Saturday June 2nd: Messing with the Waitress (aka: Last Breakfast with the family)

We all got up and ready Saturday morning. Bro and his immediate clan had to get on the road by noon and hubby and I had a flight to catch at 2pm (which meant being at the airport by noon for check in *ugh*). So we all congrated in the hotel restaurant and wouldnt you know the waitress we got was the same as the day before (she also serviced the buffet on Friday). We all placed our orders and commensed to doing what we do (yeah Im long winded and it's my folks' fault) and cut up (my bro and daddy are the worst when it comes to this). The waitress came out with a bowl of syrup because a number of us had ordered either waffles or pancakes. When she left, bro suggested to daddy that they pour the syrup in a different cup and hide it and ask for a refill. When she came back through daddy held up the bowl ..said it was yummy and could he please have more? I thought she was going to lose it for sure she was laughing so hard. Somehow daddy managed to get the blame for the whole thing. Bro got up to take his daughter to the potty and the waitress came back with more syrup while he was gone at which point bro's wife squealed on him. The waitress took and hid his chair on him. He gets back, looks and says "Nice", then promptly grabs another chair to sit in. A bit later another prank was pulled on her, I cant remember what it was but she came out in retalliation with a to-go packet of syrup and a straw for daddy. This escallated to daddy pouring the rest of the syrup into a to-go cup so it looked like coffee and asking for it to be topped off and if she could bring some sweetener for it... LOL. It took her a half second because at first glance it looked like coffee but then she one had coffee at the table. You'd be hard pressed to think that we were in town for a burial and not just a family reunion with the way we were acting.
After breakfast we all stood around in the lobby for a bit for that one last visit before heading our separate ways. This was probably the saddest part of the trip. Leaving and knowing we wont be seeing each other again for at least a year. My folks have no more vacation time and I doubt my brother does either...not to mention hubby. Money is going to be a restriction on all of us for a bit as well as this was rather expensive for all. Hubby and I took our leave, got the car topped off and returned. We made it in more then plenty of time. I had enough time to call my TxSis and let her know all was well. I figured I'd better because on CNN that morning was a huge story about this attempt or threat at JFK airport in NYC. Thankfully our first leg was bringing us to LaGuardia...a whole different airport. I just didnt want her to worry if she saw the news.
The first leg of the trip was...well just let's say interesting. I know for sure my mom would have hated it. We were on one of those prop planes. GAWD you can feel every damn bump and wiggle in it. I didnt like it for sure.Thankfully it was a short flight. The second leg from NYC to Charlotte was a better flight, sort of. We touch down in NYC and check the board...the flight's on time. This is good because this would give us only a short layover in Charlotte. Hubby had time to go out and pollute his lungs and I had a little time to grab a gift for my SCSis (she's a Yankees fan- bigtime). By the time we got to our gate...the damn flight got delayed for an hour. *sigh*. Hubby went to the podium to get our seat assignments for the delayed flight and see if we were going to make our connection to Dallas (I told him if there was less than a 15 minute time between flights we may end up stuck there or on a later flight). They told him that he should be able to, he'd have to because that flight from Charlotte to Dallas was the LAST one for the day. *UGH*!! We touchdown in Charlotte and damn if the flight out isnt running on time (loading at 7pm) and we have 12 minutes or so to get to the gate. Top things all off we're in early Zones on the ticket PLUS I gotta go to the bathroom (I refuse to use the airplane restrooms as Im too big to get in there comfy and I dunno how well the clean them between flights). We hit the gate running...I threw my stuff at hubby and bolted for the restroom. When I got out we ran (well ok waddled very very very fast) for our gate (which was at the opposite side of the airport mind you). You've never seen 270 pounds of woman move so fast. We got to the gate with a minute to spare. My legs HURT so bad (yeah Denise, I KNOW how you feel on that elliptical) and I thought my heart was going to burst right out of my chest. I didnt have time to call TxSis as I had promised...well I did but I was so winded I had trouble breathing fk talking to someone (she woulda just asked me where the hell I managed to have sex in the airport and not bought the running story anyhow)....God I gotta lose weight. The plane left at 730pm (damn you mean I coulda WALKED and STILL made it???). We arrived in Dallas shortly after 830pm (remember there's that 1 hour difference and a 2 hr flight coming from east to west looks shorter on paper than going the other direction). By this time hubby REALLY needed to pollute his lungs (fkn nicotine....I hate that stuff) so I stayed in the terminal to get our bag.
We got to the truck and headed home. On the way we stopped for a bite to eat at Applebees (and a spirited drink which we BOTH needed at this point). Got home after supper to a freaked out cat (she'd been alone for a few days and all of a sudden there are people in the house) and the realization we'd lost power sometime during the time we'd been gone (the stove clock was blinking). Made the bed and quick cleaned out the frige. Unpacked and sorted all into the laundry baskets then crashed for the night.
While in NY daddy had sent bro and I home with care packets. One thing that was sent with us was a typed out version of Aunt D's (gramma's sister who passed a few years back) trip journal from when gramma moved her to Florida. Here's the first entry out of it:
Lousy, rainy cold day. We're off after stopping at 39 Holiday Inn. That is, after MH finally released the brake after telling the trailer to move. 11:45am on-2 bus tours and we left for the first lap of the trip. Foliage on 81 was beautiful, but too rainy to stop and take pictures and anyway I didnt have a camera. Saw sun at Harrisburg and was clear and sunny all the way to Chambersburg. Got our room (nice) and went to dinner. We both had very ravenous appetites. Already had our beds turned down at 9pm. Both pooped and I didnt drive one inch of the way. Going to send a couple of cards and go nite nite. We are in our Dr Denton's.
translation for those who need it:
39 Holiday Inn= the Holiday Inn near exit 39 off the NYS Thruway (toll road that goes through New York). This is the same Holiday Inn was stayed at this last trip and also where gramma used to work when she lived up north.
MH= gramma
81= Interstate that goes north to south through the eastern states of the US
Dr Dentons= pajamas

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