pt 6: And that's all she wrote

So Sunday was our last full day in TN. We had breakfast in the usual place and had a lovely walk afterward, as seen from the last entry dealing with the the trip.

On our way to gramma's, we'd planned on stopping along the way there so I could get some shots of the wildflowers. We'd nearly gotten to the last corner before gramma's house when it began to rain. It wasn't coming down in buckets, but it was enough to make me decide that it wasn't a good idea to step out with my brand new camera!

By the time we finished our visit with gramma, the rain had cleared up and the sun was beginning to peak out again. YAY! So we took our time going down that road, stopping at every grouping of flowers that looked promising. It's where I grabbed the picture that's presently up in the header. They're Butterfly Weed but a couple of us have nicknamed them Yaya flowers because of that great orange color. Thank goodness for a zoom lens as I don't like flying insects that can hurt me. I was really surprised that I managed to get two different types of bee in that shot. While I was out, I grabbed a nice shot of the Queen Anne's Lace as well.

We took our time getting back home, mostly because I needed me time again... but also so we could talk about gramma. Hubby's really not happy with how we found her this time either. When we pulled in at home we turned to see a beautiful rainbow that just seemed to get brighter by the minute.
Oh and we found Skynyrd waiting on us too. I can't believe how photogenic this dog is. I wish Katy would sit as still so I could get some decent shots of her instead of the blurry ones that I throw away because she'd wiggling so damned much. I had to reiterate to hubby that this dog STAYS when we leave. Having another "child" to deal with when we travel is not a good idea. Especially since we're in a pick-up truck and don't exactly have room for anything larger than Katy on the seat with us.
Well, we all got ready for bed. The Neph went for his bath and then ran out to the livingroom to play with his race cars. I give you one guess who I thought of the minute I saw these jammies. It was easy to get the ham to cheese it up and smile for the camera.

I won't bore you with more scenery shots from the drive home. I did get a better shot of the one water tower on the way back and lots of shots of a lake in the area. If you wanna see them they're over in the Flickr. I will share this one sticker I saw. Some of you will recognize him from a previous entry. Pbbbt!
As soon as we made it back into town, we drove right over to the "spa" to pick up Katy. I kept telling hubby that it would be nice if we left her for one more day. You see who the more important one is, don't ya? She was mighty glad to see him though....
And look what I found guarding our townhouse when we got in for the night. I think the place is bugged!


Anonymous said...

Yay for the orange flowers!!!

Yeah, anytime I get out my camera my dog starts barking and running around.

Liz Mays said...

That rainbow is beautiful! I hardly ever get to see a big arch like that.

Your nephew is very cute and clearly likes being photographed.

It's always nice to be home again, isn't it?

Intense Guy said...

Hey that "peeling" effect on the banner is really cool! How'd ya do it? :)

Umm, hmmm, now who could the Neph's PJ's have reminded you of... there are sooooooooooo many SpongeBob fans out there... I mean, ooohhh SpongeBob... SPONGEBOB!!! Look at those PeeeeeeeeeJayyyyyyyyyys!!! Oh I'm so rady to have a pait like that, I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!

ahhh ahhhh breathe.... Oh and two nice doggy pictures in this entry... Katy looks so happy its like, its like, its like, well, she got a pair of her own SpongeBob Pee Jays!!!

Intense Guy said...

P.s, I got sooo excited I typo'ed out. LMAO! rady-ready, pait-pair...

$0.03 plus the SpongeBob fashion show cover charge $1.25.

AliceKay said...

LOL @ Iggy.

Great shots as always, Styxie. You managed to get quite a few bees in those pictures. The rainbow is very pretty. Low to the ground like the last one I posted...which is unusual for my area. In those mountains, it might be the norm. Loved it.

Yep...looks like your home is bugged.

Jan n Jer said...

You sure are getting some "Kodak moments" Its helps to preserve your vacation and nice to look back on. Keep snaping!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh I do so love your pictures!!!!! You have a super cute nephew!! Bella loved the SB jammies.

Deanna said...

That rainbow is absolutely gorgeous. Either you have a really good eye for photography or you have a great camera :)

Sorry grammy isn't getting the care you would like. That is always tough.

I can't imagine which Iggy you thought of when you saw nephs jammies.

The Wife O Riley said...

I would have taken one look at that bug and got in the car and drove away.

Grand Pooba said...

Is that a moth? Please tell me it's not a moth, I hate moths! They're so...dusty. Creeps me out.

I love that you call the orange flowers Yaya flowers, love it!

Sherri Murphy said...



Toriz said...

LOL @ Iggy!

Glad you're enjoying your new camera so much. :)

Melissa B. said...

More Superior Snaps! I love those orange flowers with the bumble bees, too. And Queen Anne's lace is just heavenly...the way it looks AND the way it smells!

Karla said...

beautiful rainbow! And beautiful flowers!

ChicagoLady said...

Beautiful pictures! I wonder if they make those jammies in Extra Big Boy? LMAO



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