Just other little pix n such

Again we have a picture of the hallway, this time looking from the livingroom to the front door. The half bath is the first door on the right this time and the doorway past the pictures is the kitchen. The last door way (if it can be seen in the pic) on the right is the front closet is where I keep that cart I mentioned in the first entry. On the left, the double doors hide the furnace and the door past that is what hubby has lovingly dubbed "Harry's Closet". Most people will understand that reference...if you dont feel free to ask. Im sure if I dont get in fast enough to ask Tori , Chicago or one of the others will be glad to answer you. The new thermostat can be seen in this picture too...to the left there. The boxes of furniture in the hallway.... well the blue and green box needs to be built still. It's a small computer cart so we have a place to set up the laptop downstairs (or maybe one of the spare computers). The smaller box next to it is a media shelving unit that has been built since this picture was taken. The white shelves on the left used to hold my crafts but some of it broke and it doesnt work well where I need it to so it'll stay in the hall for now. It's a good place for his cowboy boots and maybe one of the small tool kits.

Hubby managed to get one of the older bookcases put together (after scavanging off other ones) and now I have a place for my board games. It may not stay there though as I have a hunch that we'll need that spot for something else. The base on the doll on the left is busted a little and one of the posts that go into her feet to hold her in place broke. It was just a matter of time as those are full-body porcelains and so are quite heavy for the bases that I was given. The piece in the center was made by his gramma (?) and is nothing more than potpourri and string lights in a jar with a doily over the top. One of these days Im gonna actually plug it in and see if I really like it. Those and one other set of dolls are more than likely the only ones I'll put up for now. I've got 3 other boxes of them and I need to see how much more space we have for decor. I have my stereo up but Im not certain how to hook the speakers up. They dont have plug in speakers like most stereos do. Im gonna see if I can get hubby to show me how sometime this week. Im in no hurry though as there isnt enough space down there yet and most importantly there's no computer down there so who wants to be down there when I can be up here in my office talking to my friends? You can see the one bookcase to the left of the stereo hasnt been unwrapped yet. Why? Because it's damaged beyond reason and cant be used. We're going to disassemble it and throw it away once we can get back to it again!
To the right here shows part of my wedding display and you can see I got my tunes up and ready to be put in my stereo (if I ever manage to get the stereo hooked up). That's a new shelving unit. It wasnt bought because the old one got damaged but simply because I'd run out of room so we bought a larger one and are using the smaller one elsewhere in the livingroom. I think Ive only bought 2 new cds since I got here. Not much sense in buying more when there really isnt anything out that Im wanting right now (with the exception of my Amazon wishlist) and Im not streaming...so why bother? I may just go through what I got and get rid of a few....see which ones will make good second hand store fodder.

Although not much has really been gotten together in the livingroom yet (there's ALOT of books and dvds n such), I did manage to find the perfect wall for my wedding pix. It's just the perfect size. The patterned thing to the bottom right is the futon. Not very comfortable for us short people but it'll work while we're here. You can see more chaos beyond in the dining area....I'll be so glad when everything is sorted. We've both gotten tired of it so there are days when we dont do much with the place. Oh...before Im asked....that empty frame at the top is for my brother and sister's picture if I can ever get one from them. While taking the wedding pix we completely forgot to get one of them and us (she didnt want anyone handling her pricey camera and he was taking video.....hey...I've never seen that video...hmmm).

On the to do list for the leasing company, I'd told them the door bell didnt work either. I know there is one because the main part of the unit is over the front door (you can see it in some of the earlier pix I think) and there is a button (which also needs replacing). They havent dont jack diddly with it yet so we installed a knocker that we bought from Habitat for Humanity.I dunno if you will able to enlarge the picture any but it's a lion's head with the knocker portion in it's mouth. The knocker is crooked though. Hubby thinks that's why they ended up with a few of them at HFH...because they werent perfect. Who needs perfect so long as the bugger works!

I think Im going to close for now as Im tired and should have been in bed a couple hours back. There are 3 entries and Im sure Ive missed something along the way. I still have carpets to clean upstairs but cant until the downstairs is sorted and done because Im not having the steamer brought up just to bring it down in a day's time to finish the diningroom. Besides, there's still a box in the office that hasnt been dealt with and it aint mine so I aint doing it (I dunno where he wants that stuff anyhow). Ive got more pix I took of these trees that started flowering in my area this last week. Oh great...and Im prolly allergic to them too. It happens no matter where I live...New Orleans it was the magnolia trees....everywhere....and they made me sicker than a pack of dogs. In Texas? It was that friggin crepe myrtle....damn was everywhere like a friggin weed. Here? There's a beautiful tree with white dainty flowers.....and my allergies got worse this week ...about the time they bloomed. Ohhh and we made a trip to get legal here in Virginia this last week. I dont think I've ever taken a worse state id pic:


Karla said...

Dogwood trees maybe?
Glad your getting all settled in.....I still have things in boxes out in the storage shed with no where to put them and my bookcase died got all warped and all in the move..so now I have 2 boxes of books with no where to put them!!! It looks like a lovely place!!!!

Deb said...

you have a beautiful smile...and your eyes are bright and shiny...it reflects your personality...bubbly and sweet

Intense Guy said...

Wow. Those three blog entries were way cool! I love the "Harry Closet" reference :) I have one too, and *now* it has a name!

Those steps are way too narrow in tread. Thats insane - the builders really took a couple short cuts there. But hey, if you can get up and down, they sort of work.

The dryer inside the house would need to be vented outside - Virginia (and hereabouts) gets massively humid in the summer, and hot enough too.

I don't think the dogwoods are blooming yet, but the white cherry trees are. The "skin" (for the lack of a better word) that covers the flower bud and leaf buds comes off the tree and blows around, it is almost like getting dust your eyes.

A good rain usually settles the stuff down and washes it away, but until then, ugh!

Glad to see you and yours are getting comfy!

AliceKay said...

I'm tired...LOL. You must be too. Looks like you're getting the place in pretty good shape, tho. I would imagine it's hard finding a place for your things in a new home.

Iggy is right...they're probably the white cherry trees. They can be a real mess. Hope the allergies won't give you fits.

Thanks for the tour of your new home. *hugs*

LadyStyx said...

Karla: Maybe I dunno. Iggy could be right too. I was talking to my SCSis and she said they may be Bradford Pear trees. She says they bloom early here in the south. I'll get into that with my next entry.

I hear ya on lack of space. Some areas I need extra spots and some not so much. We ended up buying 2
6ft bkcases (one to replace the wrecked one and another because of all the books we have) and a couple extra media cases and we STILL have boxes of videos to put up. He's weeding through to see what all he can get rid of. We're running out of space in the livingroom though. Im sure once everything is sorted and in it's home I'll feel better. It feels more homey every day but still not homey enough. I know it's cuz we're renting and not owning.

Deb: Thanks. I got the curse of both my parents in the teeth department. I got dad's overbite and the crowding of my mom's. The small crowded upper palate made for some interesting school photos as my eye teeth made me look like Cujo on a bad day. One of them dropped into a more normal position when they pulled a couple teeth on that side but the other still sticks right up there like Dracula's does...
Bright and shiny over tired eyes but yea...that look pretty much sums up my usual nature.

Iggy...thanks :) LOL@the Harry's Closet response. I'll be sure to let hubby know you approve.

The entires reminds me of a story actually. In highschool we had a writing assignment and had to describe what our bedrooms were like. I came in the next day with a 3 full page (front and back), single spaced on college ruled paper essay on my room. The teacher laughed and said she wanted a detailed essay (it was for creative writing) but she wasnt looking for something the length of War and Peace!

*nods* on the stairs. Explains really well why I dont like them and neither do the "kids".

Hot and humid like New Orleans in June, July and August? God I hope not.

Tree comment referred back up to the response to Karla.

Alice: Nah, me tired, really? What was your first clue? LOL Tree comment referred up to the response to Karla. Im hoping they dont give me fits either but Im taking my meds and my allergies arent doing to well. In fact today, it's trying to climb in my ear (damn it hurts). Last thing I need is to get that one infection again....I wont be able to take the stairs for a week or more....which means sleeping downstairs in a cluttered livingroom *ugh*. YEW on the tour. Got a few more pix that I'll be adding today. Not too much detail though. Unless I get in a chatty mood again...

Ok...with the 3 long comments back does that mean I can skip out on my entry for today? heh heh heh

Toriz said...

OK, you know what I'm going to ask... What's the "Harry's Closet" thing about?

Seems like you're getting settled in nicely. We've got nowhere near as much unpacked as you have. I'm not as worried about where stuff's going to go though, because we actually have a LOT more storage space in this new place. We didn't have the sheds before, and most of the rooms are bigger, so even if we do run out of shelves, at least we have space to put new ones. :)

Good luck finishing up the sort-out

ChicagoLady said...

Harry's Closet...Harry Potter, of course. At the Dursley's he slept in a closet under the stairs. You really need to read those books, lol.

Nice new thermostat you got there, better place for it, than the hallway, too breezy from the front door.

OMG, Bonkers? I remember that game from when I was a kid!!! I have a couple of the same games you have, lol.

I'm hoping that's a video of Babylon 5, not a picture? LOL I have a 5 cd table top stereo, but one day the cd's stopped playing, and it won't rotate. Good thing there were no cd's in it when that happened. But now I can't play cd's in my livingroom.

That's a lot of cd's you have. I keep buying bigger shelves for mine, and I keep outgrowing them. Right now I have a lot stacked on the floor in front of the last shelving unit I bought that ended up getting filled quite fast.

You'll get everything sorted and in it's place eventually, just need to make sure you do a little bit each day.

Cute knocker on the front door! And yes, I saw the non-working door bell chime on the inside picture.

C'mon tell us...was hubby behind the camera making funny faces at you? 'Cause you sure look happy in that picture, LOL.

LadyStyx said...

Chicago's right. Harry Potter of course. Im sure of all people that read this that you, Tori, would have gotten that reference. And :P~~ on you for having more storage!! LOL

Chicago:Yes, that's why the furnace dude put it there. He said it was a silly place where they had it before.

That Clue game you see is my favorite...more suspects, more rooms and more weapons. It wasnt released but for a year or two and now the only place to find it is on EBay (and maybe Amazon if someone's selling it).

Babylon5 ? *double checks* Ahh that's a pic. Hubby likes to go to the SciFi conventions. Has SEVERAL autographs and I have no doubt that that one probably has a signature or two on it. He has this one movie size poster of Babylon5 that must have about 10 autographs on it. Another of StarWars (3 side by side pix of the first 3 movies....) that has close to 20 on it. It's worth a small fortune by now Im sure. I'll have to post some pix of a couple so you can see for yourself.

My music's slowed down some now I have no real reason for it except for my own enjoyment.

ChicagoLady said...

The Clue game is one that I also have. I LOVE that game, especially the additional rooms and weapons. I used to play it a lot, but not anymore, no one to play it with. :(

LadyStyx said...

btdt. Hubby's not big into games much and even if he was that game's more along the lines of 3 or more players anyhow. I keep them on hand for when the kids start coming along...or company. Company's always good.

ChicagoLady said...

I have all these board games that are just taking up space, but I don't know what to do with them. Some are barely used. (Any ideas?)

LadyStyx said...

If you dont want them? Donate to a church or give to a secondhand store. Otherwise sell on EBay or Amazon....could always give them to someone in your family that has kids. Games are a great learning tool.

Toriz said...

Well, that would have been my guess, but I'm so used to you guys making references to stuff I don't understand that I assumed I was wrong. Besides, I'm VERY tired, having had 10 hours sleep in the last four days (3 hours of which was since I posted that comment). Also, it says "cupboard" in the book (the versions published in Europe anyway) so the use of the word "closet" confused me a bit. I only know a closet is a cupboard from talking to people from the US and Canada, and watching some TV shows from over there, otherwise I'd be needing to know what a closet was.

We don't have stairs, but we have a cupboard big enough for Harry to sleep in. Actually, he'd have had more room in our cupboard than he did in the one in the movie. My Dad says all it's missing is the wide-screen electric meter you see in Harry's cupboard in the movie. LOL!

Intense Guy said...

hmmm... the reference to the "under the stairs place/room" foiled by a so-called common language... :)

And Tori really knows her Potter! I'm impressed (I think).

LadyStyx said...

Sorry about that Tori. I still use the word cupboard but not for an area that size. Cupboards to me are the things in the kitchen or bathroom to store the little things. Closets are something you can actually step into and shut the door behind you (not that you'd want to with some closets as they're quite small).

Yes iggy. When I saw Tori's comment I was surprised as I was sure she'd read the books. At times it's really amazing the difference between English and American-English.

Toriz said...

No need to be sorry. Easy mistake to make what with how different English and American English often seems to be. Even after being married for five years, Kelly and I are still getting confused about whether we mean the things you guys call "fries" or the things you guys call "potato chips" when we say the word "chips" because here "fries" are "chips" and "potato chips" are "crisps"

Try saying that three times fast. LOL!

As for the "cupboard" vs "closet" thing... The things in the bathroom and kitchen that you call "cupboards" are "cabinets" here. Just to confuse matters even more. LOL!

Intense Guy said...

I was thinking that there is a couple blogs complete with pictures on "Harry Closets / Cupboards"

I'd have to get some "professional" lighting in order to get some pictures. Mine even has a meter in it. Its a water meter though.

AliceKay said...

Wow...I'm tired from just reading the comments to this one. LOL


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