What a beautiful day!

Today started mighty early for me. I'd only gotten to bed by around 4 am or so and something made me get up at 930am or so. Not sure why my mind wouldnt let me sleep because my body was definitely saying it was still exhausted and my mind wasnt in full gear either but neither would let me sleep a minute past 930am no matter HOW deep I buried myself in the blankets. *sigh* Oh well. Of course hubby'd been up since 6am Im sure and was already raring to go for the day. Man I wish he'd keep to the same sleep schedule on off days as he has on work days!! The smell of fresh biscuits was wafting from the kitchen right down into the bedroom so my nose decided to let my belly and tastebuds in on this fact and of course the rest of me had to follow its happy ass out of bed (it's a conspiracy Im tellin ya).

I got myself up and going (sort of)..man I wanted a cuppa tea but I didnt have any ready and didnt feel like waiting for the pot to get ready either. After a plate of breakfast (courtesy of my DH) and a few minutes to wake up, my hubby asked for like the 3rd time when I wanted to go get groceries. *sigh* Ok ok, I'm getting ready.... Then he decides that we're not going anywhere until after the mail shows up *grumble* ok..fine. Im mighty thankful we waited though because my new motherboard arrived today as well as another surprise for me. Ok, so it wasnt much of a surprise really but it was something I'd been looking for for the last 4 years and I was so happy to get my hands on it today. You see, when I ran from Pennsylvania in 2003...I'd left a couple of my most prized porcelain dolls with a friend to send to me when I got settled and the one I treasured above all managed to get broken beyond repair while in her possession. It was a Geppeddo brand doll....a company that has been out of business for several years now. Needless to say, there wasnt any calling the company for spare parts or anything to fix it. The doll in question Im guessing is fairly rare as I couldnt find a listing for it anywhere to save my life. All other Geppeddo dolls I could find on EBay, just not this particular one. Why is it so special? Because a friend of mine thought to buy it for me one Christmas when she was buying for the rest of her girls (one daughter, two in laws and one "adopted"). This doll wasnt exactly the prettiest on the kiosk but I kept getting drawn to her..mostly because she had a really reasonable price (most of the dolls on the kiosk were running close to $100 and this one was only $35) but also because she was a gypsy doll. I was heartbroken when I found out the foot was shattered beyond repair....it's not as though I could take a shoe and glue to the her leg and hide the damage as she was meant to be barefoot so shoes would look very out of place on her. I searched for 4 years now on EBay to find this same doll to replace the broken one and wouldnt you know this year 2 went up for auction within 3 days of each other. Hubby knew how important this doll was to me so he kept close eye on the auction and made sure to win it. She showed up today...the postman wasnt even off my porch before I was getting into that shipment for sure ;).

My new motherboard also showed up today. Hubby, the darling he is, got it installed into my computer....fired up the computer and.......................&%&(%^$&^!!!!! It still wouldnt work. He then says that maybe it was the power source and that he has a spare in the garage. I, for the life of me, still dont understand HOW the fan and monitor and such would work without a powersource but some how it does. So he went out to the garage, got the spare powersource and everything fired up fine. Ugh...been on the laptop 3 weeks and if we'd even thought of that I coulda had it fixed the night it broke down and saved us some money too. The only thing that DIDNT work was the sound....speakers were plugged in, on and didnt have the headphones plugged in....everything that should have been clicked in the volume control was. So what does he end up doing? Ripping out the new motherboard and putting the old one back in...voila...it works. *insert eyeroll here*. I aint gonna argue of fuss though because he has had alot on his mind lately. Im just glad he got it fixed before next week....my back is killing me.

Oh and the company called again today and then emailled to firm up plans for next week. He flies out on Weds at 1030am...lays over in Georgia and then arrives in D.C. that afternoon. His interview is 930am on Thurday so I may know if he has the job or if we gotta wait by that evening. Im not going to promise any news by then because he's going to take a few notes out with him with directions to a couple apartment complexes so he can look for some new digs. There have been a couple we've seen on line that are rather reasonable in cost considering the area and look nice too but I'd like him to at least eyeball them and talk to the leasing offices. Friday he flies out in the morning and I should get to see him by that night. I'd really like to see one of the two in NC come through this week as the rentals in that state are soooo much cheaper but we'll need to take what we can at this point. I've been checking out the weather there and they're running 13-15 degrees cooler than us. Im beginning to wish I asked Santa for a new winter coat for hubby as I believe he's gonna need it in short order.


AliceKay said...

*puts in an order to Santa for a new winter coat for Styxie*

Nice surprise. I'm sure seeing that doll brought back a lot of nice memories for you. I'm happy to hear you have your computer back up and running, too. One less worry on your mind.

Good luck to Ranger, and I hope he has a safe trip to and from. *hugs*

Our predicted high temp for today is 32F. Snow and sleet and then rain heading our way on Sunday and Sunday night. At least it's not predicted for Saturday...Marty drives home from West Virginia sometime Saturday.

Toriz said...

That was a nice surprise for you! Shame the original doll got broken, but I'm glad you managed to get a new one.

Glad your PC is fixed. I didn't get how the fan and monitors can work without the power supply working either, until my Dad told me that they run on their own power supply that's just connected to the PC's power supply.

Good luck to your hubby for the interview. Hope it goes well for him.

LadyStyx said...

Dammit...I hate spammers! I especially hate those that cant be bothered to communicate in the language the blog's written in. Effective immediately this blog is going under moderation. Sorry folks, I hate to do it but damn. Im not advertising space...only ads on my page are posted by me.

ChicagoLady said...

My comments are going to be censored? Guess I better watch my language from now on, lmao.

I'm so glad you got a new doll to replace the one that broke. It's hard losing things that have sentimental value.

Woooooo hooooooooo on getting your computer working again. I don't have a laptop for a backup, so if mine goes poof, I'm netless. Is that a word? LOL

Continuing to keep my fingers (and other things) crossed regarding the job in VA. I promise I only uncross them when I'm driving. I'm told it can be dangerous not to do that, lol.

LadyStyx said...

LOL@ Chicago! Sorry but you see what Im getting in comments. This is twice since I re-opened this blog and since I cant see any way of deleting comments like that (maybe Im simply not seeing how) for this site (unlike MySpace and Yahoo where it's pretty much straightforward) Well I guess I have no choice at this point.

*covers eyes so we dont see a "netless" Chicago* lmao

When fingers uncrossed, cross toes...still can drive safely :)

Yes it's hard to lose things of sentimental value. Unfortunately in my life there have been many things Ive lost that were highly sentimental...especially now with gramma gone...*sigh*

AliceKay said...


~*~Steph~*~ said...

I'm glad you were able to find a doll.It's so hard when cherished things break.

I hope things go the way you and Ranger want them to with this new job possibility.

p.s. Now introducing the "Ask From Santa and Yee Shall Receive Magic Ball",for 5 easy installments of 1,000,000,000.00,you too can own this uniques piece of equipment.Only 3 in the whole world..please send payment through paypal at adverising@upmyass.com


LadyStyx said...

*HUGS* Alice

LOLs @ Steph!! NOw THAT'S an awesome gift!!!


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