Wednesday May 30th :Trip to NY part 1: Getting there's half the fun (aka How to make a 6 hr flight last 12 hrs).

Wednesday May 30th :Trip to NY part 1: Getting there's half the fun (aka How to make a 6 hr flight last 12 hrs).
We took the pooch to the vet for boarding on Tuesday the 29th so thankfully we didnt have much hurrying to do to get out the door. Just the usual stuff that needed to be packed at the last possible minute (medicines, brushes etc). We grabbed breakfast at McD's and read the paper. The sky was beautiful with not a lick of trouble. As we approached the airport, I remembered a conversation I was having with daddy on Tuesday night. Their layover was going to be in Dallas but they didnt think we'd make it to the airport in enough time so not to worry about seeing them off as their plane was due out about 950am or so (about the time we were scheduled to arrive and go through security). I looked up to the sky as we walked up to the terminal and saw those nasty black clouds starting to roll in. I remember telling hubby that my folks were probably just now leaving and wondering if we were going to make it out because of the nasty weather starting to head in. Man, I was hoping it would hold off at least until we took off. While waiting at our gate, it got darker and darker out there. We could see the wind whipping the rain was coming down in buckets! Let's not even mention the lightning. Needless to say our flight got delayed so I fired up my cell phone to let everyone else know. We were supposed to meet Gary at the Syracuse airport, go see his house and then to supper Wednesday night. I called him to let him know there was going to be a delay, we may end up in a bit later. Then I called my cell phone to get my messages. I had to laugh at the first was from my mom. The message was telling me that the Dallas news was reporting 1 hr 30 minute delays at the airport and not to believe it for a minute as the skies were beautiful and planes were taking off left and right. I take it back, I didnt just laugh...I ROARED in laughter. The next message was from my TxSis checking to see if I got out before the storms fired up. I called her back to let her know that nope I was still there in Dallas. Lord help me but I cant remember the rest of that conversation. While I was on with her I got a call from my SIL (bro's wife) to find out if we got out. Again I cant remember most of that conversation other than they were going to end up being the first ones in to Syracuse (and here we all thought they'd be last....reminds me of the tortoise and the hare story...). Called Gary again once I realized we wouldnt be in Syracuse until nearly 11pm and made arrangements for him to call us when he got out of work the next day. While on the phone with one of them my daddy called to tell me to check in at the desk and the key'd be there because my bro was going to get us all checked in with rooms. Hubby and I went to get some lunch as at this point we werent scheduled to leave until 2pm (and because of this delay we'd miss our original connection so they put us on the next flight giving us a 3 hr layover in Charlotte). I told him that if it got pushed later that we should grab the truck and just drive as we'd get there a whole lot faster. While we were eating, mom n daddy wandered down from their gate to visit with us. May as well as there wasnt anything else for them to do. They'd gotten delayed repeatedly and cancelled and rescheduled. At the end of it they were due to go out around 3 something and got routed through DC. *ugh* After a short visit mom n daddy went back to their gate. Our plane got out just after 2pm. Charlotte was a 3 hour layover and then the flight in to Syracuse. Getting our checked bag was a trip with all those damn black bags. At this point I swore when I got home I was going to paint ours with hot pink polka dots (and I hate polka dots!!). I had sent hubby ahead to get the rental car as Alamo closed at 11:59pm and he only had 10-15 minutes to get to their counter. We started off to the hotel when I got a call from my daddy asking where we were and I told him. He said to take Exit 38 off the thruway and he was waiting on the side for us. Go figure they left later than us and arrived before we did. SHEESH. Anyhow, on his way to the hotel he'd noticed construction and was afraid we'd get lost (does he know his daughter or what!) so he and mom came out to lead us in to the hotel. When we finally got to the hotel we were all beat to high heavens but by the time we got to bed in our respective rooms it was well after 1am...closer to 2am. Mom and dad had had a trip and a half with all the excitement and the airlines losing their luggage. At that point hubby was mighty greatful I'd had the presence of mind to pack a few extras in the carry-on just in case.
You know what the worst part of the trip was? Getting on one of the planes and discovering my engagement ring had broken to the point it's unwearable right now. Lord knows when or where I was when it broke, all I know is on the band (palm side) it's split to the point where it looks like one of those cheap adjustable costume rings. Man Im so upset! If hubby cant find the receipt Im going to have to get a new ring (this could be a benefit now I think of it...).

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