who could've guessed a scratch could do so much damage. Glad your southern mama stepped in.

I'm with you on the followers who don't leave comments. I have tons of visitors who don't bother to comment and somehow it kinda deflates me :(

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, you youngster you.... Huge Hugs!

Martha said...

Well I just love your blog and your attitude about blogging. Even though I just "met" you I'm putting you on my sidebar so I don't lose you in the mad rush.

Ive been on summer break and go back to work tomorrow - ick! Things will be crazy and quite busy for a while.

Because I work full time and have a family life I tend to be a comment back kind of blogger, so if you come by to comment I'll come back to comment back too! And on and and on it goes :-)

Jan n Jer said...

At least the police are checking your neighborhood, that has to make you feel better. I forgot to tell you I like your new header. Its a great photo of the pennies.

Melissa B. said...

Happy B-day! I guess the visit from the po-pos was your early present? Keep those doors locked, galfriend. I'm still trying to figure out the comments thing. But don't worry about moi...I'll keep coming back over here!

Karla said...

Your cops are better than ours!! Couple weeks ago there was a driveby one block over no cops came here to see if everyone was ok!!! yeah I'm with Deanna..was he cute? LOL

Have a wonderful week!

Wendyburd1 said...

Okay that is a LOT of cop visits, I'd be scared!!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Just have to say that I love the little icon shots of you reacting to what you're discussing :)

And you won this week's giveaway so send me your addy so I can ship it your way. That is, if you like dogs and all ;)

MarmiteToasty said...

Pointing me finger at Iggy for the birthday slip LOL........


Toriz said...

IE 8 causes problems with more than just that. I don't know what they've done to the codes in it, but Jaws can't recognize them, and it's meant to be able to work with anything compatible with Windows XP and up. I mean, it works with Vista for gods sake... You'd think it would work with IE 8... It worked fine with IE 7! But they screwed up big time with IE 8, so I'm sticking with Firefox (at least for the time being).

Cops always show up when you don't want them. It's when you want/need them to be around that you can't find them.

We've been here about 18 months now, and we're still getting calls and letters for the people who lived here before us. Last time we got one of the calls they woke me up... I wasn't happy and wasn't exactly polite when I pointed out that I was getting fed up of being telephoned by the same company about a person that I've said a hundred times doesn't live here any more. They then asked if I knew where they were, so I told them that if I did I'd have said the first time they called. I wouldn't mind so much, but I've actually had them phone 4 times in one day. Thing is, it's a withheld number, so I can't get the number to get the phone company to block them.

ChicagoLady said...

I love the pictures you took of yourself for the post! How cool!

I would have been quite rude to the cop who woke me up just to make sure I was "ok". I probably would have mumbled yes then slammed the door in his face. LOL



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