Feeling like a jigsaw puzzle

It's one of those days where Im not sure how I want to feel. Part of me is worried, part of me is happy and another part is hopeful. I feel just all mixed up inside.

Got an email from my mom this morning that worried the hell out of me. It was dated 9pm her time. Well, she got a call from my brother saying that they had to batten down the hatches there. Why? Because someone in the neighborhood called the cops to report a domestic disturbance a few doors down from him. When the cops arrived they found a 15 yr old boy beating the hell out of his mother. As they approached him, he pulled a gun and shot the 2 cops dead. This boy's still on the loose and they dont know if he's still in the neighborhood or not. I havent heard an update yet today. Mind you their neighborhood is a bit more rural then mine so the houses arent quite so close together BUT they have little ones (my niece is 4 and my nephew is around 2). Needless to say, Im pretty worried.

I learned something new today. Chicagolady commented on the home page yesterday that she liked the way I posted those lyrics. For those who liked them also I got the code from http://www.metrolyrics.com/ . They have a way where you can customize them too. Some of the lyrics dont have the pictures with them like that Avril Lavigne one I posted yesterday. In fact, the Ace Frehley picture didnt come with the lyrics..it had a blue discball behind the lyrics *bah*. I figured it was alot like my My Space codes so I used what I needed and substituted one line in it to get the picture up. Im very happy with the result. That's an awesome picture of him too (thank God for Google). Im very happy when I can apply knowledge of something I learned elsewhere into a new environment.

As for the hopeful part, Im not going to blog about that yet because I dont want to jinx things.

EDITED 409pm central: The boy in the first paragraph was found dead. Details on this link. http://www.wave3.com/Global/story.asp?S=1745472


ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad the situation resolved itself without injury to anyone else in the area. I'm sorry that the young man chose to end his life that way and that he took a deputy with him. My prayers are with both families involved.

LadyStyx said...

Yes it's sad he chose to do it that way. I'm thinking that since he took lives (whether on accident or on purpose) he felt he had no other way out because he was going to die anyhow. As such, chose to spare his family the pain and the embarrassment of a long drawn out trial and placed judgement upon himself. Maybe there was something more to this than what the media has told us.


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