Tuesday:completed projects and a phone call

Well today I finally finished up all those little projects that I've been hoping to get completed before week's end. They are all painted, varnished and glued to the scrap green felt. All I'll need to do is separate the pieces and trim down the excess. Once that's done I can pack everything up. With any luck, I'll have it ready for shipment Friday.

After some consideration and a couple conversations with family, I decided to have hubby go ahead and call that company when he woke up for the day. The reason being is that the company's going to need time to book his flight and schedule his face to face interview. We only have 3 weeks left and then there is no job. It would be awesome if we could have another job lined up by then. Like everyone whom I've talked to has said, this company has now made 3 calls to talk to him and evidentally has a very strong interest in having him join their company. If they weren't, they wouldnt be paying his flight, car, hotel and food for 3 days just to meet with him for an hour or so. Hubby placed the call around 330pm yesterday and no one was available so he left a message. With any luck, we'll get a call from them later this morning. I'll keep everyone updated on our progress in this.


Toriz said...

Will keep my fingers crossed that your hubby gets a call back and all goes well!

LadyStyx said...

Thanks!! Updated in a new blog entry. The prayers, finger-crossings, candle lightings and such are working folks! I havent felt this optimistic in months.


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