trees, kids, and other schtuff

Here is a picture of those trees I mentioned in one of the previous entries. It was taken as we were driving in an older section of town. What you're seeing is pretty much the way most of this area looks like. You have 2-3 main roads (5-6 lane wide roads) and the rest look alot like this or residential. Residential areas seem to be alot of least in my area. It's no surprise as homes are rather pricey in this neck of the woods. Even the townhouses can run upwards to the $200K + range. Needless to say, I do not forsee us owning property here at all and Im really hoping that something comes through in the next couple years farther south (NC). Oh how that bothers me to say because farther south means less likely to get the snow I've been screaming for.

In the picture to the right you see more of those trees...truly they're everywhere. In this picture we are sitting at the intersection of one of the main drags and the road leading into where our townhouse is. On the other side of the interestion sits the mall I was talking about sometime before. If I was in really decent shape and the road wasnt so damn busy it could be an easy walking distance but to be honest, I wouldnt want to cross that road on foot. Anyhow, the purpose of these two pictures was to give you a good look at the trees. With my luck, I'll be allergic to them. It seems like any place I move there is a flowering tree that likes the aggravate the bejeezus out of my poor sinuses. In fact, the last few days have been hell even though Im taking my meds like I should. My SCSis told me that it's likely that they're Bradford Pear Trees and by the look of the pictures it's very highly possible she's right. From what Im reading it could also be the Cleveland Pear Trees or a hybrid of the two (the cross pollination has strengthened the Bradford tree and made it a sturdier tree). In any case, I may end up hating watching these flower as much as I do a magnolia or crepe myrtle. Worse yet, these flower the earliest of all the flowering trees in the area. *sigh*
As you can see by the next photo, the "kids" are finally getting used to things around here. Katy gets down the stairs well all by herself but because of her height can't manage getting back up alone. It does NOT help that the steps are only 8 inches deep and she's closer to 12-14 inches long so there really isnt enough room for her. Top things off I think the steps are about 6-8 inches in height but her legs Im guessing are only 4-6 inches long. The poor gal, gets a running start and manages 2-5 steps and ends up bopping her nose on the step's edge. Good news though! The end of last week, Dharma managed to come all the way down on her own. Hot dayum no more putting food upstairs for her. I still keep a bowl of water up for the "kids" but no food. The red bed in the picture is supposed to be Dharma's and she did well using it for a long time but she's decided she likes her sister's pillow and blanket better. This picture is odd as Katy doesnt allow her near her pillow and the only time Dharma manages to get in it is when Katy's downstairs. The other day though....I saw them together like this and it was too sweet to not grab a shot of them together.

Here are better shots of those pix hanging in my hallway. I really need to redo the outline on the purple so it matches the pink one. The picture to the left has the pink done in the colors it was meant to be done in. As you can see the burgandy came off looking blah. I was just looking online and it looks like the company that produced these no longer makes them and has decided to concentrate on just the paints and accessories and not on the lits anymore. This means Im going to have to search online in EBay, Amazon and other sites to see if it can be found. Thankfully it's a nice big bold pattern so worse comes to worse I'll just trace it out and use carbon paper to lay the print down on a new canvas. With any luck it wont be too difficult.

Not much else going on here I guess. Got my id on Tuesday....Monday was a trip to the social security office to finally get my last name changed on my card so I dont have problems later after I get another job. This week we're hoping for a trip to the dr but Im thinking we have to wait for some paperwork from the insurance to arrive in the mail first. We also need to get our taxes done yet. We're late getting them done. Usually we have them done by the end of February..... *shrugz*


ChicagoLady said...

So the two butterfly picures, is one a before and the other an after picture? Cause the outlines on the pink one is different.

Maybe Katy has given up fighting Dharma for the pillow? LOL

Whatever those trees are, they sure are pretty. I'm sorry they're making your allergies all bonkers. Hope you feel better soon!

LadyStyx said...

Yes the one on the left is how it was meant to be painted. I wasnt happy with it so I used the black to darken the outline up. The purple is how it should be. Im thinking of blackening up the outline on that too. It doesnt look as bad though so maybe I'll leave it.

Pillow smells so much like Dharma it dont matter now. LOL

Yes they're pretty...very pretty.

ChicagoLady said...

The purple one looks good to me. It looks like the outline was done in blue or dark purple? It's dark enough to match the black on the pink one ok. I probably wouldn't even notice they were different if I was looking at them on the wall.

LadyStyx said...

Dark purple. *nods* That's what I was thinking that's why I hadnt done anything with it yet.

Toriz said...

I'm glad the kids are settling in nicely and can now "just about" manage the stairs. Give them a bit longer and I bet they'll both be racing up and down them, despite their small size.

Intense Guy said...

I think those trees might be too big to be white cherrys, so I think my guess was wrong. They definitely look like one or another (or a blended both) of those pear trees. They are purty but if they bug ya, its all moot.

:) The "kids" (or beasties) look really cute.

Gee... what color is "burgandy"? Dont ya know us guys only know 6 colors? Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Yeller, and Poipul? :)

Karla said...

Hey Styxie. I'm pretty sure those are dogwoods. After IS Virginia's state tree. The ones here go from white to pink to red blooms before they fall off. Don't know about the ones there. There's a religious story behind the dogwood. Maybe I'll blog it for you sometime! Look at google images and look up the dogwood tree. I'll bet those are dogwoods just from looking at them at the pics!

LadyStyx said...

*wrinkles nose* Dogwoods....would explain why the allergies are being a bitch ;)

AliceKay said...

Yeah, I think they look like dogwood trees, too. I didn't know they were Virginia's state tree tho. (that karla is one smart cookie)

Cute pic of the kids. :)


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