Anyone miss me?

Nope, I didnt think so.

Thursday and Friday were slightly busy days for us here. Thursday we had a going away luncheon for 3 of the guys at hubby's work. Looks like there's going to be one of these every other week for a while (if not every week). This time we went to a chinese restaurant. Yeah, me who doesnt like eating anything I cant identify readily actually went along. Personally, if Im going to go to a restaurant like this, I prefer the buffets as I can pick what I like. This wasnt the case. In this restaurant, it was order from the menu. They had where you could order each person their own dish OR family style. Family style is where they bring out several dishes and everyone picks what they want from the lazy susan in the center of the table (read modified buffet). Thankfully one of the gals that works at the U.N. (the nick I have for T.I.) was with us and spoke chinese so it was easier to order. I was told by someone at our table that half the fun going out with that lady is watching the floor show as she haggled with the waitresses in their own language. She did us well though as there was maybe one dish I didnt sample (tofu...ew). I liked the seafood soup that was brought. It looked nasty but I did recognize the crab meat so I figured it couldnt be ALL bad ( somehow I think Im better off not knowing what that clear jelly stuff was in please no one tell me ). The pork they brought out was tough, but edible. The beef dish, we were informed, seems to be an American favorite in their establishment. It was really good but too spicy for my liking. The fish....umm... well let's just say I have this thing about eating anything looking back at me (to the point where when Im eating boiled shrimp I cover their little exploded eyes before I rip their heads off....then I turn the torn off head so it's facing the other direction) !! Their crispy chicken was really good (thank God they served it on the know The Rumor about those Chinese restaurants). It was much like deep fried turkey.

After lunch we went to see The Fantastic Four movie. It turned out pretty good. I liked it better than their first movie which is unusual as the first movies usually are much better than the sequels. It was fast paced enough to keep me entertained the whole time and with the exception of the fact I drank my whole bottle of water during the first half of the movie (mouth was still burning from lunch) I think I could have sat through it without fidgeting. I wish I could have said the same for Spiderman 3 which lagged so bad in places that it was almost as bad as that huge steaming turd called The Hulk (2003 version). You know it's bad when you nearly fall asleep in the middle of an action film (and my now husband actually DID several times and he's a comic book buff). All in all it was a very nice day.

Friday started earlier than I would have cared for. We both had dr appointments and were scheduled to be in at 915am. His was in the computer for 930am and mine for 10am. They're learning to get me in 30-45 minutes early so my blood pressure has a chance to come down some. They took him in for his at 9 am (we always run earlier than the appointment time so they take us early if no one else is in). I sent him in with a list (which he dutifully produced for the dr from what I hear...such a good boy) and with all that needed to be addressed I didnt get in until nearly 10am (which is fine because I spent the time talkin to the receptionist Maudi). While they were getting me weighed (273...*sigh* gotta get back on track and knuckle down), they still had him held hostage in his room. I, too, had brought a list in for the doctor (mine was twice as long). My blood pressure was up a little (134/78..I usually run about a 120-125 on top) but considering what of one of my items was it's really no surprise (gotta love those Well Woman visits...*bah*). I was informed one part of my Well Woman visit isnt done until the age of 40 so I have a few years before I need to worry about that part...unless something's found that shouldnt be there...then well...*sigh*. While waiting on the dr the nurse had me leave a urine sample (they pretty much test me each time now as hubby and I are trying to have kids).

The first thing we discussed were my sinuses. She took a look and even after an hour and a half after I took my meds (and Im taking the extra Flonase on top of my Astelin this week thanks to those damn friggin crepe myrtles blooming) my nose, ears and throat still looked horrid (and to think I was actually feeling good...just a mild sore throat). I told her what the other dr suggested and also told her I'd been thinking back and remembered taking a box of formula to the face (right on the bridge between the eyes...didnt have any bleeding nor bruising just a major headache the rest of the day) while unloading a truck a few years back. She thinks it's possiblethat that's the problem and has sent in an order for me to have a CT scan to see what's going on up there. They'll be calling me this week to set an appointment. If they havent called by Tuesday, I'll be calling them.

Next thing we discussed was the results of the above mentioned urine sample. Nope, the rabbit didnt die this month either. Oh least practicing's fun! My dr basically decided that due to my age we need to stick things on a faster track. It's not as though Im still in my 20's and still have a whole lot of time to keep trying. As she put it, we dont have time to futz around anymore. As such she gave me the number for a ob gyn to call this week and get in. We'd discussed what I like best in a dr and why I dont like certain ones so she said that this one should fit my needs quite well. I'll be giving them a jingle Tuesday to make an appointment. Why wait? Because Im hoping for a call from the CT people beforehand (and another that I'll discuss in a minute) so I can schedule things accordingly. I'd like to try and get it all done in one day if possible although it would be a great excuse to get out of this house more than once a week.

In the last several months, I've had a couple moles show up on my skin that I find worrisome. They're not showing the signs of being cancerous, but you never can be sure. I told the dr that we need to keep an eye on them. My mom had had a couple that kept cropping up after being frozen off so she ended up having them removed surgically (which was good because they were pre-cancerous). I was one of those sun-worshippers as a child and teen and as such I need to keep my eye out for stuff like that. My dr said my skin looks good so no worries there.

While checking south of the belly button she took a look at my feet as well. She says the toe nails are looking good (from that surgery back last spring) and that the podiatrist did a good job on them. I asked her if the occasional pain I get on them is due to them growing in and the fact the ends are rather thick. She is pretty sure that that is probably why and if it really is bothersome then to take some ibuprophen for the pain. I also had her check the cyst that's on my foot. It's been there for years and hurts now and then. The worst it does is bug me for just being there and wear holes into the insides of my sneaks. She said not to mess with it but yes we'll keep an eye on that too. Im gathering as long as it doesnt infect (like my mom's did years ago) and it doesnt cause me much pain I wont need to have it removed.

We also discussed my weight a bit. I told her that my main problem seems to be after 5pm when I seem to get really hungry and not really satisfied. Mornings are ok (I just have a breakfast bar or small bowl of cereal and juice), afternoons are ok (when I have a sandwich, or salad and a yogurt), but once I get to 4pm or so I get the munchies which last for hours. Worse yet is the fact I'd like to have ONE meal with my hubby and because of this dont eat supper until 8pm. I then went on to tell her about my brother who managed to lose 31 pounds on Atkins. Her response, then try going heavier on the protein and lighter on the carbs and see if it works for you too. I think Im going to rearrange my eating schedule and start eating earlier and having a light snack at hubby's dinner time so it at least FEELS like we're sharing a meal. Im also considering an earlier bedtime so I get 8 hrs of sleep a night. I found when I was getting that sleep I was losing a bit of weight. Im also considering looking into a diet aid that can be taken in the evening and will help me sleep a whole night and not toss and turn all night like I do now.

Last thing we discussed was my back. That one spot still hurts some (a level 2 out of 10 in discomfort) no matter what position I put myself into. It really makes doing some things rather uncomfortable. She told me it's in the muscle but was worried enough to say she was going to fax in a referral to a therapist. I'd only have to go a couple times or so just long enough to learn some exercises that would help that part of my back out. My luck the therapist will take one look and say I have to come more often just for the benefit for the rest of my back. I just hope the insurance covers all of this. What I need to do is if there's a local pool that has an aqua-slimnastics program affiliated with it. Then I could exercise a bit more comfortably. What I also need is an exercise bike that has a weight limit higher than the 250 pound standard limit. It's pretty piss poor when ya gotta lose weight to get on the equipment that will help you lose the weight. The bikes with the higher limits run no less than $400 in most places. My NYBro suggested waiting until September or so when the stores are trying to get rid of the old stock for the newer models and see if there's one in my price range then.

After my appointment with the doctor, I was sent to play with the vampires. Man, I hate doing that. The one I got didnt play nice at all. Usually I walk out with maybe a drop of blood and no major marking on my arm. This time...well the cotton had alot more blood than usual on it and I have a bruise on my arm. Definitely not usual. Thankfully I dont usually get the same person again so maybe the next one wont leave a mark. If they do, Im going to start bringing in a clove of garlic when I go.

Not much else is going on. We went to WalMart on Friday after the drs office and dropped off all our scripts. They told us an hour, but when we got back the orders weren't ready. Come find out once the scripts are entered, any WalMart pharmacy can fill them. This is good for when you are travelling and need an emergency refill on the medicine. It ISNT good , however, when it happens and you're in your home pharmacy. Seems that one of the pharmacy across town filled it and it was sitting over there. As such, the one we were at couldnt fill them until the first store returned the orders back to stock and that would be at least 24 hours. Stupid shitz. Only good thing that came out of this trip is the new Bon Jovi cd I bought (Lost Highway). It's got a more country flavor than his older stuff but doesnt steer away from his sound entirely. I played the title track last night on my stream (the room consisted the most part of me, myself , I and the dustbunnies under my desk with a brief appearance of a little chirpy lady in the room for about a half hour). I also played Till We Aint Strangers Anymore (gotta love those hick titles) which is his duet with LeAnn Rimes.

Last night I went to the link on the paperwork for the CT scan and found where they had the paperwork online so it could be downloaded and filled in early. This will help out because invariably I forget something while doing it in the office and this way I can look up certain info needed to complete the papers. Im not looking forward to any of this, to say the least but it's either this or stay sick the rest of my life.


ChicagoLady said...

Busy two days you had! I don't think my two days in Memphis were that busy, lol.

When you get a good phlebotomist, you need to try to make sure he/she will be there, so you don't have to deal with the bad ones. I've never been good with getting blood drawn either. I tend to faint, lol.

Has hubby been tested to make sure his swimmers are all strong? Has the doctor considered fertility pills to speed things up, or does she just want the two of you to try more often? LOL

LadyStyx said...

Not so much busy but just relay as much info as possible. I could have simply said "Thursday I went to lunch and a movie. On Friday I went to the drs, breakfast and WalMart" and been done with it. But I know several would ok, how'd the appt go? So I just give all the info.

I never seem to get the same person drawing my blood as they rotate through and my appointments never match up. I *STILL* have a slight bruising where the blood was drawn. Dont like having blood done either so I usually look away and hum as it's being down. It beats crying and screaming like I used to. No hubby aint been tested to check his swimmers. First trip is to the ob gyn and she'll decide at that point what options we need to follow. Im all for the "trying" more often option though ;) LOL!


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