My final day at work and getting ready to move

For the benefit of Tori the comic above says:
Customer: I have to return this. I dont have the receipt, but it's unopened.
Clerk: Um, we dont sell this item ma'am.
Customer: Of course you do. Im certain I bought it here.
Clerk: Im sorry , but Im positive we dont carry this item. The register doesnt even recognize the barcode.
Customer: I dont care what your computer says. I found this old Grumbel's bag in my closet, so I MUST have bought it here. What more proof do you need?
Clerk: Let's just skip right to the part where I call the manager, shall we?

Yesterday had its ups and its downs. I was feeling better than I had in a week or so, namely because I'd had 3 days off and my feet weren't killing me like they had been. Basically my day started off great. When I got in, the department looked pretty rough, but not nearly as bad as it had been in the previous days. Within the first couple hours (I started at 5pm), I managed to get 3 aisles straightened up and all the reshops that I had found that were ours (but just in the wrong aisles) taken care of. I was scheduled with 2 guys ( both scheduled at 3pm) and that gay girl (scheduled at 2pm) but she'd been at the registers all day doing returns. The guys, on the other hand, werent register trained and had been trying to keep up with the department. Imagine the surprise that I was able to deal with 3 whole aisles and they hadnt managed to do one each yet. I took the shopping cart of the other departments worth of stuff to the front and sorted it into the proper reshop carts, then brought our two carts of reshops back and had one all put away before the guys even knew I was back. My buddy of the two suggested that I go catch a break so I decided to get my lunch in at 7pm. When I got to the floor redid my 3 aisles in about an hour's time. Again reshopping the stuff that belonged to us but were simply in the wrong aisles. I took the backet of stuff belonging to other departments up front again (boy the people in this store are damn pigs!) and started sorting them into the proper baskets. This trip up to the front really irked the shit out of me though. The main reason why is because there was no one up at the service desk to answer questions and I couldnt get anyone in management up there to save my life. I had a customer twist the hell out of my words after cutting me off as I was talking to her. *ugh* Rude bitch. So I felt no problem in correcting her error in a nice loud voice. Adding, of course, that had she allowed me to continue in the first place she would have known all her facts. Nah, had no problem dressing down a customer when it was called for. I havent all season and especially not on my last night. What were the bosses gonna do? Fire me? Nah, all I'd get is a slap on the wrist and a warning for the first offense. I got back to the department and told the one guy I wasnt going to the front again for the whole night as if I got treated like that again I was gonna bodyslam someone. I made good my promise and didnt go to the front not once the rest of the night. The girl scheduled with us didnt make it back to the department until 915pm or so. It was no big deal as 4 out of the 10 aisles had been clean for a couple hours and well maintained since then (I had gotten bored and not only done the 3 I was responsible for but cleaned up the next one over). I caught a break around 945pm and when I got back took a spin through the 4 aisles again. As I was going through one aisle, something caught my eye. I brought it to the gal I was working with and asked her if she noticed something odd about the product. She saw nothing wrong with it until I had pointed out the little sticker on the item. It was a price tag for $10. Mind you most items arent priced in this store except the seasonal items and the redboxed ones in toys. The particular brand in my hand was neither of those, infact it was a LeapFrog item which never bears a sticker. The sticker wasnt even one our store uses......wait for's one that BIG LOTS uses. Mind you, this product was definitely a return AND had to go past at least 2 other people before it made it to the shelf....and the newbie...the person who'd only been at the store 3 WEEKS noticed it. *insert eyeroll here* Being that it was a Big Lots sticker, my best guess is that our store had sold it some time ago and it had gotten discontinued as that's how Big Lots gets alot of their merchandise. If this is the case, that means when it got returned, it was no longer in the store's system and the computer had to contact the home office for a price so it'd be on file for sale later. If the returner got what the product scanned on our price checkers...well then they got less than what it was marked for. Oh well....wasnt ours to begin with anyhow.

Around 1055pm or so , I left the sales floor for the night. After punching off the clock, something told me to swing by the personnel office to see if I could catch a manager back there. I was surprised to find 2 managers and a floor supervisor in there. I asked to speak with one of them and explained that I had talked to the assistant over my area and what exactly was going on that that was to be my last night. Thankfully the assistant had mentioned it to the rest of the management staff. I was a bit surprised as I had worked for smaller companies that didnt have the amount of communication that this store has. The floor manager gave me my exit review and on the paperwork checked the box saying I was rehirable. This way if I go back to the same company again I shouldnt have a problem getting a job. I signed the paper and surrendered my name badge. I told her once I got my checks and my hubby came in, I'd surrender my discount card (hubby had it in his wallet) but no one had told me where to go to get my pay. Shoot they were right there in the personnel office.... woulda been nice if someone had said something during orientation about where to go. So anyhow I got my first 2 paychecks yesterday (one was a one day check for my orientation). I'll have another in 2 weeks time that will have 1 week's wages on it. Once we get to Virginia, I'll send the store my new address so they can mail me the check. I went to the front and got them cashed (thank goodness this company will cash out your checks for you). Then I met hubby at the front and while we were checking out, I took my discount card and brought it to one of the managers.

Today I spent the day weeding the junk off my desk and packing what I could. I decided what needed to come with us and what could go into storage. Yes, I did actually have a desk there. I was beginning to believe everything was just hovering there. Once I got that done I finished packing my crafts. Ive got all the plaster pieces ready to be shipped. Tomorrow I will be finishing up packing my crafts (like I only paint...puh-leez). I have to condense my paints and weed out the paint brushes. While Im at it I have to pack all my needle work and sewing projects. With any luck I'll have a corner and part of a wall in the guest room emptied out so we have a place to put all these boxes that are starting to pile up everywhere. Im hoping to have enough sorted by Friday to know what can be dropped off to the second hand stores. We've already decided that the sofa can stay as we'll have no room for it in an apartment. That's ok though as we have the futon that TxSis gave us and it's much lighter to move, takes up less space AND doubles as a who really NEEDS a sleeper sofa when you have all that. It's not as though either cost us anything anyhow.

I guess I'd better go. I know the time is going to reflect 1159pm but I actually started this around 10pm and it's really 137am now. I guess I ought to get to bed. Im not overly tired though as I caught a couple movies tonight while writing this (Shrek...which was on while I was catching Chicago's stream and A Knights Tale with Heath Ledger) and as such am a trifle keyed up. Ohhh no and the next movie up is one of my all time favorties...The Three Musketeers. What a wonderful cast this movie has Kiefer Sutherland (Athos), Oliver Platt (Porthos), Charlie Sheen (Aremis), Chris O'Donnell (D'Artagnian), Tim Curry (Cardinal Richelieu) and Rebecca De Mornay (Lady Sabine DeWinter). Some of the best lines I have ever heard came out of this movie (especially those voiced by Oliver Platt and Tim Curry...although Rebecca De Mornay's line of "and with a flick of my wrist I can change your religion" is quite priceless too.....). Anyhow I think Im going to catch this movie (for like the 43rd time) which means I may make it to bed around ohhh 4am or so....ahhh well.


AliceKay said...

You did your job well. You won't have any problem getting another one with this company after you move, if that's something you'd be interested in.

Good luck with the packing. (i still have nightmares of boxes piled in my living room) We have more to move out to the storage unit, too, and I've even mentioned it to Marty a couple of times the past two days. (dont think he heard me)

ChicagoLady said...

Good luck to you with getting everything packed! I won't talk to you again until you're in VA. Happy New Year! Happy moving!!! Hugsssssssssssssss

Toriz said...

Good luck with all the packing and moving. I'm dreading when it's my turn to pack and move. Still, the being moved I'm looking forward to... It's just the actual process.

Anyway, happy New Year to you and hubby.

AliceKay said...

Happy New Year to you and Ranger. *hugs*

Anonymous said...


~*~Steph~*~ said...

Good luck with the move hun!!

Things will all come into place soon enough!



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