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I simply adore these little shorts that they do. They've got 14 of them so far and each one's made me LOL! Their latest installment, Congratulations, is a little rougher to take, cosidering what a few of us are going through, but it's still funny nonetheless. I know I've had it happen a few times before. There was this one dress that I particularly like wearing simply because it hid how fat I was. It accented the belly a bit and as a result I passed off as pregnant instead of fat!

Anyhow, how many of you have used the above excuse to avoid having to do the daily exercise?

*sheepishly raises hand*


Anonymous said...

Haha! That was cute!

Liz Mays said...

Thanks for the little bit of fun on Saturday night. I wouldn't mind a trainer myself.

MarmiteToasty said...

dam and bugger, just an empty square is showing up lol


Deanna said...

LOL that was funny

Intense Guy said...

Can I use that excuse?


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