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I was telling you that last week hubby got a call from a company in Virginia. After several days of not hearing anything last week, I commensed to job hunt once again. I filled out 3 more apps Wednesday this week. Two were for stores I had already applied to and one was for Home Depot. I figure the two I reapplied to had new positions available (one business had several I was qualified to do) and that this would serve as a reminder I was still job hunting and that my availability had changed somewhat. Im really kind of hoping for the one company as it had at least 2 positions in the stock area and one is overnights.

Yesterday we got another call from that company in Virginia. Go figure I'd given up and applied to those other places.. Anyhow, the etch leader had decided against him but the company itself is still interested so another boss there is going to be calling at 330pm on Monday. Hubby told me this happened when he first applied to Texas Instruments so Im guessing this is a good thing. Personally a good thing would be an answer so I can just come out of Limboland. Now just watch....something will come through at the same time for both of us and we'll need to make a decision. *shakes head*

In other head shaking news, I was in chat last night talking with some friends when my MSN chirped at me....with a message containing a crack that listening's better than streaming right? Yes indeed. No it wasnt him, but it was his woman. We talked for a while and the excuse I was given for the no contact? Oh he "didnt receive" the email I'd sent and that he always removes people that arent going to be there for a while. Yeah right...there have been others that were no shows and no contact that stayed on the schedule a helluva lot longer... where I at least was making it every other week AND had at least forewarned him. The offer was made for her to send what all he got I was pretty much able to tell her what had been sent and then I turned around and forwarded the email I'd sent to him. It's about 24 hours later and I've yet to get a response. Maybe because I was pretty pissy in the MSN communication. At this point I still havent been added back on the schedule. Do I care if Im put back? Not really. I am still a tad miffed about the whole thing though. Im giving it another week and then just going to block and drop.

Last couple days I've taken and redecorated my web pages. My myspace page has the same pattern as last year because I simply couldnt find anything I really liked for that page. Two of my blogger pages and my other myspace are all decked out for the holidays. I even got decor up for a friend's myspace. That's pretty much all Im going to do in the line of decorations though...other than that Im being humbuggy about the whole season. No sense digging everything out and putting it up if there's a chance I may be packing things up around the holidays. Of course my luck is that if I dont we'll end up here still. *shrugs*

I guess I better close this out. I really need to finish painting those pieces so I can get it all shipped this coming Friday. Not sure if I really feel up to working on them tonight....actually more enclined to grab a mug of hot chocolate, a heating pad and curl up in bed with a book (Im into book 3 of that series now).


Toriz said...

Well, I hope things start to go your way job-wise. At least if you end up getting more than one offer your have options. Then the ball is in your court.

ChicagoLady said...

It's always so easy to claim you never received the email, right? And as few listeners/chatters as that place has, it's no big loss to you to not stream there. Then again, it WAS a place to at least stream if you go the urge.

Keeping my fingers crossed that at least one of the opportunities comes to fruition. Better to decide between 2 than have nothing, right?

Wanna help me find a background for my blog? LOL You're good at finding some really cute ones.

AliceKay said...

Yep, I have my fingers crossed too. Hope good news comes your way very soon.

I wondered if you had heard anything more from "him". I know it's no consolation to hear this sometimes, but yes, it's his loss if he doesn't get in touch with you. I'm sure another site would be happy to have you aboard.

Nice background here, and I noticed a holiday background on another blog I just visited. LOL Very nice, ladies.

LadyStyx said...

LOL... and here I thought I buffed all my fingerprints off my work...guess not!


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