It's been raining off and on here in my neck of the woods. Wet enough to whine about it (and check for webbing between the toes), but not so much I can bitch. I cant overly complain because there are others west of me who are getting it worse than I am.
Got an invite to this site called Quechup from a friend. It's ok I guess. Got myself an account there but Im not sure Im going to keep it. I have no clue why really need another place to stick a blog when I have Blogger, 360 and 2 MySpaces. The only thing I see that's different is they have an extensive gaming area. I could always use it to drive peeps this way ;) LOL.
Still waiting on the place that the dr wants to do a CT scan on hubby and myself to call for an appointment. We've been getting a few calls that have said Unknown and havent had a phone number attached to them on my Caller ID. I certainly hope it aint one of them. The nurse called today to check on something on my hubby and I mentioned it to her so Im not sure if it registered in her head or if she was too busy to notice.
Got a pressy from my SCSis today. She's burned me a cd and sent a scented candle in a pretty tin. Not sure Im fond of the smell but that tin is awesome. It's tiger print with a leopard print lid. It's so friggin me. Im not sure on the cd...I think it was supposed to be music. Im almost afraid to pop it in as her tastes and mine are...well....ummm different. She really likes the heavy bass and rapping stuff that I normally cannot stand. We'll see.
I was surfing online the other day in sporting good stores and finally found an exercise bike that has a weight limit required to hold my fat ass. It's at a reasonable price too. Most that I've seen that have the higher weight limits run $300-$800 +. Much to much for our budget. This one came in at a nice $178 at Academy Sports (Dicks and Sports Authority had the same model for $41 more). Now it's seeing if it's in the funding here. It all depends how far behind we are on the bills n shit (and how much it 's gonna cost to fix the wipers on the truck). I may just insist on it for my birthday. All I know is I really gotta do something about this extra Im huffing....Im really tired of it.


ChicagoLady said...

I hear ya on wanting to get rid of extra weight. I've started watching more closely what I'm eating, and trying to exercise as much as possible. Helps that we have an exercise room at work that I have free access to. It has four treadmills, three ellipticals, a stationary bike, multiple weight machines, free weights, and two exercise balls.

LadyStyx said...

The problem with me is that I cant stand on my feet too long anymore as Im so damn heavy. With my feet and the knees acting up, treadmills, ellipticals and the such are out of the question right now. Also a concern is the weight limits on most machines, I have to lose before I can even get ON them. The bike I was looking at actually has the higher weight allowance and is something my knees and feet wont groan at (meaning I'll be more likely to use it so long as it's MY idea to be on it and Im not being FORCED to use it).


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