So hot!!!

So damn hot that I havent even had time to go to my email yet or grab breakfast or nothing. Shortly after I got up (I went straight to the kitchen to cut apart those pieces I finished last night), I'd say maybe 20 minutes later....hubby got up to let the dog out and asked if I'd been to the computer. No I hadnt, why? He says that the tentative plan is for him to be gone from here December 5-7th to Virginia. No, the gal hasnt gotten all the plans and stuff itinerized BUT he's on the schedule for a meeting. I dont remember hearing the phone ringing this morning (we have a handset in the bedroom as well as the kitchen and the home office) and hubby said that he called the company this morning before he came to bed. They'll be emailling him the final details later. I may be editting this later if that email comes in today.


~*~Steph~*~ said...

ok,so I've been trying to play catch up lol...from what I have read,things are going well for you guys.

Hugsss hun

I'm new to this blog site,but hoping to get the hang of it.

ChicagoLady said...

Oh that's awesome Styx! That's next week! I'm keeping everything crossed, haven't uncrossed anything yet! I'm surprised I'm typing so well with my eyes crossed, lmao.

AliceKay said...

Great news, Styxie. I hope things go very well with the face to face interview. It's about time things go well for you and Ranger. *hugs*

LOL, chicagolady. I've been told that you can drive into things when you have your eyes crossed. LOL


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