Kitchen update

As you can kitchen is basically put together. If you've seen pictures of the one I had in Texas, you'll notice it's a tad smaller. However, there's a place for everything. It doesnt look like it from the picture as my bananas arent up on their tree and the bread isnt on top of the frige where it belongs. I still need to figure where to put the potholders too. What you dont see in this picture is the water pitcher I bought a couple days ago at the secondhand store (for $2.99). Right now it's right by the knife block and holds all the cooking utensils that I use most often. We'd originally gone to the secondhand store for end tables but didnt find any we liked so we ended up picking up the pitcher and a wooden kitchen chair ($10) so I have someplace to sit outside (I refuse to sit in those cheap-assed plastic chairs that hubby has out there).

The picture to the right has the best shot I can get of the valances I was mentioning in one of my other entries. They cost us $7 a valance and there are 4 of them up there. Not exactly what I was looking for, but they'll do just fine. The blinds need a good cleaning and I'll do that early next week during a nice day. Temps have been kinda spotty here lately. You never know what we'll get. Definitely not good enough, in my opinion, to be outside working with the water hose. I'd love to just get them replaced but the one in the center is a custom made so I gotta see how much it's going to be to get one to fit. I wish they'd used standard measurements....would be so much easier.

The kitchen gets a little chaotic on laundry day as the washer is in there on the right, next to the door. In reference to the picture the black item on the right is the dishwasher. To its right is the sink and to the right of that (off the picture) is the washer. I ended up buying a little cart for all my cleaning supplies as this place seems to have too many cupboard space where I dont need it and not enough where I do. The cart fits very nicely in my coat closet near the front door and is on casters so I can drag it wherever I need it on the first floor (I keep a separate bucket upstairs for the cleaning supplies needed up there). I feel like a hotel maid everytime I pull it out but at least it helps me get done what I need to. You'll notice that there are some shelves over the washer. As much as I'd love to put at least my laundry supplies up there, the shelves arent tall enough to fit the standard size bottle. Hence, the cart. The shelves dont look like they were there when the townhouse was built so Im guessing that the first washing unit in that spot had been a stacked washer/dryer. When the dude had come in for the furnace I'd mentioned how silly it was to have to go out in the shed in the backyard just to dry my clothes. At this point, I'd be happy to have a stacked unit because the full size dryer is a pain in the ass as I cant hear the buzzer on it and tend to forget I have stuff out there. The furnace dude said that I wouldnt want it that way in the summer. My best guess is that it gets really humid here in the summer....more humid than Texas. *shrugz* I guess we'll find out soon enough huh?


Intense Guy said...

That banner with the water tower panarama is neat. I wish I could take (or find) pictures like that!

AliceKay said...

It gets VERY humid in PA...probably does in Virginia, too. :\

Looks like a nice place so far. *goes to the next blog*

LadyStyx said...

Thanks iggy! All I did was Google Manassas and it came up. I think it was on the city's homepage or something. Just too bad it doesnt have an interesting skyline like some cities I know. Closest thing to interesting is the view in DC with the Washington Monument at the mall...or the Capitol building...or Lincoln Memorial but those dont represent Manassas. FYI: There are many of pictures I could say the same about.....

Alice: Im hoping that it's not as bad or at least no worse than summers in New Orleans where it was so humid it felt like you were stepping into a pool without the benefit of pool water everytime you stepped outside. So humid that the rainclouds got overfull and it would pour every afternoon roughly at the same time (to the point you could almost set a clock by it).

ChicagoLady said...

Those bananas looke perfect! May I have one? Or is what's in the slow cooker better?

Those blinds definitely need cleaning, they're filthy!

Very strange place to put a washer, right next to the sink? What's the key to? Like the pill box drying next to the sink, lol.

LadyStyx said...

Sure help yaself. At the point nothing was in the slow cooker. I put it there cuz we use it alot. It's had 2 pot roasts in it since the pic was taken.

*nods* yep. Prolly this week. Need the hubby home to help get em down,

Next to the sink makes sense because that's where all the pipes are. The one in Texas was next to my frige on the wall joining with the bathroom.

Keys (there's 2 on there or at least now are 2 on it) are to the deadbolt (it's a key lock on the inside and not just a knob) and the mailbox,

LOL....I forgot to move it. Not sure what to do with it as both of us are on so many pills that that particular box is good for nothing at this point.

ChicagoLady said...

So it's the can opener that is plugged in, not the slowcooker. Damn!

LadyStyx said...

Yep. Im always using it so it pretty much stays plugged in.

Intense Guy said...

*laffs* at ChicagoLady. I didn't even notice the keys. I better take a refresher course in being observant. :)


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