Little blurbit brought to you by Punkn

Punkn said...
1. If you could choose one job, what would it be?

I’d want to be a Domestic Goddess (oh wait, I’m this already!!) and SAHM. I’ve wanted the latter for a good long time now (like nearly a decade). I'd like any job that allows me to let the creative moose out for a good run every day. I was told at one point that I really needed to be doing the displays in stores....ya know, the big window ones. Yeah, that'd be too cool.

2. Do you like other reality TV shows or just American Idol?

Not many. When RockStar was on I loved watching that. It was like American Idol with a twist or two. It's too bad they didn’t continue with that. I also now and then get into Hell’s Kitchen and America's Next Top Model (the latter more than the former as I can handle only so much of him yelling and getting beeped out). I love to see if I can guess who's gonna get the boot. Unfortunately, ANTM is on Wednesdays opposite Idol so I end up having to catch that one via YouTube. With Hell's Kitchen, I've discovered that's one hubby will actually sit and watch with me though....and he's happy to discuss it afterwards. Now and then I’ll catch Dancing with the Stars, but it doesn’t capture me quite like the other 3 shows do.


Karla said...

With you're creative talent you should get into that!

I watch a lot of trutv...some of their shows are really good!

Intense Guy said...

I've seen some of Chef Ramsey and I've never been impressed - none of his shows do much for me.

SAHM - shop assistant, hiring manager>... oooh about 4 hours later I got it. Stay at home mom. Doh.

I'm really dense this week.

Anonymous said...

You must watch ANTM tonight-it's the the makeover episode! My favorite!

And you don't watch Survivor?? I need to rethink this friendship.....


Deanna said...

With your sense of humor, you'd keep a store hopping. You'd probably do some very creative outfits and then when nobody is watching put together some off-the-wall get up.
I'm surprised you don't watch Survivor. And I've really gotten into Amazing Race. Chef foul mouth totally turns me off. My biggest beef about all reality shows is the ridiculous quantity of commercials. That is why I will never watch one live.

Thanks for answering my questions! Huggzzz

Grand Pooba said...

Me love ANTM

Carrie said...

I totally got sucked into Hell's Kitchen last year and now can't miss it!

LadyStyx said...

*nods* Karla, I've had many tell me I should do it too.

LOL iggy, we luv ya anyhow. Your's is tomorrow morning, dear. Plastic wrap the keyboard.

Oh ANTM was pretty good tonight. I ~love~ what they did to London's hair!!

heh heh heh let's hope so Punkn. No, Im not a Survivor buff, that's Chicago's thang! Totally welcome on the answers Punkn.

LOL pretty much the same there. I'm not so addicted where I have to watch it on the tv, Im fine with getting it on YouTube. American Idol, on the other hand!

I got sucked into HK one year too Carrie, but for the life of me I simply cant get into it this year...

ChicagoLady said...

Great answers to Punkn's questions. I think you'd do a wonderful job decorating store windows. Just watch out for the Mannequins...I hear they come to life after dark. LOL

Yeah, I got sucked in to Survivor a few years ago, and while I "should" stop watching it, I simply can't, it's too entertaining. I'd love to go back and watch all the seasons I missed too.



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