Good heavens am I tired! The only reason Im still awake at this hour is because I caught no fewer than 3 accidental naps this evening. Well, at least I didnt purposefully lie down to go to sleep...I just kinda crashed in the chair here by the computer. I havent really had much time the last couple days to keep up with everything...Im lucky if I managed to read the blogs Im normally visiting... just was too tired to drop a comment for each one. I havent even managed to read the online "edjumakationalz" for nearly a week! I guess I know what Im doing later when I get up.

Tuesday was another very early morning for us. This is getting rough considering our bodies are attempting to stay on the night-time schedule that hubby's work demands. A couple weeks after we get moved in and mostly unpacked, Im going to need to put myself on daytime hours anyhow but it's really rough jumping back and forth now. Tuesday was supposed to be a cable installation day (internet, tv and telephone) so we had to be there by 9am. Not too bad as it allowed us to sleep an extra 30 minutes or so. They were supposed to show up anywhere from 9-Noon. Key words are supposed to. We actually arrived there around 905am. A little late but not so terribly late. It got to be around 11am or so and I got antsy. I'd done about all I could at that point without a trip to WalMart for other supplies and I told hubby that maybe he'd better call and find out if we'd missed them as I didnt feel like waiting around all day if they'd already been there. He called (1130am and much nagging from the irritable wife) and they hadnt been by yet. Shortly after getting off the phone with Comcast, the installation person called (about 1145am) and said he was running about an hour late, did we still want him to show up or would we rather reschedule? Ok...I can wait...I guess. Hubby looked around and said that it might be better to reschedule as there wasnt a whole lot of room to move and he really wanted time to at least get the one desk assembled so a computer was ready upstairs (original plan was to just test the connection with the laptop). We worked another hour or so and went to lunch, then to the apartment (I had towels in the dryer and the dog needed to be walked) and then back to the townhouse for a couple hours.

Wednesday hubby got up Im guessing around 7am and headed back to the townhouse to work for a bit. I had decided the night before that it would be better if I got some sleep before I ripped someone's head off. Top things all off, my legs were acting like they'd pulled 10 hour shifts at Wally World in season PLUS with the fact we've been eating out alot for breakfast, they were terribly swollen and not looking too good. The last time they looked they way they did, I'd had a horrible case of cellulitis on the one leg (it got so infected that the leg had turned hot pink from the knee down...all the way around...and was hot to the touch) . However, since neither leg had been cut and I couldnt see where I could have developed an infection (neither leg was overly hot, just a tad warmer than usual and the skin felt tight...swollen)...I hoped that a day with my legs propped up and low salt items would help. He came back to the apartment around 2 or 3pm and we went out for some minor groceries. We didnt want to put a big trip worth of groceries in here just to have to move them in a few days. When we got back he called the landlady to find out when the furnace would be fixed and she said she was just calling the repairpeople now. He took the dog out after and while he was out the company that would be repairing the furnace called to set an appointment.

Thursday I was up by 630am because I wanted to check a couple websites before hubby came home to take me to the TH. The appointment for the furnace repair was sometime between 10-11am so it gave me a couple hours to work in the kitchen before they showed up. Around 1015am or so, my cell phone chirped at me...I'd missed a call. WTH? The phone had never rung. So I checked the message and it had come in at 9am!! *sigh* It was the repair guy wondering if I was available at the TH yet to please give a call when I got the message. I called him back and told him that I was there, had been there since 8am or so. When he arrived he took one look at the thermostat (that the movers shattered getting my futon down the hall) and agreed that yes, it was indeed broken (smart ass). He decided when he replaced it that he'd put it in the livingroom instead. This would keep it out of the way and not put it in an overly drafty area. It's a brand new digital one and he's got it hooked up in such a way where we wont need to worry about getting batteries for the bugger. WHOOT. Once he got that fixed he went out to the shed to deal with the problem that he'd been called out for originally. The furnace would kick it's breaker off after 5 minutes or less. Needless to say, it was rather chilly in the TH. Come find out they had 60 amp furnace paired with a 50 amp breaker. Not much of a difference and totally do-able for a while. However, the breaker could handle it only so long before it went on strike. I dont know if it was a furnace replacement or a breaker replacement that resulted in this. Whichever it was, it was a damn dumb move. Worse yet the breaker box was made by a company that's out of business now and the breaker we needed is so damn rare that there are only 19 in the ENTIRE east coast. I told the repairman, "so in otherwords, customer #20 is screwed" and he said yep.

While he was there, I found some other problems with the TH but nothing that makes it unsuitable for living in. The landlady showed up later with a replacement smoke alarm and I went over the additional problems that I'd found while cleaning and getting things set up. I think the property management company is getting a little tired of the constant problems but this is a 1976 building and things are liable to go wrong from time to time. I suspect the people that were in there before didnt give a damn and were simply grateful for a roof over their heads. Just not grateful enough to keep things in proper working order. Once everything is taken care of, it has potential of being a nice little place....even if Im not quite feeling it yet. Im not sure what it is yet, it's possible that it's because we're in a rental situation again....could be because the homes are in such close quarters....could be because I KNOW this is only temporary. It actually could be quite a few different things.

Hubby came to pick me up around 415pm or so and brought me back to the apartment. I got my other blog written Thursday afternoon (well part one was done Wednesday night because I knew I would have time for all of it in one sitting on Thursday). At 730pm, I turned the tv to the Fox station in my area...at this point merely for noise and not neccessarily for the Seinfeld episode that I knew would be on. I just wanted some noise while I finished up some stuff online before AI. Not to say I was tired, but the next thing I knew I had missed 20 minutes of AI....the group number (no great loss there as they've really been the pits this year), Blake's number (which I was kinda looking forward to) and the first 3 guys being sent to the safe stools. Damn. I was just in time to see the first batch of girls go through. I wrote the short Thursday evening blurbit about the show and then I cant remember much after that. I think I fell asleep at least twice missing 2-3 Law and Orders in the process. Ah well. Im tired now but Im not sure Im tired enough for bed yet thanks to those unexpected naps. I may just force myself to go in anyhow. Dont have much to do until Saturday afternoon except clean up here and get some zzzs so I think I'll go do just that.


Intense Guy said...

Hope you feel better now that you got some Zzzzz's!

Deb said...

I hope your TH feels more like home soon.

ChicagoLady said...

Hope you were able to catch up on some sleep. When was the comcast installation rescheduled for? And since you were customer #20 for the breaker box, what happened with that? Obviously you need the furnace to be on for more than 5 minutes at a time.

I know you'll have that place feeling like home real soon!

LadyStyx said...

Iggy: Yes I do. Sorta.
I need a week of undisturbed rest to feel 100%.

Deb: Me too.

Chicago: *re-reads entry as it was 3-4AM as I was typing it and I was determined to finish the entry before going to bed so it's possible I didnt state clearly what I meant*

Ok..it's how I meant it and I see how it can be read the way it was. He'd said there WERE 19 on the east coast...I had meant that customer #20 would be screwed...not that I was customer #20, just the fact when the 20th customer came along and needed one, there wouldnt be one for them. *I* got my breaker and the furnace is working just fine now.

The kitchen kinda feels like home...except the 2 boxes of stuff I weeded and decided to send for donations and the one box that needs to up stairs with the 4 boxes in the hall and since I dont have room in the hallway it's sitting in the middle of the kitchen. Sunday I'll be working in the bedroom and at least getting that room feeling like home soon too....then we can get it...ummmm n/m.

~*~Steph~*~ said...

You definatly need to take some time to rest after all of this is done.Just think how good it will feel when it does get done tho.


Intense Guy said...

I'm going to check my breakers *now*. I sure don't want to be lucky customer #20.

Nice rainy day today, a good one for resting.

AliceKay said...


LadyStyx said...

Steph: Yep...sure will feel good when it's all done. It'll be a while tho before we get there. I'll discuss it later in a blog entry.

iggy: LOL! I sure wouldnt want any of my friends to be "lucky" #20. Rainy day, rest? Yeah right. Roof over head and dry in house with heat....means I still have to work.

Alice: *HUGZ*

Deanna said...

I need some zzzzzz's - just reading the blog wore me out! Hope you get settled in soon.


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